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Okay, baby is asleep (I think) so a few more thoughts:


Liz - I did buy a cheap pair of capris and a couple of shirts from Wal-mart in my current size. I really wanted out of maternity clothes, plus my maternity pants wouldn't really stay up properly, anyway! It does help to be able to wear something. And after more intense digging in my closet, I've actually come up with several pairs of capris I can wear from pre-pregnancy. There are still pairs of pants/capris I can't get over my thighs, but again, I was overweight to start with! I may try the Salvation Army/Goodwill idea, too.


I'm also really hating my stretch marks. I've got a ton of them on both hips and also on my lower belly. I didn't really have any stretch marks to speak of until pretty late in pregnancy, so maybe that's part of the reason I'm struggling with them? I just hate the way they look on me. Which I know is petty and shallow, but I still hate it. It's not like anyone but me or dh ever sees them, and he doesn't seem to care but... ugh. I've gotten stretch marks on my hips before due to weight gain, and they've always faded to a pretty much invisible whitish color, so I'm hoping these will fade eventually, too. And it makes my poochy tummy look even worse. mecry.gif


Sex, on the rare occasions the baby lets us have it, is painful for me, too. I tore in two places (1st degree near the top, 2nd degree near the bottom), and then had stitches that didn't dissolve. I'm doing so much better since they pulled the stitches out a few weeks ago, but there are just certain areas that just don't have any stretch to them, and therefore hurt. The dryness doesn't help with the un-stretchiness. We've tried using olive oil, per our midwife's suggestion, but it is so messy! She also recommended that I use olive oil to do some massaging/stretching of the area on a regular basis, but that hasn't exactly made it to the top of my to-do list. This is pretty much the only time sex has ever been painful, so it's kind of discouraging. I do still enjoy it, but not as much as I would like to. It's probably also suffering somewhat in comparison to pregnant sex, which was pretty awesome. Worse than pain during sex, though, is the fact that it hurts afterwards for quite awhile. Just a sort of achy soreness. :( And sometimes the areas where I had stitches will just start aching randomly, for no particular reason. That's the worst.


Siiiiiiiigh. So yeah, overall not having too great of a self-image right now. Though if I'm going to get down on myself, I'm usually more unimpressed with my parenting skills and ability to accomplish household tasks than with my body. Sometimes being too occupied to have time to look in the mirror is a good thing!


Oh, and on a neutral note - my hair has started falling out again. Not in a dramatic way, just in the normal find-some-in-the-comb and lose-a-little-in-the-shower way. I guess I didn't really notice that it completely stopped falling out while I was pregnant. None ever came out when I combed or brushed it. I should have enjoyed it more while it lasted! But it's not really a big deal so far, which I'm grateful for, after some people talking about their hair coming out in big clumps!

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Postpartum hair!!  Last night I had DH cut off about 8 inches, so now I have a new mommy hairdo, lol!!


I had long hair (down to my bra strap in the back) and it was just getting in the way - all the time - with this LO.  I spent the last 8 weeks w/my hair up in a bun.... or frantically trying to tie it up before picking up my screaming baby so he wouldn't get a mouthful of it.  Overnights in bed were even more frustrating, as the bun would get loose every time I turned over to nurse.


Yes, it looks choppy and not-perfect.... but I'm soooo happy to just have it out of the way!!  I'll get it fixed up one of these days when I have the time to get out (sans baby) but I couldn't wait that long to make the initial cut.  I'm sure I can go back to long hair in another year or two if I miss it....  :)

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Liz, I bought a new pair of jeans in this size a week or so ago just so I could feel comfortable and semi-attractive.  I realized I was feeling down in the dumps a few weeks back and realized that part of it was that I just didn't feel attractive in anything except my maternity jeans and I didn't want to wear maternity clothes anymore.  And smashing myself into pre-pregnancy clothes and cutting off oxygen to my appendages wasn't going to do much for my self-esteem either.  Anyway, it's the best $40 I spent in a long time.

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I fit in size 8 jeans again! Some days it is kind of squashy, but I am excited!


On a different note, on the (rare) occasions when we actually have the time/energy for sex, I end up feeling like my lady parts have been hit by a truck when it's all over. That entire area feels sore and achy just like it did at a few days postpartum. Does anyone else have this going on? Is it ever going to get back to normal? My baby is 3 months old Sunday, and I never thought it would take so long for this to sort itself out. I'm really afraid at this point that it's a permanent change. :(

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Monkey, congrats on fitting into those size 8's.  I'm definitely not rebounding as quickly as after the first one. *sigh*  I know I'll get there though.  I have plans to do weight watchers in January to help me get there quicker.  I've never done an "official" diet like that so it should be interesting.  I gained almost 60 lbs with my first and all but 5 of it came off.  I was up about 60 with this one and although I was down 30 lbs within a week of delivery (baby girl was big at 11 lbs 2.5 oz) I still have about 25 to go to get to my ideal weight.


on the PP sex.  I hate to say it, but it was never the same for me after baby #1.  The scar tissue just did not stretch like before.  It's not bad, just different.  Even so, it still took about 6 months for it to get back to what I'd consider "normal" for me.  So I'm sure it will still improve for you, but it may forever be somewhat "different".  On a good note, sex has changed for me again after baby #2 and I think it's actually better than it was after baby #1, still not the same as before children, but not that awful change after the first.

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