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Should I be worried?

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I am 36 weeks, and am Rh-.  I declined the Rogham, since I know it's unnecessary and only important if my baby is a Rh+. 


Anyway, I had read up a lot about it, and had done the same during my first pregnancy, but since my son was O- i didn't take the later shot.  I know that the mother's and baby's blood don't mix, unless there was a major trauma or an accident etc. 


Today, however, I accidentally got kicked on my belly, by my cousin's daughter who was playing and was trying to do a hands stand and even though it was NOT that painful, but did shock me and has caused me some soreness and I have been worried for a few hours now, wondering if that would have caused blood mixing, and if I should go in to take the shot. =(


Any suggestions?

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Is the father's blood +? If he is - then it won't matter but if he is + there could be a risk if the blood mixes. Also, once your blood mixes with the baby's blood, if the baby is +, then your body will make antibodies against + blood and any future babies you carry that have + blood will be attacked by your body's immune system as a foreign substance. It can cause the baby to be anemic and the baby could have to have Intrauterine Blood Transfusions. I have also seen one statistic that only 80% of babies survive if the mother has built up antibodies against her baby's blood.


Just an FYI.


I didn't know any of this until about a week ago when they thought I had antibodies in my blood. Turned out to be nothing in my case but it really opened my eyes to the Rhogam shot, which I always thought was stupid, too.



Please anybody correct me if I have wrong info!

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You are absolutely right.  Yes, I am Rh- and hubby is Rh+.  Rogham is unnecessary, if things are normal and went smoothly because under normal circumstances the fetal and mothers blood don't mix.  But unfortunately now, with the kick (trauma) to the stomach changes things.  Even though it was not that bad a blow, it was still a kick which shocked me enough to sit down.  And even though I have only 4 more weeks to go, I cannot say that the blood didn't mix, so will be taking the shot now, in case it did to save my baby and next pregnancies.  

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