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The Vaccine Empire Collapsed

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You may not have heard the explosion, but it happened.

A review from The Cochrane Collaboration, a widely respected research-analysis team, went over all the evidence, and entered its conclusion:

In healthy adults, no flu vaccine delivers protection from the flu.


It doesn’t protect against transmission of flu viruses from person to person, either.



Here is another article on the study by Heidi Stevenson:


No Value in Any Influenza Vaccine: Cochrane Collaboration Study






The study, Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy adults, is damning of the entire pharmaceutical industry and its minions: the drug testing industry and the medical system that both relies on and promotes them.

In the usual scientific journal style of understatement, the authors concluded:

The results of this review seem to discourage the utilisation of vaccination against influenza in healthy adults as a routine public health measure. As healthy adults have a low risk of complications due to respiratory disease, the use of the vaccine may be only advised as an individual protection measure against symptoms in specific cases.



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This is when the pharmaceutical industry will announce some new kind of flu, sending people into a panic to rush for the new vaccine which, coincidentally, the pharmaceutical industry will announce that they have been working on, and will rush into production in time to save the world.


Except most people are already wise to that ploy, having already seen the rerun, and having seen too much of the truth to be fooled once more by the man (or CEO's) behind the curtain.

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Well that study is 2 years old (published 7th July 2010). I haven't seen a panic about it yet - and I'm curious why it's news on the anti vax website. It's hardly damning of the entire pharmaceutical industry either - it's a discussion of the efficacy and side effects of flu vaccination in healthy adults. That's all. 


If you actually read the study - the full text is here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/14651858.CD001269.pub4/full - instead of the anti-vax spun summary of it, you can find things like: 




When the vaccine matched the viral circulating strain and circulation was high, 4% (2% to 5%) of unvaccinated people versus 1% of vaccinated people developed influenza symptoms


So it made you 4 times less likely to get flu if it matched the circulating strain well, and if you keep reading, even when it didn't match so well it made you 2 times less likely to get it.


They also show that the flu vaccine costs the medical industry money (by reducing doctor visits): 


42% less (95% CI 9% to 63%) physician visits are carried out in those vaccinated with WHO recommended vaccines matching circulating viruses


 Their overall summary is that the vaccine does help, but not significantly enough to warrant a wide spread vaccination programme: 



Inactivated influenza vaccines decrease the risk of symptoms of influenza and time off work, but their effects are minimal, especially if the vaccines and the circulating viruses are mismatched. There is no evidence that they affect complications or transmission.


And again it seems the UK National Health Service at least reads these things - healthy adults in the UK are not recommended to get flu vaccine routinely. 


Oh and look there's a Aug 2012 report by the same group discussing flu vaccines for children. 



if I recall kathymuggle posted it recently. This showed that vaccination programmes in children over the age of 2 was helpful (especially flumist). 

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