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We are... mostly full GAPS. We are sneaking in 'cheats' here and there, some not so bad... others not so good! We are full GAPS about 95% of the time. We usually get one snack at the grocery store on Saturday morning. And we have gone out to dinner a few times and not had GAPS legal meals. Rhyko is still completely on GAPS, though. I refuse to give him any grains. He has had some dairy that wasn't raw, though. For the most part the only dairy he has is raw aged cheese - which he likes, now! Here and there he's had some sour cream (store bought) or non-raw cheese.


Anyway... I would like us to get back to full GAPS full-time. I think we would benefit from doing intro again here soon (we never really completed a full cycle of it in January), but we'll see.


The only thing that's been discouraging for me is that I haven't lost any more weight. I lost about ten pounds initially and I have stayed put since then. I don't feel like we are getting cheats so often that it would inhibit weight loss... but maybe I'm just consuming too much of something?


I hope George feels better soon, Abra! I've got myself on a revamped set of supplements, too. I added in Inositol which is supposed to really help with mood. I feel like it's really helping! I take 8g of powder a day. Before bed because it makes me tired. I also doubled my FCLO. 

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This diet stuff is really so complicated and I'm positive that no one fully understands it yet. Unfortunately, we have screwed up our bodies so much from synthetic foods, vitamins and environmental factors that its hard to get back to a good body homeostasis.

I've read of women having good success with eating tons of coconut oil a day (like 8-10 extra tablespoons). It's supposed to help balance hormones and ramp up the metabolism. Also, some people can't handle carbs at all. My younger siblings are 1/4 American Indian and they both put on weight very quickly with any carbs. You had an eating disorder as a teen right? I suspect you're fighting against extra factors because of that too.
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I tired to do the mass coconut oil before and I just couldn't do it. I can't stomach it. My DH can eat it by the spoonful straight, no problem. I just can't. And I can't do it in tea, either. I should really try again, though. That would be about 1/2 cup of oil a day. I am getting about 1/8 in my eggs and sausage every morning, I think.


That's interesting... I am... I guess it would be 1/8 Native American. My dad's grandmother was full blood. Native American, Irish and Norwegian. 


Yes, I flip flopped between anorexia and bulimia for about 12 years. 


I've been checking my blood again to see how I'm reacting to things and my numbers look good, even better than pre-pregnancy. I am getting about 80 as my fasting and about 85 post breakfast. Last week I checked after our weekly treat and it was 101 - which is really good. I had nothing but a snack size bag of cookies (like maybe one cup of animal cracker type things). When I was pregnant I remember one time I had some chicken with a thick coconut sauce (lots of oil/coconut milk) and some rice (about 1/2 cup) and my bloods one hour later were 240! But I am pretty positive I had GD.


Anyway... I guess I just keep plugging along and try to start ditching the couple treats a week. And work in more coconut oil. And less starch. 

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I make almond 'fudge' and add it to my coffee or tea. It's so good, it tastes like a fancy late!

1cup coconut oil
1/2 cup creamy almond butter
Honey to taste
Vanilla extract to taste

Put all items in a blender and blend until runny any smooth. Then pour it into a pan and put it in the freezer. I break mine into chunks after frozen and keep it in the fridge or freezer.

That's great that your blood sugar is stable now!
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Yes, we were making that with peanut butter. I should try it again. I felt like I was eating too many nuts, but if I just had those maybe twice a day then that could work. I will make it tomorrow!

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I'm not on GAPS, but I keep thinking about switching my diet back to some meats and seeing how I feel.  I'm not sure.  But in the meantime, I'm taking inspiration from you ladies.  I need to start making yogurt again.  Any other fermenting things I should try?  What are your favorite recipes?


Our latest is hot pink kraut: red cabbage, garlic, and jalapenos fermented for 3 weeks.  This batch is made with green cabbage (which we had on hand) and the juice from the last batch, so it turned light pink instead.  I hate spicy, but dh LOVES this recipe.


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Ooo Jaimee, that kraut sounds (and looks) tasty! My favorite is pink kraut with garlic too, but I haven't tried jalapenos in it. I'll do that for my next batch!


Has anybody heard of histamine intolerance? I recently came across an article discussing how some people have an overactive histamine response, and those people should be on low-histamine diets. I'm constantly having to take antihistamines for all sorts of reactions. I wonder if I have something like this histamine intolerance. It got me a little worried about eating fermented foods because they contain high histamine levels... Even when I've eliminated my known food allergens/intolerances from my diet, I still randomly break out into hives for no reason. Same goes with wheezing/asthma and eczema. I know these reactions occur after eating, so it has to be related to food in some way that I haven't quite figured out yet. Hmm.


I just brought out my GAPS book to read through again. My sister wants a bone broth recipe to try. I'm psyched that she's getting into this stuff during her pregnancy!

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Yes, I have heard about histamine intolerance. If you ferment your veggies for 12+ weeks in an anaerobic Fido (brand name) jar it should be free of histamines.

Your kraut looks good Jaimee! I need to try a few new recipes.
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Jaimee, i'd be interested to hear how you feel adding meat into your diet! I was vegetarian for about 10 years (strict for about three) and then vegan (strict) for a little over a year. It nearly killed me. I was not cut out for it. I was a HOT MESS when we finally decided we needed to change our diet. I read Nourishing Traditions and a light-bulb went off. 


For me, I was vegetarian for ethical reasons and vegan for 'health' reasons. Once I found out that what I thought was healthy (low-fat, no cholesterol, vegetable oils) really wasn't the health reason went out the window, and we make a point to eat as humanely as we can, so for me the ethical reasons went, too. Plus I feel so much better when I eat a paleo-GAPS type diet. smile.gif

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I have also been both a vegetarian and a vegan. Neither worked out for me. I ended up being sickly thin and constantly starving on a vegan diet. I also ended up with a strange full body rash that I'm pretty sure was a mineral deficiency. I really do feel better when I eat meat, like I'm not always craving something. I must also add that I don't miss grains at all and feel very satisfied on a GAPS type diet. I'm even strangely happy to eat soup for 2 meals a day!

I always did all the dietary stuff for health reasons, but I do believe in eating ethically as well.
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Here is another recipe that I tried that I think is super yummy and it's another good way to get extra coconut oil.  I used honey and didn't add any almond milk and mine turned out great.  Oh, and I didn't add any extra chrolophyll, the avocado makes it plenty green.



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Anyone have a proven remedy to kill cravings and quickly? I have a bad feeling that the antibiotic I was on really did a number on my stomach. greensad.gif I'm 99.9% sure I have candida overgrowth... I.cannot.stop.eating. Really. These cravings are so bad, I'm in a near panic if I can't just eat to get over one craving before another hits... It's consuming my days. I'm always thinking of the next sugary snack, then salty, then sugary. If I weren't starting to have pain, I'd probably keep going on like this without stopping... cuz my brain isn't even functioning correctly on this sugar and I live in complete denial every time I eat... but I am really having a distinct stomach pain now, almost like an ulcer. It's the same pain I had years ago when I figured out I'm allergic to cow dairy/casein. Thankfully this time I know it's the kinds of foods I'm eating and I don't need to go get more ultrasounds, scopes, or scans. But I can't get myself to STOP this behavior!  I sound like a total nut. I get it. I just need these cravings gone and my willpower back. greensad.gif

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It's not about willpower, Joanie. Your body is deprived of nutrients and is willing you to eat in excess to try to get any that you can.


Can you start making some broth and drinking that in place of water? And if you're having bread, say, spread a crap ton of butter (grassfed, organic) on it. Try to have some grassfed meats at every meal. Buy or make some kraut and eat it with every meal and drink the juice. Your body needs nutrients. You've been sick a lot in the last six months, and did that detox and now antibiotics. You've been through the ringer! Now's the time to fill up on GOOD bacteria seems how your guy has been wiped out with the anti-b's. Eat as much kraut and other ferments as you can!

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I agree with Christina!  The will power you need is to substitute your salty/sugary snacks with things that will replenish and fill you up.  I recommend PROTEIN and lots of it to try and fill you up.  The suggestion for kraut at every meal is good, too, plus it's salty!    Broth instead of water should help with salt cravings as well.  Carb/sugar cravings are usually curbed with the protein.  Maybe make a list of high protein items you have in your house right now and every time you feel the need to eat you grab something off that list?  That way there is less thinking.  Prepping a few good snacks ahead of time could help in a pinch, too.  And you'll need portable food for work... nuts mixed with dry fruit?  That's salty and sweet!   Good luck!

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Yup, Christina and Jaimee gave you some good advice.  Also, get rid of all the bad foods in your house.  It's much easier if you aren't surrounded by them.  I like dates or dried fruit when I'm craving something sweet, it helps.  Bone broth, protein and probiotics should all help.  Add extra healthy fats to your snacks too, that will help you feel full.  


Good snack foods:



Hard boiled eggs

kale chips


natural hot dogs

natural lunch meat

coconut milk yogurt

apples w/nut butter

fermented veggies

Bubbies fermented pickles

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hug.gif Thanks for the support! I finally have some much needed me-time today to put some of these changes into effect. I'm heeding all of your advice. I probably just went a little overboard with GAPS-friendly food... but I'm not messin' around! angry.gif I ate a bunch of coconut oil, raw crushed garlic, kraut, and took 2 BioKult probiotics, Vitamins D & C, and fish oil. I have lamb bone broth going in the slow cooker. I juiced this morning (focusing on mostly vegetables, grapefruit and lemons). I made a list of things to go out and buy today. I'm on it!


My sister out in Cali is making her first bone broth right now and texted me a photo. It's motivating to have a fellow family member doing this stuff. smile.gif

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Oh, I meant to ask -- How many batches of bone broth have you successfully made using the same bones? I think I recall Christina saying she keeps a rolling pot of broth going, and I have only re-used bones twice, so I'm wondering what the limit is... My sister was also asking if it's the marrow that gives broth the flavor or if it's the bones themselves. I eat the marrow after the first batch, so I wondered if I'm even getting many nutrients in subsequent batches of re-used bones?

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I'm glad to hear that you're taking some time for you!  Remember, you will likely feel pretty bad for a couple of days, so it's okay to take it slow and allow your body to make the transition back to healthy foods.


I use my bones until the fall apart (2-4 batches depending on the bones size), but I always add a few new bones to every batch and removed the spent bones at the end.  It's very easy to know, as they will break apart easily when you pick them up.  The bones, marrow, cartilage and meat all add their own depth of flavor.  However, it is still healthy and good, even if it is missing one or another.  The bones themselves have a lot of good minerals and gelatin in them.  I store my used (but still good enough) bones in the freezer in between batches.  

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On another note.  George had another dr's appointment this week with an allergist that was recommended by an Integrative/Holistic Psychologist.  Even though the dr. is an allergist, he was willing to look outside of the box and try to help him pin point what is causing his IBS and Bi-Polar.  I had to force George to go (after being to several other dr's this week that he didn't like much), but since it was covered by our insurance I sent him.  Anyway, George loved this guy and was so happy that he went.  The dr is going to run a micro-nutrient test, a comprehensive stool sample and some other unusual blood tests.  Hopefully the new tests will tell us something and we can help making a nutritional plan that is custom tailored for him.

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