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Extreme exhaustion

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Anyone else experiencing extreme exhaustion?  I mean, being unable to be awake for even an hour at time without feeling like you might literally pass out?  I'm coming up on 33 weeks and for the last week, I am either sleeping, falling asleep or feeling dizzy, light-headed, queasy from needing to sleep.  A couple of nights ago, I fell asleep at 9 pm and could barely drag my body out of bed at 8 the next morning.  I wasn't up for an hour and I needed a nap.  And so it went throughtout the day.  I'll fall asleep for 3 hours, wake-up tired and can barely make it to bed time. 

I remember being this tired in the first trimester with my others and I recall being tired towards the end, as well, but not this extreme.  Maybe it's my "advanced maternal age"?  My pregnancies in my 20's and 30's weren't easy, but they were certainly a lot easier than this one has been!


Anyone else feel like they could pretty much sleep 24/7?

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Sounds like you are exhausted!! How are your iron levels?


After waking up to pee every couple hours all night I am sometimes tired in the afternoons. Nothing like 1st trimester though.....

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I've been tired this whole pregnancy.  Either extremely tired or downright completely exhausted.  My iron levels are crap, I know I'm anemic and have gotten worse as the pregnancy progressed.  Now, I sleep in 45 minute increments because I have to get up once an hour to pee.  I am so not joking.  And then by the time I toss and turn enough to make it so my stomach and hips don't hurt at the same time, I have to pee again.


So um yea, I'm tired.


I cannot wait to get this baby out...I already remember how completely awesome the first week of sleep is.  It's like sleeping for the first time in 6 months.  So amazing.

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My iron levels have been OK up to this point and I've been taking Floradix from time to time, but I should probably check them again.  I thinks it's been about 2 weeks since the last time I had them checked.

Peeing all night, yeah, it's bad!  But not every hour, though!  Ugh. :-(  I'm about about 3 to 5 times a night, which isn't too bad, all things considered, but I'm suffering from pregnancy insomnia and feeling like I'm suffocating, so it can take anywhere up to 2 hours or more to fall back asleep.  The night just isn't long enough for that!  But what surprises me is that I've been so exhausted this last week, that I've actually slept right through needing to pee at night and have slept through the majority of my days and yet, still exhausted.  What's with that??  DH has been home since Wednesday (holiday and then took the two "bridge days" up the weekend) and I've slept through most of it!  Guess I should just be glad I've got someone to look after the kids. ;-)  Still, I hope this is just a phase and doesn't continue this badly until the end. 

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It depends on the sleep I did or didn't get the night before. If I'm up to pee every hour and a half, I'm wiped out. If I don't get a good nap in the morning after hubby leaves and before the girls come for school, I'm dead. If I can sleep well and get a good nap, I can make it till school is over but need a nap before I have to get supper or I'm killed in the evening. It's not as bad as the 1st half, but it's not as good as it was going for a while.

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