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painful sex still?

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We dtd recently for the second time since dd was born. I had some moderate pain near my urethra- felt this only since this birth/ 


Feels like a tear - although i didnt have any at the birth that i knew of (was checked by OB) 



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None. Probably time to have it checked out.
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I still have pain, but it's like a too-tight or not-enough-lube pain. And I didn't have a vaginal birth. I'm not sure what I can do about it.  irked.gif

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no ideas for you, but sort of in the same boat.  we've dtd a few times now, and i'm okay during, but usually have pain and discomfort afterward. i would think 6 months later this would be behind me now, but not yet.. is it getting any better or have you gone to get checked out yet?

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Same issue here. It's not super painful, but it's less comfortable. I have some irritation afterward, especially. I had no tearing (according to the midwife) and no stitching this time, yet it feels like I have a small amount of scar tissue that gets sore right near my perineum. I assume it probably is scar tissue from some sort of tiny tear that wasn't noticed or didn't need stitching.


I do know that I had AWFUL tearing and over 20 stitches after my first birth. I tore up through my clit and everything. My vag was a mess and will never look the same. I was single afterward so never really dealt with the early PP sex issue. I had sex for the first time at 16(ish) months PP (when my now husband and I started dating) and it was fine and felt great. Vag will never look the same, but it did function the same.


So, I feel confident that if I could tear THAT bad and have things feel okay 1.5 years later, that surely they will go back to normal after a good non-tearing birth, eventually ... it just might take some time.

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I have had discomfort but only when DH is wearing a condom. it seems to fit with what my hormones are doing. my body keeps trying to ovulate and the position of my cervix is one of the annoyances. I am starting to think I need to do more for my pelvic floor. I had tearing and I have pain in the place that I tore but it is minimal and nothing like what I had with DS.  The pain after DS went away within the first year, and this is already better. currently I can't put DD down to sleep on her own anyway (no screaming for hours anymore so I will take it!) so its not like I get the chance to dtd often anyway but when I want to it would be nice to feel good. Hope you are getting help!

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