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Anyone found out they are having twins yet?

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Just curious. :)

I'm anxious to hear what my midwife says....My uterus is QUITE large compared to what it normally is or should be at this stage so I'm so curious what she'll say (or hear).....Just wondering if we had any that have found out it's twins yet? I haven't seen any annoucned but was MIA for a while :)

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What IS your fundal height?  I keep meaning to ask.

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Well,  I was just going to post a question about fundal height! This is my first pregnancy to carry through the 1st trimester, so with my other two my uterus didn't have a chance to grow much. I am 13 weeks today, and I SWEAR my fundus is just about a fingers-width below my belly button. All the books say its not supposed to be that big until 20 weeks! I don't go back to the Doc for two more weeks, and the suspense is killing me. Anyone else notice they are "bigger" than what the "normal" is for there gestation? I don't have any twins in my side of the family, so I don't THINK that it is very likely we have twins, but...

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If it helps as a point of reference for anyone, I am 15w, baby #4 and my fundus is about 3 finger widths below my belly button. This might be TMI but to get a really good idea where yours is at (since it can be rather hard to tell) try feeling around *right after* you've had an orgasm blush.gif since your uterus will ball up a bit and you'll be better able to feel it.

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I think I'm bigger than I normally am but it's my fourth baby and with my second baby, I was so large, people were demanding to know a due date when I was 16 weeks even through I hadn't told anyone. I grew so big with her that I measured something like 47 cm at some point. We determined later that there must have been  A LOT of water for my 7 lb 6 oz baby undefined   The first and third were very normal though.

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1babysmom....I'm 11w 3 days and I'm measuring around what one woudl normally  measure at 16-18 weeks. I mean...supposedly at 11 weeks it's supposed to be right around my pelvic bone still...so I dont know....I've always measured right on before so for it to be way different this time seems crazy....

Anyway...mostly I was just wondering...usually a DDC I'm in has a set or two due....of coarse last time there was one or two sets (on a different board) that weren't announced until the half way point. But anyway...I thought for sure there would be someone in our group with twins. :)

Twins really aren't likely for me....they dont really run in the family (there ARE twins in the family but they dont really RUN in the family...I think the last set I KNOW of is my mom's mother's brother was a twin)....

Anyway...I'm 29 and this is my sixth child...the sixth child thing is abotu the only "risk factor" lol. And the ONLY symptom I would be having (so far) is the larger uterus. I'm sure I'm just driving myself crazy but curiosity killed the cat and apparently I'm part cat because I'm SO curious and cannot WAIT to know one way or the other. I will be overjoyed to find out I have ONE healthy baby...just as I'd be overjoyed (and shocked) to find out there is more than one....I'm good either way but WONDERING is so nerve wracking lol

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Martha - I don't think anyone's announced twins yet, but we do have a mama expecting triplets!

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I feel the opposite. This is my 3rd baby (pregnancy to get this far) and I feel small. The bloating is gone and I'm able to button up my regular jeans again. I look normal. I heard baby's heartbeat again last night, a strong 164-169 so I feel good about baby but still. Geez. I felt 4-5 months pregnant a couple weeks ago! I go to the Dr on Thursday so I'll get some fundus news then :)

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oh wow...triplets. Exciting!

And Kara....my cousin is expecting and due about two months before me....she's 18 weeks and doesn't have a bump yet.....Her second child.

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Someone here with triplets?  Cool!


Martha, my fundus is halfway between my pubic bone and my belly button, and I'm only 11 weeks, and I have a long torso, and I have a retroverted uterus.  And no bump to really speak of.  It's kind of freaking me out.  My maternal uncles are twins and my maternal grandmother was a twin, so it does run in my family.  If this was the last pregnancy I was ever hoping to have, I would not mind twins, but... DP only wants three kids and I would love more so I've always secretly hoped to have two singletons and then twins for the last go round.  Hahaha.  Anyhow, it's good to know there are alot of other moms whose fundal heights seem to be higher than they "should" be. 

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Only two more days (why do they drag out so badly when you are wanting an answer) til my midwife appt so I can know what SHE thinks...she may say I'm crazy or that it's nothing lol....or she may feel it in a different height...who knows....but anyway...aaahhhh lol...

It's funny you mention that....My husband said we were done at 2...then I convinced him to have the third...then oops we had a fourth...we tried for the fifth..and oops we are having a sixth....He's DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE and so if this WAS twins I'd secretly be very giddy that I got ONE more lol!!!!

I always teased I'd know I was DONE when I had b/g twins. LOL...it was a tease of coarse and I said it because it was highly unlikely lol.

Anyway....fortunately tomorrow I have an appt for my son...that will keep me busy for one more day...then thurs morn an appt for my older son...so it should pass quickly....i hope.

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Martha: Were you still nursing when you got pg? That increases your chances of twins to something like 11% (up from 1.3% in a woman with no other indicators).

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nope. LOL.

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No twins but I am the triplet mama to be... we found out at 6w.. I am now 15 weeks! 

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Had twin boys in my dream last night. Loll
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LOL...about the dreaming of twins....before I was pregnant (and we weren't trying on purpose this time) I dreamed that I was pregnant with twins...told JOsh the next day and he was like "WHATEVER" LOL...then now I'm pregnant lol...of coarse we dont know twins yet or not though....

Cananny...CONGRATS!!!!! how awesome!

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Yeah, NO idea where that dream came from. LOL  We've already seen ONE healthy (praying!!) baby twice on the u/s.

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LOL...yeah...Im pretty sure I'm not carrying twins but keep having a nagging feeling that makes me wonder. We DID have an U/S that showed one baby at 8 weeks but I've read TONS and TONS of stories saying that they missed a twin at that stage. Tehy dont always miss a twin but there are plenty of instances where they have. Like I said I dont really THINK we are having twins but I keep wondering...I guess we'll find out in a month or so when we have our morphology scan :) LOL...can't miss it then (in 99% of cases LOL)...

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The SIL of a very good friend has missed twins at her first u/s but that was at 6 or 7 weeks. Went back at 12 weeks and saw two babies.

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I had a dream I was having (and delivering) quintuplets last night. 

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