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Has anyone tried Giggle Life cloth diapers?

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In all my years of parenting I have never cloth diapered, didn't know anyone who cloth diapered and my only exposure to it had been when by brother was a baby. And from that all I remember were soaking wet diapers, pins and ugly yellowed plastic pants with horrible elastic legs!!!


Anyway, a series of things has made me start looking into doing cloth this time around. So, despite having been a parent to many children for 9+ years I am a total cloth diaper virgin!

In my research, which I just started in the last few days, I ran across Giggle Life (http://www.gigglelife.com/catalog/) and found they had a page on FB that had a lot of good reviews. Has anyone here tried them and if so what did you think? They claim that they are less expensive because they cut out the middle man not because their product is not good quality.


My MIL wants to buy me a dozen cloth to get started and we have some more aunties who would be glad to buy diapers to add to the mix. I am thinking those Thirsties are super cute but I like this Giggle Life too!


Also, do any of you who cloth diaper do a combo of both disposable and cloth? Because I am so new to cloth part of me thinks that during middle of the night diaper changes in the beginning I would like to put on a disposable (but I'm sure to some of you hard core cloth diaperers that might sound like a bit of child abuse)!! winky.gif

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I have cloth diapered with both my girls and just used disposables from time to time.  Both times I have been gifted diaper service, so I just ordered their prefolds and covers, which worked very well for us.  I have been handed down a whole bunch of Fuzzibunz covers too which I REALLY like (I just ordered new inserts). 

Giggle life looks like a good quality product.  I haven't tried it, but I say if it looks good to you, give it a go!

CDing has become so much easier over the years, I think you'll find it nice once you find your groove. 

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After further reading on their site I see that their diapers are made in China...something I would like to avoid if possible. There are way too many made in USA options to buy. I like those Thirsties anyway. One less decision to have to make. 


I found 2 local (well within an hour away) cloth diaper shops that have all the big sellers in all the colors and styles. I always need to be able to feel/see/compare to know what I want to buy so I am excited to have this option. MIL was a cloth diaperer (of course) and she is excited to come see the new world of cloth diapers! orngbiggrin.gif

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I would recommend starting with one of each of all the different ones you are interested in. They grow out of the first size pretty fast. Then for the next size you can get the ones you liked. I found it's hard to know which ones will fit your baby best without trying!
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That was exactly one of the reasons I liked the idea of the Thirsties covers. I figure for it to make the most economic sense I would need something that would last a longer period of time.


I liked that the Thirsties Duo wrap had only two sizes so I could do size 1 (6-18 lb) and the size 2 (18-40 lbs) which baby would last longer in each size wrap. When it came to the others that had XS,S,M, L I didn't see how that would work. If DS2 is anything like DS1 the he will hit 20 pounds by the time he is 4 months old. See my dilemma? I love the idea of fuzzibunz but DS would have outgrown an XS at about 2-3 weeks old! Hardly economical. orngbiggrin.gif I would hate to buy one of each and outgrow them so quickly.


But, I am new to all of this so I still have a lot to learn. Any more advice would be great!

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I am a huge fan of one size diapers, you'll still be buying at least two sizes (newborn and then the one size) but they last to potty training for most babies..

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Motherease One Size diapers are the cheapest and most workhorse diapers around, IME. They aren't flashy or designer or anything, but they are easy to use, fit from 8-35lbs--they are big on a newborn, but newborns grow fast--and they last through multiple children easily! I have never had an issue with them leaking or stinking. Natural fibers, not microsuade, which often causes rashes and uses a handful of covers. If you want true newborn sized diapers then prefolds are the cheapest and easiest options--get 24-36 prefolds and 2 snappis and 4 covers and that is a newborn stash! They grow out of them within 6 weeks usually and then you can use the MEOS, which are either made in USA of Canada. 

There are a TON of options for CDing. Mostly you fall into two categories of CD mama, IME--a mama who wants to find the best option and be done with thinking about CDing after that or one who likes to constantly try the next new thing on the market and have a stash full of different options. I am the first mama--we used the same stash diapers for 2 years with DD and now I just washed them again for this baby and I plan on using them for the third and forth, too ; ) Spent a total of $500 {we have a small newborn stash, too, consisting of workhorse fitted diapers from green mountain diapers}! WINNING!!! haha

Used is a great option, too, IME--diaperswappers is a reputable site with tons of traffic.

Washing CD is really easy, too! 

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