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Carinthia! Hoping for a good day and birth for you!! 


We're going to the children's museum with my SIL, sister, and niece today and then tie dying shirts. Glad baby decided to wait for us to have a fun day :)

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Carinthia- can't wait to hear about the arrival of your little one.


Happy November everyone!  I keep thinking that this is definitely going to be a november baby- with my edd of nov. 13, she will be here this month one way or another!  


I am so impatient and anxious for her arrival.  I have been cleaning and nesting like a loon.  I'm tired but so restless.  I know I should rest but that feels impossible right now.  I keep hoping that means that it will be soon, but it feels like she will never be here.    I don't have any major symptoms that labor is imminent.  Just a lot of bh- nothing painful.  I think the arrival of all the babies on here is not helping!  There was a slew of hurricane babies born at my birth center too!  

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I am feeling really impatient too! This is my second week on maternity leave and everything is all ready to go, so I feel like I'm just waiting around twiddling my fingers and reading into every minor symptom. My baby isn't due until the 19th (supposedly - based on when I know I conceived him, I think it's more around the 15th) and I feel like it's sooooooo far away, even though I know it's not! I am 99% sure he dropped as of the beginning of this week and have been having some cramping since last night, but it's probably just because he's lower down. I was nesting like crazy yesterday and the day before, but I tired myself out and now my body hurts so I just want to lie on the couch. Haha. I would be really happy if he decided to come early!

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Good luck and good birth! 

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Oh hope you did get some sleep, Carinthia! And I hope you get sleep from here out! I purchased some Coffea Cruda homeopathic relaxant from Boiron. I've used it before the main events that usually keep me up - moving, marriage, just plain busy, company flying in, etc. and it is so helpful. I read somewhere, might have been Peggy's book on birth, that it was safe for use in pregnancy. SO I am planning to keep that on hand. I love it bc I don't feel drugged and groggy the next day and it doesn't knock me out so bad I don't know what's going on all night. It's just really relaxing for me.


I hear the no room in the tummy! Mine only takes so much so I'm grazing all day.

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