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Soy isoflavones success?

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Hello, I'm new to Mothering, but not new to infertility.  DH and I are on our 23rd cycle ttc our little miracle.  We've been hardcore ttc for most of that.  Started the fertility workup, then lost insurance, so we only have part of the picture.  I have a luteal phase defect (low progesterone).  Did 4 failed cycles of Clomid and am really burnt out.  Clomid is a bitch!  So I've decided to take this month off charting and meds (Clomid) and do soy and NTNP.


My regimine: soy isoflavones 200mg cycle days 5-9


Any soy success stories you can share?


Did it affect your fertility? CM? Ovulation date? Luteal phase?

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I had success with it. My situation is a little different from yours...We were TTC for 11 months with no success. I was 24 and had very normal cycles with a 13 day LP but had a borderline low progesterone level. I could see a clear ovulation pattern with my temps and my CM was okay. I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting pregnant and was starting to really feel there was something wrong. My doc wouldn't look into any other reasons for infertility until I did a hsg but I wanted to try something less invasive first. That's when I came across SI on another board. There were so many success stories...I had to try it out. I decided to give it two cycles before doing the HSG.


I took SI on CD 2-6: 120mg cd 2 and 3, 160mg on  cd 4 and 5, and 200mg on cd 6. I got pregnant the first cycle I used SI and DS is now 6 months old. Could it have been the SI? I think it was. Could it have also just been our time? Maybe. "They" say it can take healthy couples up to a year to conceive so we were right at that mark. Next time we TTC I will try for a few months with no SI and if we have no luck I would definitely try it again. It did make my cycle a little whacky. I usually ovulated day 15-17 and I think I ovulated on day 19 with SI. I had positive OPK's for like 6 days in a row (totally not normal for me) so it was really hard to time BD. I also had practically no CM. I thought I would never ovulate and worried that I had screwed up my body. We just happened to time it right and I finally did O.  I did not have any other side effects besides that. I took it at night because I heard it can lessen the effects. Also make sure you stay away from all other soy until you O. Read labels. Soy is in EVERYTHING processed it seems like.


I got a positive hpt 8 dpo with a Wondfo. I could hardly believe it. I think it is pretty amazing stuff but I have heard there can be some nasty side effects including large ovarian cysts so use with caution.

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Oliversmommy, thank you for your story!  I too have normal cycles, O regularly, and my LP is good, I just have low progesterone and spotting.  Seems like soy affected you like Clomid would.  I've heard soy is nature's Clomid.  I hope it's what I need.

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