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I think everyone is different on the mucus front.... But it can re grow.. I just don't know how fast it re grows. Either way.. It soups mean cervical change at the very least! Hang I'm there ladies!
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Yeah my midwife said it regenerates. I lost this insanely golf ball like wad - and it actually flung across the bathroom somehow when I wiped, early one morning. I had no idea what was happening. But I found it on the floor when I woke up again a couple hours later!!!! SO gross. And thank GOD my husband did not see it when he was showering for work. LOL! But I also had a lot of mucous while wiping before that and little pieces. I think that was 3-4 days before I had the baby. But I didn't lose my plug at all the first time until mid labor. I think if there is pink in it it means things are a lot closer.



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I had some pink the night before last, but still nothing. I am so frustrated!

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Nothing here, either. Had decent contractions when I went to bed & they stopped. Great.

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My mucus plug and bloody show have never come til actual active labor.  Of course, everything's up for grabs at this point since I am in a whole new world...hot flashy, nauseated, cold feet, and oh yeah, 41 wks tomorrow.  Never been there before.  Guess I am making up for having my last 2 wks early, lol.

BUT!  I went to bed at 9.45 and slept through the night!  woke up sOOOOO rested at 6.30 am.  YAY.

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Boo for no labor for you ladies, but dannic, that sleep sounds amazing! I'm super jealous!! Well, of the sleep, not the 41 Weeks! :/
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I'm pretty sure that if red blood is involved with the mucous, then labor is imminent...but I could be wrong-- just wanted to give you some HOPE!!  LOL  If it's just mucous or brown blood, it means nothing  :/


I so feel for those who are overdue.  I keep having this strange suspicion that I'll be overdue- which makes me want to vomit.  I think I'm just being pessimistic b/c I'm cranky.  I'm not due until the 19th, but this pregnancy has been so easy...I'm afriad I'm going to pay for it.  :/  My 1st 2 were early-- one week and then 3 days early.  Plus, I had no idea what the 1st day of my last period was b/c we had been hoping to get pregnant for 1 1/2 yrs.  I stopped keeping track...  My due date is from the 10 week ultrasound-- my best guessitmate for my period resulted in a due date of 10-26-12.  I have to keep reminding myself that the 19th might not be right...

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I think this is the new chat thread, lol...


I reminded dh that this time was different even in the beginning...usually I can take a preg test before my period date and get a pos reading--this time, it took two weeks after that date to get a pos and it was faint...so it could be a late implantation thing and baby isn't really ready.  But if I am going STRICTLY by edd I am a week overdue manana...

I am actually really chill this week and the end of last.  I feel confident that the Lord, my baby and my body all know what they are doing; it's everyone else that is driving me bonkers, with their gasping that I may be a day overdue, let alone a week...

My mom is out of town overnight and my sis just left for hawaii til the 20th.  She brought me a beautiful blanket, 4 burpers and 4 bibs all matching that she had made and cried.  None of us thought she wouldnt' be around, lol. 

so with both them and midwife gone, I am guessing I go into labor tonight. lol.  Its acutally a bit cloudy and windy, so if it storms, I'll have that in my favor, right?!

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IDK about the blood b/c the midwife told me there would be red blood. She said if it got heavy like a period, that was wrong, otherwise there might be/would be red blood. I shed gobs of mucus yesterday & am still having v v light blood. It's still red, but I'm not in labor. Membrane sweeping isn't guaranteed to do anything anyway :/ I won't be having it done again. With how many painful contractions that have led to nowhere, I'm kind of upset that I wanted it done. Well, to be fair, idk that the contractions are doing "nothing" since I can't check myself, but unless my labor is, like, two hours long, I will assume it's doing nothing. Not to mention, I do have a c/s scar & I don't like to think about how much pressure all the low contrax are putting on it. Unfortunately for me, I have been this pregnant before :)

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sounds like you are close dogretro!  My mom had 2 c secs and had 3 vbacs afterwards!  The body is an amazing thing. 


hopeful to hear of some more births this weekend! 

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Is anyone else's baby totally moving like crazy in between the contrax? Mine have reaaaaalllly picked up in strength, but aren't close together yet and I can't sleep b/c he's literaly rolling all over the place and punching/grinding my cervix like crazy. He's usually pretty active, but not like this. I'm wondering if I'm in labour and he knows it and is trying to dig out too????


I think there will be some fast births with all this pre-labour action - hopefully relatively pain free too!

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I got some good sleep last night too!  I went to bed with the boys at 8.  I was planning to get up and watch the debate . . . but I was so warm and cozy snuggled up between my boys.  DH brought me my heartburn medicine and I stayed in bed till 6:30 this morning.


Though I was up and down a lot during the night.  Around 2 yesterday afternoon I started having some contractions every 15 minutes.... soooo I took some castor oil.  Then when I went to bed the contractions stopped, and the bathroom trips didn't start until 10 pm!  


Last Friday I had the same contraction patterns all evening until I went to bed.  I'm tempted to stay up next time this happens, but I want to get rest when and if I can too.... le sigh.  


Still loosing mucus too...


My friend/doula is leaving tomorrow until Tuesday :(   I know it's early, and my midwife says don't worry about it yet . . .but I'm worried about a hospital induction!  :(  I have an appointment with my parallel care midwife at Duke on Tuesday and they'll do a NST, and would like to schedule an induction date then.  I WILL NOT AGREE TO ANYTHING BEFORE 42weeks + 2 days or later.  I hope they will be nice and accommodate that request.  I'll even come in daily for a NST if they will let me go longer.  My first son was born with at the hospital with induction, and I would REALLY like to avoid that... but, If I have to, really really have to, I want to be with these wonderful, home birth supportive midwives at Duke.  They have been more than amazing.  

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