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I wish that we lived in a time where we didn't have to deal with this aspect. I fully believe that healing is possible, but it's hard to figure out each persons individual path. It seems like it's often a lot of trial and error until the right formula comes along. George is reading 'Natural Healing For Bipolar Disorder' right now. It's a very good book with a ton of info, it's sort of written like a reference manual. He plans on using something called ortho-molecular nutrition to formulate a vitamin regime for his exact needs. Mood disorders are pretty much always a nutritional imbalance and you have to find the things that are causing your issues. It's so confusing and overwhelming! I just try to expose myself to information and learn a few small new things a day.

As soon as we get stable somewhere we are going to restrict his diet back to intro type foods.

Let me know how The Mood Cure book is, I think her ideas sound promising. Joanie, I also think The Mood Cure and The Diet Cure sound easy to follow and they seem to address your exact issues.
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I need food ideas for GAPS-friendly and/or just gluten-free/low-sugar/energizing/whatever-kind-of-healthy-blood-sugar-stabilizing snacks and lunches you can think of to bring to work at my new job since I'll be out of the house M-F for 10-11 hours (commute included). I will have an hour lunch break, so I could walk around downtown and find some good food spots, but I'm really hoping to just bring a lunch every day to avoid temptation and stay on a good track... Plus, with the weather getting nicer, I'd like to use my lunch break to walk by the lake and get some exercise in! thumb.gif


I'm officially off of sugar. I'm cold, drowsy, and anxious. It sucks. At least the headaches are gone. I've been eating homemade chicken soup nonstop for a few days, plus a tbsp of raw crushed garlic every morning, to kill my cravings and nourish my body. It's going better than I thought, but.... I'm deeply sad and easily stressed... I wish I could just cry nonstop and let out all of this emotion I clearly have been stuffing down with food, but the tears won't come! I don't know what I'm even sad about. I just.... am. Maybe it's still depression. I don't know.


So anyway, all ideas for foods to bring to work are greatly appreciated!

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We often make 'snacky' lunch, which my kids love. Some cheese, meat, something fermented, maybe some almond bread, beans, or olives. You could also take hearty salads with meat, cheese and hard-boiled eggs.. or you could get a really good thermos and bring soup with you. I find the soup option to be good because it's easy to make a huge pot and eat it for many lunches. A hearty meat and lentil soup will keep you full for a long time. Just remember to add some extra fat to everything, it will help keep you full and energized longer. You can do it!

I made some 'healthy' gummy snacks today. They turned out pretty bad! The texture is great, but they're really bitter and not sweet enough. I think a few seeds from the lemons accidentally got blended in with the mix or something. I will try them again later! I hate to mess it up because Great Lakes gelatin is pricey. I'm going to eat these anyway, because the gelatin part is so darn healthy. My kids aren't interested though.

Since we are now heading to California in a few weeks, I ordered a whole goat and lamb and had my mom pick it up. Now we will have a freezer full of healthy pastured meat when we arrive, plus the farmer threw in a large bag of bones and cartilage scraps to make stock with. Oh, and we also got the goat head. I think I might get adventurous and make goat head soup, complete with the brains which is SUPER high in DHA. My mom already eats mostly GAPS foods, so we won't be tempted by any foods she will have laying around.
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Goat heads soup, wowza, that is very adventurous, Abra! Thanks for the lunch ideas. I like that name "snacky lunch". Ha! I can pick up some hard goat cheeses to cut up with some meats, snack on beans and nuts, etc. I need to go get a thermos so I can bring soup.


Anyone have a really good meat and lentil soup recipe? I used to make a sausage lentil soup but it had potatoes in it so I don't want to do that. I suppose I could just do it without the potatoes and see how it turns out...


The local Outpost co-op just got in a 40-lb shipment of grassfed beef bones, so I'm picking up 10 lbs of that tomorrow! Yay! (No idea how much that actually is......)


Speaking of, how many lbs of bones do you ladies make broth with in a single pot? Do you ask for specific cuts or just use any bones that are available?


I should be getting a call soon from my friend's organic farm where we've been on a 6-month waiting list to get 1/4 grassfed steer! I can't wait. I forgot to ask if I could get the bones too, though... I believe they'll be calling me before they butcher anyway to find out what cuts we want, so I'll ask then. (I hope!)

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Yay on the bone! I usually just fill my large stock pot halfway and then cover it with water. Maybe 4-5lbs of bones at a time? It's actually pretty $$ to make beef broth, but it helps that you can re-use the bones several times. I myself would have bought all 40lbs of bones, heh. I use all the bones, cartilage and whatever to make soup. I'm not picky about the cut of the meat/bones.
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Hmm... Maybe when I go to pick up the bones tomorrow then I'll buy more if they still have them, which it sounds like he anticipates anyway.

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I think we usually do about 3 pounds of bones. We usually make about a gallon of broth.

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I got my magnesium oil in the mail today! I'm going to make the recipe below and substitute half of the Jojoba oil for magnesium oil.

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Originally Posted by Abraisme View Post

I got my magnesium oil in the mail today! I'm going to make the recipe below and substitute half of the Jojoba oil for magnesium oil.


Oh, that's cool! What did you order? I was thinking of ordering magnesium flakes to make my own. It's really expensive!

I ordered Carolyn Dean's ReMag magnesium supplement and I have been taking that for two days, now. I can't say I feel any different... We are trying to take more Epsom baths, too. We had been lax about that. We are adding clay and epsom to Rhyko's evening baths, though! smile.gif
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The lotion turned out amazing! It was super simple to make and easy to whip too. I also added some peppermint essence oil, so mine smells like minty chocolate, mmmm.

I bought Ancient Minerals magnesium oil. I thought that I would buy the oil first and see how we liked it. If we keep using it on a regular basis I will most definitely buy the flakes and make my own. It does leave a film on the skin and seems drying, which is why I wanted to add it to the lotion. It worked out perfectly. We have also been adding epsom salt to all baths now and I'm going to order some clay asap.
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