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So, just to prove that Halloween candy is toxic..  George cheated last night when no one was looking and ate 2 small Snickers bars.  He went to bed early last night complaining of a 'back-ache' (which was really a stomach ache) and ended up throwing up in the middle of the night.  He admitted to it this morning, saying that it just wasn't worth it!  


Christina:  I have read that some people keep their own oil and salt in the car in case they have to eat out.  Then, they order broiled/grilled meat and plain steamed veggies, and then drizzle their own oil (or ask the waitress to use their oil and salt for cooking).  You can also do the same thing with a plain salad and grilled meat.  The food will be boring, but it will be close to legal.  George had to eat out a few weeks ago (and will again next week) and ordered meat and plain veggies, which turned out fine and didn't seam like cheating.  

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Yup.  We went to a Halloween party on Saturday night and we decided to cheat and eat whatever.  We were all sick on Sunday, and the Julianna got REALLY sick and has been having GI trouble for a few days.  So either it's a food reaction or she was more vulnerable to a tummy bug because of the food. : (  Cheating is so not worth it.

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My kraut, stock, and water kefir have turned out great. Unfortunately I've fallen off the wagon and am in a bad place at the moment. greensad.gif I'm beyond bummed. I've been trying to read the GAPS book for weeks but I'm having such bad reading comprehension/concentration issues that I'm hardly getting anywhere. I expected to get so much farther by now and actually be on the diet. Instead, I'm lying in bed tonight extremely ill and had to leave work early. I had an incident with a coworker yesterday that stressed me out so badly that I turned to food last night and cheated on the worst. I don't know if it's because it's been so long since I've had dairy and gluten lately or what, but I'm having a worse reaction than ever. Why would it be worse now? If anything, wouldn't it be BETTER after giving my gut a break? I feel on the verge of passing out. I had panic attacks and crying fits earlier. My anxiety is unbearable. I can feel that the food isn't digesting and is stuck in my stomach, like it's rotting. I almost threw up but the initial motion hurt my chest so badly that I had to stop it. It seems like no matter how many allergic/intolerant reactions to food I have, I still can't accept that those foods should be completely off limits. I just can't come to terms with it! Even when I feel great and on a roll with good eating, I know in the back of my mind that an exposure is inevitable in the future. It's such an unsettling feeling all of the time.

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Joanie,  I'd say from my dh's reaction to Snickers, that it can often be much worse when you re-introduce because you're so used to feeling better.  George used to be able to eat sugar just fine and now it makes him throw up!  When you're able to get through the whole GAPS diet it's likely that you'll be able to re-introduce RAW dairy, but probably never pasturized dairy or gluten.  Those foods simply aren't good for you and shouldn't be eaten by anyone really.  


What really, really sucks is that when a person needs a special diet the most, it's the hardest for them physically and emotionally to learn about it and put in the hours of effort that it takes.  Would it be possible for you to hire someone to come and help you cook a few hours a week?  I've heard of people on GAPS that hired someone on Sunday and tried to make most of their food for the week all at once.  Then they froze meal sized portions for the whole week.  I bet you could find someone for $10 a hour to come for 4-5 hours a week?  


My sister (celiac, candida, and lymes disease) and her dh (severe allergies and digestive issues), are going to start GAPS in January.  She already feeds her baby (who's a classic GAPS baby with sleep issues, reflux, etc) GAPS food, but hasn't fully started yet herself.  She's going to pay me to prepare her GAPS foods because she will be going back to work in Jan and just won't have the time (her husband watches their baby at home, but can't cook!).  Anyway, the only way that she can do this kind of diet is to hire someone to make her food.  I will probably make broth, ferments, breads, sauces, etc and she will prepare the meal part at home.  

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From my understanding of the book, Joanie, once you start eating better, the 'bad gut flora' start to die and have a lower population. Those are the flora that liked the 'naught stuff' - the poor food choices. So, once you've been doing intro or just limiting your bad carbs for several weeks, the bad gut flora's numbers are low. Then, if you eat those things you shouldn't, the bad gut flora that used to gobble those up are in lower numbers and your healthy gut flora haven't had time to recover and stable out (why you need to be on the diet for a few years, that and to heal the leaky gut wall) so now you have this food being poorly digested and then leaking through your gut!


Baby is waking, gotta go.

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I'm not doing gaps, but I have a question. How do you tell if you're having detox or if the diet just isn't working for you? What would be the different symptoms?
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Wow. This stuff is super interesting, but WAY over my head. LOL I don't even know what 3/4 of the food you guys are mentioning are... I might look into it though.

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I don't know what's going on with my stomach now. I thought it was a gluten/dairy overload issue, but now I'm not sure. I ended up just barely making it to the bathroom to throw up last night. I was starting to feel better today until after I ate dinner tonight (GFCF). Now I'm at work and my stomach is killing me. I'm in so much pain. It's scaring me because it almost feels like it did when I had a parasite years ago... and DH is really sick today too. We ate the same things yesterday before all of this started. I sure hope we didn't get food poisoning. My gut can't handle many more stomach bugs. greensad.gif

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On a positive note! When I got home from work tonight, I had a fresh gallon of water kefir all ready to start drinking. My grains had multiplied a ton, so I ate 1/4 cup of grains out of curiosity and it instantaneously took away most of my stomach pain. bigeyes.gif Craaaaaazy. Eating kraut and drinking kefir water now. I hope my belly is more settled by tomorrow!

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Joanie, if you're in the midst of serious tummy upset you should go directly to eating the intro soups. Your symptoms should subside pretty quickly.

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My opinion is..


Everyone is going to detox somewhat, and probably everyone will have some cravings for sugar and carbs!


Some people feel better quickly and others take months before they feel better, it's all so personal and depends on how your body stores toxins, etc.  


A super healthy diet can ONLY be a good thing.  It's not like we need sugar, flour and processed additives.  I'd say that a traditional diet like the Nourishing Traditions diet, GAPS, Paleo, etc can only increase your health and will probably work for most people.  It doesn't really matter what your symptoms are, it's always a good idea to eat healthy food.


My experience:  Detoxing/die-off felt like a hang-over.  I had a headache, muscle fatigue, cravings, general fatigue, etc.  These symptoms passed within a few weeks and will increase again if I introduce more die-off foods (coconut oil, probiotics, raw juice, etc).  


Everything I've ready says that it takes at least 2 years for your body to heal.  It's a slow process, so it takes some faith and lots of time.  Really though, how can eating a really healthy diet go wrong?  If you already feel bad/sick and you don't get better (unlikely), then you haven't lost anything except your time.  However, I feel that nearly everything can be helped with diet and food!  The lady who wrote the GAPS book says that 80% of people can be fully healed with food and the remaining 20% will need a little something more (more custom diet, herbs, supplements, hormones, etc).  



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I'm not doing gaps, but I have a question. How do you tell if you're having detox or if the diet just isn't working for you? What would be the different symptoms?
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I completely agree with Abra. This diet, quite honestly, WILL work for everyone. I wish everyone could read the book for themselves to see how truly healing this diet is and what it can do. Food is the most important thing in life (I suppose just under oxygen/h2O!) to feel healthy, strong and vibrant and one needs to pay a lot of attention to what they eat. This diet presents the building blocks for true health and healing. I know I might get flamed (either via post or via thought) for saying all that, as I know there are so many varieties of diets out there, but I'd only urge anyone who disagrees the read the book. You owe that to yourself, not me! :)

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We are still eating soup like it's going out of style, over here! Love it. The soup is just so good and it feels so good on these crisp fall days. 


We are sticking around phase 2-3 right now as we had cheats last week. We got another bottle of pro-biotic, so we've gone through one bottle already! We definitely need to put our supplements into our budget! Right now we are taking pro-biotics ($45 for a 3 week supply for the three of us), CLO ($35 for a 30 day supply for DH and me, and more like $15/mo for R's liquid CLO), Elderberry syrup (about $20 a month for the three of us) and aresto prevento (about $30 a month for the three of us). Plus the odd tincture for other things. 


And, we are still buying kraut and pickles. I'm glad for that. I just can't work in the kitchen without R going crazy. We have a baby gate at the kitchen door and he will just wail there if I'm in the kitchen. And when DH is home, I need to work on stuff that I want to do (blog, etsy stuff, sewing, crafting in general, etc) for that hour or so after dinner. Plus, with just the three of us, we are not going through it too terribly fast... like two jars a week each of pickles and kraut. That's about $25 a week. That's worth it to me!


The stock making is ridiculously easy, so that's nice.


Over the last month I've been doing lots of canning so that we have pearsauce and applesauce over the winter to enjoy as treats. All local and organic fruits from the farmer's market. It feels so good to have done that! I think I've got something like 30 pints total. Plus some berries I canned as well. And I did some onion/garlic tomato sauce for using in chili, that way I don't have to buy BPA lined cans or expensive jars at the store. I do need to do some more tomato sauce if I'm going to avoid buying it this winter, though. I need a whole afternoon to do canning, though, so it has so be on the weekend.

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I'm so glad for this chat thread! It gets me re-focused in a snap. love.gif I have broth going in the crock and have kraut to make today too. I really need to figure out how much salt to use based on cabbage size, though. Last time I used a much smaller cabbage than the first time but still used 2 tbsp of salt, and omg it has been so difficult to eat the bottom half of the jar... It's SO salty. Oops!


For those who make water kefir----- Do you know how long is okay to leave a jar fermenting? My recipe says to do 48-72 hours, but I have gone longer by a day or two and wondered if that just makes the health properties even better...? Or doesn't matter? This batch smells like apple juice! How funny. And it doesn't have much taste to it so I think the grains ate most of the sugar by the time I got to them. No wonder they multiplied so much. bigeyes.gif


Has anyone ever clabbered milk before? I just learned what that even meant, LOL. I'm so glad to know that if we don't get to drinking our raw milk right away and don't want to freeze it, its properties only get better with shelf life!


I can't remember if I shared that I started making homemade formula for Sora? She loves it! I'm thrilled. Its base is raw milk in addition to gelatin, lactose, nutritional yeast, vitamins, and probiotics. Easier than I thought it would be. My friend on the organic farm got pregnant when her baby was just 8 months and had to wean her early, so she started making this Wise Traditions formula and gave me the recipe. I'm so thankful!

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I wasn't trying to start a fight, I just read that you were detoxing for a very long time so I was curious of the distinction. 


Originally Posted by Abraisme View Post

Everyone is going to detox somewhat, and probably everyone will have some cravings for sugar and carbs!



If you already feel bad/sick and you don't get better (unlikely), then you haven't lost anything except your time.  


The brain runs on sugar, so I would certainly expect some cravings. 


Money comes to mind as something you could lose if it doesn't work well for you, it sounds like a fairly expensive diet.


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While I think everyone could benefit from implementing some of the GAPS diet protocol into their lifestyle, I wouldn't expect everyone to try it. My DH, for instance, is definitely not a "GAPS" person (in reference to how the book describes). I think the GAPS lifestyle could be preventative, but I can't convince him [yet] so I don't expect him to join in unless he suddenly comes down with a health problem. I, on the other hand, am definitely a GAPS person. I have very abnormal gut flora and can't even eat much sugar without a reaction. It is rough finding a good balance since I know my brain needs sugar but my body doesn't process it like the average person and subsequently my brain suffers instead of thrives. My body is definitely one that runs best on animal proteins and fats. Paleo and GAPS is the only viable solution for me at the moment. I think only someone in the midst of it can understand the distinction between detox and a diet that's not working for them. For me personally, it's very hard to explain.


After reading further into the book and learning so much more about the gut flora, I have come to some realizations about when my health really started to decline. I suspect my cow dairy auto-immune allergy (blood tested positive about 8 years ago) has been long-term, but I didn't really start suffering from noticeable gluten intolerance issues until 3 years ago after I was put on a very potent antibiotic (it was thousands of dollars eyesroll.gif, thank goodness I had insurance) to treat cryptosporidium. I went through extensive and invasive tests until they figured out I had the parasite, and by that time I'm pretty sure it had already damaged my gut lining a considerable amount since I was losing weight rapidly and in severe pain, nearly bedridden. I never recovered back to my normal self ever since. I starting breaking into hives just a few months later on a regular basis, asthma and fibromyalgia flare-ups worsened, and I have many more food reactions than ever. All this time I thought that it was the parasite itself that hurt my gut, but now I'm wondering if the antibiotic didn't just do the real damage. greensad.gif I wish I could turn back time...

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Yeah, I agree that GAPS itself might not be for everyone.  However, eating whole, traditional foods IS for everybody.  There are many variations of a traditional diet and each person has to find what works for them.  GAPS is very targeted at digestive issues, which not everyone has.  I highly doubt that I would have tried GAPS if it wasn't for my DH, but it's easy to do at the same time and I could enjoy some improved health and prevention.  


Sara - Yeah, you're right, it is way more $$ than a traditional American diet.  It's a lot cheaper than cancer though.  ;)  I think that a Weston A. Price philosophy is good for all and GAPS is good for many.  


It's easy to see in my DH that the diet is working.  His digestion is working well for the first time in his life!

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I just ordered 25lbs of almond flour and 25lbs of raw almonds from NUTS.COM.  The almond flour came to $4.67lb, which is less than half at the store!  Slowly I am making this diet more affordable.  :)

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Alright, here's a question for you all.... how do I get oil stains out of our clothes?! R tends to get his soup on himself at every meal, and being that the soup is fatty it always stains. I've tried BacOut, Charlie's stain spray, regular spray and wash (gasp) and nothing works! Any ideas???

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Dish soap for oil stains! And if the oil stain is set (they often will set in the dryer) you can reactivate it with more oil. So you'd cover the stain with oil, let it sink in for a few hours, then use a few drops of dish soap and a little water and work it through the new stain, let that sit for 15 mins or so, then toss in the wash. 


I'm hardly a master launderer, but I am good with grease stains. 

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