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Wool wash?

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What makes wool wash different from regular detergent? Is it just that is has lanolin? Or is it also more gentle? 


I'm trying to figure out how to make my own. Could I just add lanolin to my regular homemade detergent (castile soap, washing soda, and borax)? Or should I use just the castile soap?


Does anyone else make their own? 

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Wool wash lacks the degreasing agents (like SLS) often found in dish soap, baby shampoo and hand soaps.  Castile soap would be a fine wool wash.  And yes, you can just add lanolin when you are filling the sink or tub.  Green Mountain Diapers has a wonderful quick video about lanolizing.  I use Kookaburra wool wash, but I've also used Eucalan.  Both work well, though Kookaburra does seem to have a more lingering fragrance (which doesn't offend me).

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I'm too cheap to buy wool wash so I have only used dr bronners. After I wash I refill and add lanolin.

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In general, I've used dr b's, or shampoo, and then lanolize the sucker. No problems.

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