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Cats out.. sort of.

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DD told my MIL and FIL I'm pregnant over the weekend, adamantly. Needless to say, MIL asked my husband all the annoying questions(and he just said "I'm not sayin anything"), FIL asked if I was pregnant because Autumn kept mentioning it(we told him she's crazy). 

But it seems with lil miss TOO surprised(in her words lol) to keep it in any longer... we'll need to spill the beans. My only issue is telling my FIL/DH's step-mom. They love the grandbabies, but aren't thrilled of the idea of people having more than 1 kid, we're not exactly rolling in cash(though we don't ask them for money or anything), and we rent from them.. I'm worried they'll kick us out or something(I don't actually think they would, but momma worries I guess)... 

Think we should just confirm it or?

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Eh...I'd just confirm it...it's going to be confirmed one way or the other. Maybe have your daughter make a phone call to them and have her tell them again and then get on the phone and say she's right? Or make it fun some other way that way you can explain you wanted to tell them in your own way and not by the leakage of the child lol. I'm sure they will be thrilled. And if they aren't...well then pooey on them! :) HUGS

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Same here. It's pretty much out now. Last week, I spent much of the week at my aunt's house during the day before I went to work trying to help her get things ready for an annual consignment sale that she does each year. She sent me a facebook message one evening that said "When are you going to tell me why you're having such terrible heartburn, pee at least twice an hour, and keep wearing such loose clothing?" Whoops. I guess after five of her own pregnancies, she figures things out pretty quickly. My mom has known since about week 7. I'm 11 weeks 2 days now. They're the family that I'm closest to, and since they both know, I just decided to go ahead and let it out. 

I guess your best bet is to just go ahead and tell them. If you don't, they may get angry that you lied at first. I'm sorry. :/ I know it's aggravating. I was a little perturbed that my aunt pretty much made it public news when I wasn't ready to tell yet. 

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Oh geeze....she did that on your WALL??? That would irk me a little....but I had someone do the same. I had not and was not going to announce it on FB until later in my pregnancy but we HAD told people in person like church and close family...A church friend posted something about it on my wall and a friend called and said "are you ready for FB to know?" I deleted it but then decided that I better announce it so it was MY way. Not a "um...did I read that right" kind of way....so we announced it....

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Yep, right on my wall for everyone to see. I'm sure her intentions were good. I've always been really close with her. But we had ONLY told my mom. We hadn't told DH's parents yet because of their lack of interest in March when I miscarried. I did delete it and haven't posted anything about it on facebook, but I have had several friends from high school that have private messaged me and asked about it. 

I guess I can't stall for too long anymore! I'm starting to get a little too round to keep it a secret anyway. :) 

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I'm glad you caught it before it was "too late" LOL. Knowing my luck the time someone posts that I dont check it for three days lol!!!!

when my friend posted it was a comment on a picture or something (can't remember) and it said "and you're adding another" and that was it....so it wasn't a separate wall post.

Either way....find some fun way to announce it and let the congrats roll in ;)

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We still haven't told anyone so I'm glad my DH doesn't use FB anymore than he does because I found this on his wall:





Eeep! I thought about asking him to delete it but I didn't want to discourage him. It made me feel happy that he was looking stuff like that up online. heartbeat.gif

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I can't believe people would ask you so abruptly! Im sorry. greensad.gif it should be something you announce in your terms! i turned 15 weeks yesterday and we have still only told our immediate fam and a few very close friends. All of our extended fam and the rest of our friends and such don't know. We don't want to tell anyone else including announcing on FB until after 20 weeks or so.our fam has been great about keeping it to themselves, but that probably has to do with all we've been through to get pregnant. I am very greatful they have been so good about it. As I know they are SO excited and it hard to keep it to themselves lol
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Ahh family....  I'm nervous to tell my mom b/c she has developed a notoriously big mouth in her older years AND she's on FB.  We are telling them in person next Friday, when grandparents on both sides will be visiting from out of town.  We are renovating a house and we always give a tour of our progress, so our cat comes out of the bag when we show them the beginnings of a nursery (we just ordered a crib to make sure it will be obvious!).  Anyway, keeping my mom from spilling it on FB for a little while so that we have a chance to tell friends in person-- that is a challenge.  


I guess if it gets out in a way that I can't control, I will try to understand that this is exciting news for other people too-- but it will still make me crazy ;)

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I hope everything goes according to plan, Kattbird, because that is a SUPER cute way of announcing! It will be so fun for you to see the looks on their faces! :)

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My daughter asked if she could tell anyone she wanted after we heard the heartbeat.  I said yes without thinking.  She was playing "Words With Friends" with my mom on her Kindle and told her. My mom immediately texted me and seemed offended that I didn't tell her. That's what she gets for telling us we "have enough kids" before we conceived this one.   I would have been happy not telling her until we had a baby in our arms.  In laws still don't know as far as I know.  I don't think they'll have much nice to say either.

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Originally Posted by Kara9080 View Post

We still haven't told anyone so I'm glad my DH doesn't use FB anymore than he does because I found this on his wall:





Eeep! I thought about asking him to delete it but I didn't want to discourage him. It made me feel happy that he was looking stuff like that up online. heartbeat.gif


That's so sweet! DF did something similar, I wasn't quite ready to tell FB yet, but I saw he posted "I have some big news to share in a few days!" and then told people. A little before I was ready, but... what can you do? heartbeat.gif

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Our kids finally know love.gif

We put the decals on the car and they came out and DS2 right away said "Mooom!" (you silly woman tone of voice) pointing to the pregnant belly. I said, what happens when a women's belly looks like that? He said there's a baby in there. So I said, We'll so are we. DS2 and DD looked at each other like this: Shocked but with a smile Very Happy DD  hugged me and said "I love you mommy!" DS1 was smiling but calm about it. Had a little goofy-not sure what to think smile. (He did tell me about a month ago that he no longer wanted me to have a baby that I was too old)
DS1 & DS2 then ran off to the backyard to play soccer. DD ran off to play with the neighbor girl. Laughing
At dinner DD was non-stop talking about the baby. DD & DS2 "called it first" on changing the first diaper and the first bath. luxlove.gif They counted forwards and backwards to the due date, pondered what would be happening in our life in April, if we thought of names, etc. Bottom line - DD & DS2 were thrilled. DS! (13 yrs) didn't add much except he wants a girl, no more DS2's. Laughing

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