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Naturopath in NC Triangle?

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We're looking for an alternative practitioner for my son who has chronic GI problems. I'm not tied to a naturopathic doctor only, but that's where we're looking right now. He sees an MD at UNC. I think he has an impeccable resume, but we're just not getting any results from everything we're doing. Does anyone have suggestions for anyone in the Triangle? We're in Raleigh but are happy to travel within an hour or so to find the right person.

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I'm bumping your post up. bump.gif Anyone have a recommendation in this area? I hope you can find someone who can help resolve your son's GI challenges soon.

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I've seen Susan DeLaney in Carrboro before. She's very thorough and really took her time with me. She sees children as well so perhaps it's worth looking into for your son?

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Mine moved away (sniff).  A friend sees this one:



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love Susan Delaney!

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