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The curiosity is killing me....thoughts?

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Hello all...a quick intro...I'm Martha...member of the April 2013 Due Date Club. So...i'm 11 weeks today and typically your uterus is supposed to POSSIBLY be just peeking out of your pelvic area...usually around 12 weeks but since this is my sixth kid I can say that MAYBE it'd peek out sooner. However...mine is about 3 fingers below my belly button...So it's quite large.

I DID have a scan at 8 weeks...and it did show only one baby....however it wasn't a super detailed scan or anything...my bladder was extremely full...and I just dont feel it was conclusive.

SO...I guess my question is does this sound familiar to you? Am I "worried" about nothing? My first midwife appt is coming up but I'm so curious NOW lol....

Honestly this is the funny part....the last TWO babies I was SO sure we were going to have twins. I felt like it was a sure thing. Then found out it was just one...and of coarse I was thrilled with a healthy baby I didn't care that there weren't two but I was like MAN I was SO sure.....this time...I was like "nah, it's only one" but then now I have this extra large uterus for only 11 weeks and I'm thinking WHAT is going on?! LOL...

Anyway...Just curious about your thoughts :) Have a great night :)

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I'm in a similar boat. At 12-13 weeks my uterus was nearly at my belly button and at 20 weeks I was measuring 25. It's not normal for me to measure so far ahead so early. My midwife is taking a wait and see approach. This is my fifth, so honestly that's probably why I'm measuring so far ahead. And my morning sickness? It was probably worse from chasing four littles around and being busier. We'll see! Hope you get some answers soon. smile.gif

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Waiting on something like this is horrible! LOL

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Same thing here, too. I'm 22 weeks now, but have been measuring 6-7 weeks ahead since my 15 week check up with the MW. There are two different heartbeats, but she's not saying it's twins yet. I guess it's possible to have a second beat that is slower where the cord attaches to the placenta. I'm anxiously waiting for my next prenatal this month.

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My midwife was leaning toward 'wait and see' with me too, but the not knowing was driving me insane.  Mind you, I have had 6 previous pregnancies and only one US, so this was a major decision for me.  I finally insisted that one be arranged and got in at 19 weeks which confirmed what I knew since I was 9 weeks and showing.  I really needed that confirmation, because I hadn't been gaining weight, but I had enough padding for a singleton it wouldn't have been a big deal, but for two, I knew I needed to wean my toddler and focus on getting plenty of calories and protein!  BTW, my midwives constantly struggled to get two heartbeats even when we knew there were two and used both fetoscope and doppler.  Just the way B was tucked in and I had an anterior placenta with A, so we'd always get one or the other, but not frequently both.

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Thanks mylilmonkeys for weighing in. and EEEK sweetestday that would be driving me bonkers too. MY appt is in two days....I'm anxious to hear what she has to say. My husband is saying SET UP A SCAN ASAP and I'm like "well if the midwife says it's larger than it should be and I'm not crazy I will" LOL....I just wanna know what SHE says or thinks. LOL...I'm not depending on hearing unless she easily hears two...because I would imagine it's hard to catch them both especially at this size....shoot it was 16 weeks before we heard my fourth child and she was all on her own in there. And the pop in and out of the "zone" of where you hear their heart enough that I can't imagine it being too easy to tell if it's one or two at this stage...maybe I'm wrong? LOL.

Anyway...thanks again for letting me know your story....

And everyone needs to keep me posted on what you find out :) I'm anxious for all of you too....:)

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Just an update on me. My uterus is still growing...now at just over 13 weeks it's just a finger below my belly button. My midwife didn't really say too much at the time of my appt...she didn't hear any hearts beating...just heard movement...not that at this stage she'd hear more than one anyway since it's sometimes difficult to find even one. So no answers there. We are just waiting (or trying to wait) for 18 weeks to get our scan then. It's very hard to wait. For some of my other online friends I did a comparison thing. In this pic...the white represents the average uterus at my gestation...and the purple represents approx what I measure width and height wise. (from my pelvic bone up)...


Anyway....I'll know more later....but thought I'd post this in case anyone has any fabulous insight LOL....This IS my 6th kiddo...but my uterus has always been right before for the weekly measurements and my midwife said last time it shrunk down nicely...not that it's not familiar with pregnancy and doesn't hop into action quickly...but I think this is a little bigger than a "relaxed" uterus would be. I just dont feel that is what is going on here. Of coarse I'm likely to be wrong wrong wrong....but I still am very anxious to see what is going on inside. LOL

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Hang in there, Mama! I'm still wondering myself, but thinking it is 1. That's where my uterus was at 13 weeks and now at 23 weeks I'm now measuring around 30 cm, but I just don't *feel* like it is twins. The wait is tough tho!!

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I had a huge growth spurt at 14.5 weeks and was measuring about what you're describing.  I was measuring 20 weeks at my 16 week apt.  And it was twins.  And I also had the sense that something was up.  And it was.  I waited until 19 weeks for my scan and it was a super hard wait, but my doctor didn't think it was a problem to wait a little.  However, you should really make sure that you're eating plenty meanwhile, just in case.  Early weight gain is very important for twin's birth weight. 

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Thanks. I was just thinking I should up my protein intake just in case. Thanks for helping me feel less nutsy lol. I will keep you all posted. Thanks.
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