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Does anyone supplement with progesterone?

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I had my second blood draw today - while my HCG levels were awesome (they more than doubled - more than tripled, in fact - but not in a dangerous zone, according to midwife) -  my progesterone is on the lower end. Only 14.8 at 11 dpo. It's borderline and I'm nervous - maybe that's what caused my miscarriage last time?


The thing is, I have to wait until Monday to talk to the midwife. I'm soooo nervous. I'm crampy and scared. I don't want to lose this baby! I really hope that they supplement me and that it's not too late on Monday. I also hope that they call me and I don't have to be the annoying freaked out pregnant woman calling the office again, begging for help.


I had to beg for the progesterone draw, but I suspected it - and I was correct in thinking it was a little low.


Anyhow - if you've had a similar experience, can you tell me your story? Did you supplement right at ovulation? After your BFP? Have you had multiple losses?

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I'm not on progesterone now, but I was with my 3rd pregnancy.  I never had any blood draws, but continued to use the cream I was using prior to getting pregnant.  (It was taking a long time to get pregnant and my MD recommended the progesterone cream.) I don't remember how long I continued to use it; I just know I wasn't supposed to suddenly stop.


If it helps at all, I always feel crampy in the early weeks and everything is always fine.  (I've had 2 very early losses, but never a loss after 4 weeks.)

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I got here via IVF, so I am on the Progesterone shots (which are really, really not fun). My progesterone level at 14dpo (so three days after your draw) was 15.9, which my nurse was happy with and by two days later it had gone up to 27ish (I don't remember the decimals). 14.8 isn't terrible. I think the crampy bit is pretty normal--I was quite crampy from about 3.5 weeks to a couple of days ago (about 5 weeks). It has been more occasional the last couple of days.
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I am taking Prometrium, which I started a few days after O. I have had low progesterone in the past. I would definitely call and advocate for yourself to get put on some today.

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I'm taking an over the counter all natural progesterone cream. Its really expensive (36.00 for 2 oz), does anyone know of a good quality cream with a better price? Oh had my blood drawn yesterday and my midwife said the cream was working well.

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I saw it recommended in another thread and my friend uses it since she had her hysterectomy. I haven't been using anything. But, B6 at around 100 mg a day is supposedly good for mimicing/helping make more progesterone? Something like that. I take 100 mg a day. Some can even go up to 800 mg a day, but you have to be monitored by a doc if you go over 100 because you can take too much.
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