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Abdominal binders

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Are you using one? How long did/will you keep wearing it? I've been wearing mine all day since Cameron was born, but I'm wondering if its doing any good at this point....
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I'm using the very basic one from Babies R' Us brand. I think it's helping me out, but I'm only 5 days PP. The only complaint I have is that it seems a bit too...thin? Like, it doesn't cover enough of me. Which is frustrating, because I know I could wear it tighter around my belly, but my hips and ribs chubs poke out. =/ I only wear it during the day. Either the wrap stretches out a little bit or I can wear it smaller during the later hours... *shrugs* Which one are you using? 


The uterus takes 4-6 weeks to shrink all the way down, so I assume the wrap helps until that point. (:

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I just ordered the Squeem Perfect Waist binder. I hear it's the most comfortable one on the market. 

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I have two. One is made by Boppy and I don't love it. It's wider I. The front than the back and it bunches up and digs I to my waist. The other is actually made for exercising, and wors better except that it makes me sweat...but I can't complain, since I only paid $5 for it at Ross.
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I have one from the hospital. My OB told me to request one after my csection so it was covered by insurance. It feels great for when I go on walks or am super active but I really find it uncomfortable to wear for long. I just like it to stop the jiggly sensation! I also refused to wear maternity pants that went over my belly though so I think I just hate to have anything snug on my torso.
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