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Any current LDS or LDS church attending mama's?

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Just wondering....

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I am.  There use to be a rather big group on here, but most of them left and started up a different chat group.

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I am!  I haven't seen too many other members of the LDS church around here.

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i am

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Neat. I thought it would be nice to have a group. I just started attending a LDS church
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That's great Nursingnaturalmom!  I hope you've enjoyed it.  If you have questions or want to talk, I'm happy to chat!

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I am lds too:)

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Over here! Just got home from church actually smile.gif it's nice to see some other mamas here that share my faith. Where are you all from? I live on Vancouver Island in BC Canads
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We live in Wisconsin. Just started exploring LDS.
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Can I ask what your family home education nights look like?  Do you pick what you study?  Does the church provide topics or resources for FHE's?

We typically have a family devotion twice a day anyway and the kids have a bible curriculum....Just wondering how FHE differs or not??

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Here's a link for Family Night resources http://www.lds.org/topics/family-home-evening?lang=eng

We have a lesson and an activity once a week.  It usually works better if we do a fun activity one night and a short lesson another night.  On the night that we have a lesson we begin with a song and a prayer and then "announcements" where we take turns telling the family something that is going on in our lives that we want to share.  We have a short lesson on something we think our family needs to know more about, then a game or scripture story.  Occasionally we have a treat or do a service project for someone in our community.  We keep it short and simple.  The kids get involved with the planning and take turns with song/prayer/game.


Hope that helps!  

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][/I]Thanks. Not sure how I missed the resources on the website.
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Family night is really left up to the discretion of the parents and needs of the family.  It varies a lot from family to family.  In my own family we sometimes have gospel discussions, sometimes we go for a hike or other outdoor nature activity, sometimes we go to museums, sometimes we play games, etc.  We start off with singing a hymn and then saying a prayer.  After that we spend 15ish minutes going over schedules and plans for the week.  Then we spend about an hour on whatever the lesson is.  We conclude with a prayer, and then often have some sort of treat/dessert afterwards.  We probably do gospel discussions about 2/3 to 3/4 of the time and then have other activities to mix it up.  It doesn't have to be formal or overly-structured. 


And yes, no coffee.  smile.gif

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Your signature does not say what age your kids are, but I have found some really great fun FHE ideas on this yahoo group.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fhe4children/?yguid=152178541


We have trouble keeping our kids attention for very long, so we try to keep the lesson rather short, but meaningful.  Sometimes if it fits we make the activity relate to the lesson, or even combine with it.  Such as acting out Bible and Book of Mormon stories. 

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Coffeee is a deal breaker! dizzy.gif


My kids are 14,10,8,6,3 and 1. First 4 are girls, last 2 are boys.

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If I'm feeling organized, I try and make the FHE lesson be the same as what the lesson in primary was the day before. I don't give the full lesson of course, but I look in the lesson manual (its viewable online) for ideas and try and cover the same basic concept. I figure this is great since my kids are hearing the same thing at home as they are at church. I think when they learn the same thing from different sources it makes the lesson stronger. And it shows my kids that mom & dad "endorse" what their teachers at church say. Although, there have been some awkwards moments.. lol, leading me into coffee! We drink a beverage that is basically identical to coffee in every way...except its made from cocoa beans instead of coffee beans :) Brewed the same way and everything. We love it. It even provides energy (via theobromine instead of caffeine) but its a more mild and longer lasting energy without the crash, and non addictive. Something like that may make it easier to wean off coffee if you are considering baptism in the future. Anyway, twice my 5yo has approached me saying that she learned we aren't supposed to drink "Choffy" (thats the chocolate drink) and I reassure her.. no no, your teacher said *coffee*. Choffy is just fine! They're different! lol. Another time she says "My teacher said we're not supposed to eat xylitol!" We use xylitol a lot for the dental benefits. "teeth sugar" we call it. Again I assure her, nope, xylitol is fine, but alcohol we don't drink! 

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Okay, FHE sounds fun.  Can I ask day you have all picked?  I read that the church sets aside Mondays, but i that doesn't work to try a different day.  I was thinking Fridays would work nicely.


I will try choffy.  Wonder if I can get a sample online?

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Do I have to sell it to buy it??

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I hoard the stuff. (I call it "food storage" lol) if you pm me your addy I can send you some

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