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Need input on ballooning 2 yr old!

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Okay - so I have an intact 5 1/2 yr old & an intact 2 1/2 yr old & I live in a HIGH circ area - as in my boys are the oldest boys I know who are intact & they are both still fully fused.  So I am usually the mom other mom's ask questions of...but I don't know what to think on this...and I'd just call the Dr but frankly I don't trust them to steer me in the right direction.


My 2yo has what appears to be a tiny blister on the tip of his foreskin (so tiny you'd never notice except it's red) and he has ballooning on the side of the foreskin.  I've read up on ballooning, but it sounds like it should balloon while urinating, not stay that way.  The ballooned area is pink, but he shows no sign on discomfort yo have it touched.  I put him to plat in an epsom salt bath for 30-45 mins & then when I took him out I tried to take as closer peak.  When I was trying to look closer he started to pee.  As soon as I removed my hand it stopped.  I popped him onto his potty seat - no pee, again I touched the area & he started to urinate.  That all may be coincidence though as he isn't terribly informative in his talk at this age.  So I can't ask & get an answer as to whether me touching the balloon helped him pee or if my cold hands triggered it. LOL  Either way - he acts totally normal.  It still appears pink post bath & the same size.  I obviously want to see a Dr if it's necessary - but so far - in the almost 6 yrs since Ds#1 came along, Dr's visits (with multiple different Dr's) are a constant battle to protect my boys from forced retraction when there has never been any issue, so I can only imagine the nightmare this situation could become for us.  This is so true that Dh & I have often joked that we'll run our kids over to Canada for penis care (It's about an hour drive to the border).


So help me mommas - give me a link or some info & please help me know what I should do here.  I will do the Dr route if needed of course, but I really really don't want to if there is anything else I can do here or of there is a timetable I of how long this is okay versus rushing in at first sign of irritation.  And just as a coverall - there has been nothing different than usual - we use no chemical bath products, he is in disposables for a while now since he outgrew cloth, so that isn't new to him & same brand as always, etc - etc. 


ANY input is welcome & deeply deeply appreciated!



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I just wanted to add - his foreskin is long & the ballooned area actually is NOT on the area where his penile shaft is - it is at the tip where it's just an overhang of foreskin.  It actually appears almos tlike a blister but with too thick of skin over it - as blisters appear to be just under the skin, this just looks like fluid under the foreskin.

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It sounds like it isnt ballooning since that only happens while urinating. What it does sound like is that the area that is swollen was damaged a bit either by him scratching it or some other injury or possibly a bit of yeast has moved in. Since he isnt in pain I would watch it and see how things go. If it gets sore I would treat for yeast first then if that didnt work I would try some OTC cream like bacatracin.
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I agree that this does not sound like ballooning and that there is a part that is swollen some.  It sounds like watching instead of taking him to the dr. is warranted (and before those who disagree w/ us sharing advice here jump on me for not saying run to the doctor, this is what I would do myself as I usually try to wait for more than one symptom before involving the "experts").  The only recommendation I would make & is what I woudl do myself, is to use some probiotic on the area.  I use powdered kind on my bits & would use infant probiotic on a child of mine who is less than 5-7 years of age (a child's flora does not change to adult flora & therefore does not require adult probiotic until they are past this age).    From all I've learned in the last 8.5 years, I believe that a large number of problems we have come from lack of healthy flora in/on our bodies.  This would include the genitals.


Best wishes,


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THANK YOU!!!  You both were absolutely right - but I will fill you in so that others reading can benefit maybe from what all played out.


So after I posted I let him run around diaperless to see if that may help.  For several hours there was no change.  Then I checked again & in the span since I had last taken a look (about 60-90 mins had passed) it really worsened.  I swelled much bigger & was then a donut all the way around & it appears as though he had lesions under the skin (it looked much like lips do sometimes when they peel post-fever).   So although I didn't *want* to do a Dr I lost my momma nerve & called them.  The Dr was out so they directed me to afterhours care (what I was dreading even more) and I took him there.  Before I put a dipe on though I put a little breastmilk mixed with probiotic powder to at least offer some protection or relief & headed off.  I explained all that happened to the Dr & was very clear I only wanted her to visually inspect him & NOT to touch him until she took a look & then explained to me *what* she needed to touch him for...well then I took his dipe off & felt like a total idiot.  I looked almost fine.  There was still a bit of redness to the tip but NO swelling at all.  Not even the bit he started off with.Sheepish.gif  So all that stress &* drama for nothing.  LOL  I guess I can chalk it up to a learning experience.  And I was RIGHT about not wanting to go - she said "even so, I'd like to pull the foreskin back a bit & take a look at what is going on under there" right after explaining to me that I don't have to be so worried about Dr's not understanding foreskin because *her* Dh has one, so she *knows* what she is doing. eyesroll.gif  So yeah...typical.  She didn't argue with me too much & of course I never gave her permission to touch him.  She agreed with me that the probiotic was working & then decided he should take an antibiotic just to be "safe" that it wasn't UTI.  I then told her I would not do an antibiotic for a fictitious UTI so then she prescribed an antibiotic ointment saying it could be e-coli & that you can never be "too careful" with all the super bugs we have now.  So yeah - about as logical as I can expect it seems.  OS I am mixing the probiotic with breastmilk when I can express enough to do that & with water when I can't (at this age I don't seem to express very well anymore) and it looks great.  A little bit of pink today, but very little & I plan to keep it up until 48 hrs after he has no more signs of irritation & stick with disposables until then too.


I wish I had just done the probiotics first thing, but I didn't think it would stick to the area enough if let him run around diaperless.  I am just glad he is about cleared up & we had no major issues with the Dr.  Some are way worse than others to deal with & overall she was pleased he was still nursing & that I did the epsom salt bath first...so she seemed to be on board with MOST of it expect the intact care stuff...as usual. 

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Glad your ds is doing better and thanks for letting u know.
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