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I have had two home water births and am experienced in midwifery, I also providing free information and help to expectant mommies in 3rd world countries who have no access to information on safe natural birth or midwifery services.


We have just returned from 7+ months volunteer mission in Eastern Europe and reside in Mexico, doing volunteer work there.


We would be having out of hospital birth in San Diego, but due to our financial circumstances at the moment are not able to hire a doula, and my husband might have to be with our two very young kids (2 and 3 years old) as we do not have any relatives anywhere nearby.


I am looking for doula that would be willing to attend my birth free of charge, starting from early labor, when we would arrive to San Diego ( and would be staying in hotel near the birth center) and on to active labor. My due dates between 25 of October and 11 of November. 


Will be happy to write recommendation.


Please contact me at