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How to make a broken foot a bit better for 13 year old?

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  My 13 year old broke her foot today on a hike with a friend and her friends church group. I am at a loss as to how to make this any better for her. She is homeschooled with only one friend within walking distance and her events tend to be solo like guitar lessons. She started going to a church with her friend but I rather she not go any place without us till she is healed up. Her friend is more than welcome to come over of course. We are a military family and she has lost 3 great friends in this past year to moving alone. It can be hard. I know she is worried about her social life. I am too! She was starting to make some friends at the church. 


  I have never had a child with a broke bone. She might need surgery we have been told on her foot, two bones broken in it, one very badly. She has the master bedroom up stairs but it is a very tall loft bed, she can't get in it in her shape now. Not to mention the stairs are thin in this historic home. So I have her on the sofa close to a bathroom and will set her up there as best we can. 


 What else can I do for her? I called her friend to make sure she knows she is welcome to come by tomorrow to hang out. I am going to try to get my daughters desk top down stairs for her so she can keep doing some of her homeschooling on it. She also like the games SIMS and I had planned to get her an expansion she wanted for it to help distract her. Friends suggested chocolate and icecream! LOL 


 Any more ideas on how I help make this any better for her? 

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Why do you not want her to go anywhere without you until she's healed? I can see while she gets used to the crutches, but after that?

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Seems a lot of kids we know with broken bones are able to get around pretty well in a week. I'm always surprised to see them back at school just days later with crutches and a cast. I bet she'll surprise you. The technology in treatment is much different than when we were kids. Seems kids ordeals are half the time they used to be!


As for your DD, what does she like? Books, card games, movies... if you don't have netflix, you can usually sign-up for a free month trial (just remember to cancel it) and get a month of TV she can watch on the tube or the computer. Dr. Who, Merlin, Sherlock, Downton Abbey.. all those British shows are big with my teenager and are on netflix now. Is she in the youth group at that church? They may be willing to come over and entertain her a bit. You could have a "cast signing party" with her friend and whoever this friend thinks would be suitable company if you trust her judgement. Is she crafty? Maybe learn knitting or a sewing project where she could make something she likes. I don't know what holidays you celebrate but I know my kids have always loved making ornaments for Christmas and any craft score will have lots of materials out to start something like that.


Hope she's feeling better soon!

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my daughter just broke her foot at a second day Rosh Hashanah retreat (the Jewish New Year).  What is it with religious outings and broken bones?! ;)  


So your daughter's brake sounds worse than mine.  my daughter broke the big bone on the outside of the foot.  she's in a walking boot for 4 weeks.  she went back to school the next day.  yours sounds more serious but if she can get around without your physical help - crutches or not - i'd let her go with her friend.  she really needs to feel that she has some independence and freedom.  she sounds too stuck in the house.  and she's had so much loss and change.


i'd also ask her what would help and really listen and see how you can accomodate her requests.   


the injury for my daughter is a time when i'm also enjoying being a little closer to her.  she needs me more and i'm enjoying being there and just being together.  


good luck - i know it's painful for us to see them hurting...  physically, socially, emotionally, etc.



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I would keep her day as normal as possible.  I'm almost 100% positive she can figure out how to navigate the stairs with a bit of patience and practice.  The same goes for a loft-type bed.  I would drive her to friends since walking is going to be difficult.  If she wants to go to church, activities, classes, whatever - let her go.  

I hope your DD feels better soon.

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Originally Posted by Kristine C View Post

SO very sorry to read about your daughter's injury!  Check out CastCoverZ! www.castcoverz.com.  They are an awesome company that make functional and fashionable covers for casts, braces, etc..  They also sell designer color crutches, comfy crutch covers, and waterproof covers for bathing.  Their products will definitely help your daughter feel better!!!  Happy healing and wishes for a speedy recovery.


What ever happened to kids signing casts and decorating their crutches? Sorry, but the above seems like a colossal waste of money.

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 Thank you all for trying to curb my over protective instincts right now. 


  She needs surgery for the foot as it turns out so is on bed rest orders at the moment by the Dr. She has been having friends over and we have been making her favorite meals and playing games with her to keep her busy. Still expecting her to get her homeschooling work done though. Not sure when the Dr will clear her for being up and about after the surgery. Not before next Monday at the soonest. 


  Thank you so much for sharing the castcover site. I had not even thought to look for anything like that and I know it will brighten this whole situation up a bit for her. 

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Good luck with the surgery and a quick recovery. 


There are some good suggestions upthread. You mentioned she plays guitar. This might be an opportunity to try some music recording, video production, etc. on the computer. If her friends also play instruments, then they can put together some songs and make a CD. There is software on the market - my kids use GarageBand on our Mac. Another idea is to go through family photos and make some scrapbooks - either old-fashioned cut-and-paste or digital on-line versions. 

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Hi Kristine. Welcome to MDC.  I noticed that in both of your posts, you reccomend a certain comopany.  We do not allow advertising on MDC.  Please keep this in mind when posting in the future.

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 Just an update, the break was really bad, she needed a plate and pins put in. She was able to get out of the boot last month though! She still is on orders to not run and no jumping but we hope right after the new year the Dr will clear her for those things as well. 


 Sadly she has to get surgery next fall to get the plate and pins out so will go through the recovery for it again. She knows what to expect this time though and can plan for it. 


 Having friends over really helped, she got into a lot of video games and music. She didn't end up in her bed as it is a very very high loft bed and she agreed it was not a good idea, and she really disliked using the stairs. 


 Speaking of stairs, a family friend fell down hers and broke her foot last week. Our daughter offered to go stay with this friend as she knows this friend has no local family and no other friends in the area. It worked really well as our daughter knew what it was like to have a broken foot and what help was needed. Daughter just came home last night now that our Friend got a boot on herself! What a learning experience! 

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Thanks for the update, and glad all worked out pretty well. Kudos to her for helping out your friend!

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