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When Survivors Give Birth

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his topic has been brought to our group, but it is so important that I wanted to share this resource, too.

I am open to speaking with anyone and sharing my personal experience in dealing with this. Prior to my labor, birth, and tumultuous post partum period I had no conscious recollection of having been a victim of childhood sexual abuse perpetuated by someone in my own family. It was after my experiences with labor, birth, and PP that I sought help with a Doctor of Psychology whom I had a professional relationship with to try to understand my experiences and to heal from the trauma of birth that I discovered the truth about my past {as confirmed by numerous family members}. My journey through this has not been easy, but it has been life changing to heal this hurt. 

I belivee that we have the birth experiences we NEED in order to bring healing for us in many different areas of our lives and it has been nothing short of amazing for me.

Sending light and love to all the mamas who have been hurt by violence in this life <3 There is healing for you!

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Thank you for sharing this, MamaH. I know that part of the reason I sought a UC with #3 was due to the rape/abuse I had experienced before he was conceived - ending up in a hospital, with a male OB, was terrifying. Even though it was nothing near the level of trauma you experienced, a BIG part for me was having trouble trusting DH for quite awhile afterwards. Long story, but he hadn't protected me before (not rational, we were separated at the time), and he didn't protect me from having that birth experience (also not rational, I was bleeding and needed medical attention!). It took almost 2 years to get everything from that experience processed & complete, and led me to the path I am on with my doctoral work.

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Hugs to both of you! I have dealt with these issues with several clients and birth can be amazing to help them heal. Glad to see others have also found healing in their births, and lives!
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