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Buko I need your help quick!  The maternity/nursing bra I've been wanting to try just went on sale for 50% off but I want to make sure I get the right size!!  I used the brand's calculator but I wanted your opinion too!  Wearing a current bra (the best fitting one I own) my underbust measurement is a smidge under 38.5" and my overbust is a smidge under 49" - in your professional opinion what size do you think I am (US)?  Thank you!!!

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I got a kick out of this!  Buko, I think you just got elected as our official bra specialist!twins.gif

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hahaha!  I hope she get's on here and soon!  :)  50% off is a good deal!

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Haha!  Okay, it depends a bit on the brand!  Tell me what it is-- I'd recommend either a 38GG (British) or maybe a 40I (US).  I could give an even more specific rec if I know the brand-- please let me know!

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Lol, I'm happy to have caused some giggles! The brand is Cake Lingerie - their website suggested a 40G but the store is out of stock in that size. I was considering a 38I or 40H. I can fasten a 38DD from Wal-Mart but I ridiculously spill out of the cups (not the size I'm currently wearing). These bras have 6 hooks so I was thinking one of those sizes would give me the best fit as my ribcage expands. It makes me feel good to know I was fairly close!
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Okay, full disclosure-- I'm not familiar with that brand.  But the way they do their sizes, they go right up from D, E, F, G, etc. (vs. British sizing, which is D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, etc.)  Also, almost anything non-British tends to be less generous in the band...  but if this is to wear NOW, I'd go with the 38I, and I think that will fit you well-- no more than the tiniest touch too small in the cup at worst... and hopefully not too tight in the band (which will stretch out a bit anyway... or you could buy a bra extender at worst).  If it's more to wear nursing, I might go with the 40H.  Hope that helps! 

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Absolutely helps! It's to wear now and hope I can make it all the way through pregnancy comfortably in it. After baby arrives and my milk comes in I'll order 2-3 more based on measurements then. MAMA HAS A NEW BRA!!!! (Or will around next Wednesday or Thursday when it arrives!!!) joy.gif
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