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Bi-Weekly Chat Thread (thru 10/28)

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May there be many healthy babies born during this thread!!!! :-)


Pregnova: Haven't heard from you in a few - any news?


Bostonmummy: How are you??


Dannic: I keep thinking of you since you were my due date buddy! I hope your time is soon!!


AFM: Needed to get out of the house! I went to walgreens for light pads - yay, no more honkers! Brought DD1 into preschool and showed on the new baby a bit and then got coffee. Felt so nice to be out - and have people ooing and ahhing over my teeny baby. I wore her for the first time in the moby. She's such a sleepy head I can move her from car seat to wrap and back and she doesn't care. I dunno if this kid is just insanely sleepy still or she will be a more mellow kid than my first. I swear we were spending ages bouncing on the yoga ball w/DD1 at this point. This one is so easy! Other than the fact that she is an awful nurser. 



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Angel-- CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  Cannot wait to hear your birth story and see pictures when you have time!!


Vegan-- so glad to hear you're getting out of the house already! 



I had a midwife appt today.  We decided to check my progress since I have a 45-60 minute drive to the midwifery center.  I am 2cm dilated, 70% effaced, and the baby is at zero station.  I am excited that I am making progress, but I was 2 cm for 3 weeks with DS #1, so I know that it doesn't mean labor is imminent.  I haven't been experiencing any of the pre-labor cxs I had with DS 1 and 2...so I was starting to wonder what was going on.  I am so relieved that my body is cooperating!


I am finally ready to go into labor~ mentally.  In the past week I have grown significantly uncomfortable.  My lower pelvic area has been aching and moving around is painful!!!  Strangely enough, I am glad that I am becoming miserable b/c that means I am welcoming labor without hesitation or anxiety. 


I added a birth story thread-- I am dying to hear some birth stories-- they are so inspiring for all of us!! 



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Vegan, hoping to go into labor tonight...my midwife goes out of town early on the 10th.  I will have two others (they asist eachother in their births) but not my main one if I go after the tenth.  Which we've known from the beginning, but here we are.  She asked if I wanted to try anything to boost labor, but I did that with my first and felt like he wasn't ready and I was the cause of his 2 day hospy stay fsbc transfer...so  I just want to continue having faith in my body and my birth. 


Really, I do just fine on my own; I just like having her there...just in case and as a dear friend.  So the other two can easily do the first part.


Silly, love the idea of a birth story thread! 


Anyone heard anything from Oki? 

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I had a very realistic dream that I was in labor last night and that my midwife told be to go back to bed and get some rest and call her in the AM.  I was very disappointed when I woke up this morning and realized that I wasn't in labor and that I had been dreaming.

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Under, darn!  lol. 


So is anyone else over their "EDD"?  I know it's just an estimate but it has always been uber accurate for me.  So I am in new territory here at 4 days "over". 

I woke up with a start at 12.47am thinking, "I haven't gone into labor!"  and then couldn't get back to sleep til after 3 am.  I did alot of thinking and praying and talking to baby.  My husband is really stressed over the idea of our main midwife not being there.  I am trying to not be, lol.  I told him this morning that she could still be here if I have baby before midnight tonight or after the 15th.  He didn't think it was very funny...


I really don't mean to be such a whiner here; I have to keep it really chipper IRL because no one else hb's and they are all getting anxious.

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Cindy- be careful, lol the ones that start out as sleepy heads can be handfuls in a week or two! lol I hope she stays sweet! I thought nursing was going better? Is she just slow at it...or still having trouble latching well?


Sillymom- Glad to hear you're ready for labor! It sounded like you had a close call last week that was a bit scary!


Dannic- Overdue...I can't even imagine. Hang in there Mama!! At least you know you really ARE close to holding that baby. lol


So, I'm still sick. DH and ds are completely better, but it seems that we had different illnesses, and now I've caught what they had :-( I'm trying to keep myself together mentally, but honestly, I feel SO miserable...I feel trapped in the house because every time I even go for a walk for fresh air, I come back feeling worse...I feel bored as anything...I feel horribly, hugely pregnant and like the baby will never come because I will be sick forever. Add to that that I actually do feel horrible from just being sick, and I'm really just not having a fun time. 


I can't really imagine laboring while feeling like this, but at the same time, I want this baby out more than anything so that I MIGHT actually get a break from being sick! I feel like there's no way to get healthy again while it's inside...and trust me, I'm pulling all the natural health tricks right now trying to get back on track. Bah! I hope I'm wrong...I hope I get better soon and THEN the baby comes and the birth can be what I imagined it to be, but at this point, I feel like labor is not going to be a great experience...but rather a 'get it out of me!' thing. :-(

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pregnova...so sorry you aren't well yet!  I am well, but my kids and husband have been going through a series of colds...and dd is having a gluten reaction today.  not fun. hope you are back to normal soon...

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I for one am getting really frustrated. My EDD is tomorrow and every night (and now, day too) I have very bad contractions that are a total tease and never go anywhere; they always stop. In the meantime, I am eating up a storm. This child is going to come out wearing a prom dress and holding car keys at this rate. I am beginning to have nagging feelings that maybe my body just doesn't go into labor naturally because my thyroid/ hormones are out of whack. I know it's irrational but this is the kind of stuff I worry about.

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feeling reallly nauseated and hot flashy this afternoon...similar to how I felt when my water broke with my last before i went into labor...wondering if i am getting close...hopeful but trying not to feel bummed if it doens't happen.


The board is slow today...

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Originally Posted by micromama View Post

I for one am getting really frustrated. My EDD is tomorrow and every night (and now, day too) I have very bad contractions that are a total tease and never go anywhere; they always stop. In the meantime, I am eating up a storm. This child is going to come out wearing a prom dress and holding car keys at this rate. I am beginning to have nagging feelings that maybe my body just doesn't go into labor naturally because my thyroid/ hormones are out of whack. I know it's irrational but this is the kind of stuff I worry about.

you made me laugh out loud, micro!  in my case, I'm guessing a basketball player with size 13 shoes.  I have had those contrax every day too.  mostly at night.  and then I wake up to use the bathroom 3 hrs later realizing nada is happening.  I feel you.  I have actually been feeling really calm an patient, it's only in the wee hours that I tend to start wondering an end up wide awake.  Last weekend was tough, but the septic is fixed, my washer part will be here manana, and the end is in sight...I hope. 

But reading VEgan's birth story, while sweet, made me not want to do it anymore, lol. 

I feel like the character in the emperor's new groove: "um, I've been turned into a cow, can I go home now?" 

I keep telling myself that I am stringer than I think I am; my body knows intuitively how to do this, and I will have the help I need.  An then I feel calm again. 


PS sorry about all the an's--my d is going out.  Also, is anyone else finding it hard to type on a laptop?  lol.

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LOL Dannic - sorry! Most of the labor was pretty enjoyable -  just the end sucked. But I got to wear my adorable baby the whole time I wrote up the birth story - that alone is worth it and should make you want to do it!!


Pregnova: I hope you feel all well and rested soon. Being sick and pregnant sucks! As for nursing...she often latches on and then doesn't suck. She might do non-nutritive sucking but that's about. Goes right back to sleep and it just out. Being near the boob just knocks her out, even if I've woken her up. She will suck more when I supplement at the breast and she doesn't have to work for it. Twice today she had great nursing sessions - sucked and swallowed for half hour, no supplement. So hopefully it will just keep getting better slowly. My LC seems to think once she is back to her birth weight she will be more awake and vigorous. I hope she's right! But for now, I keep trying and I pump after every feed so that my milk doesn't go away. My mother in law arrives tonight for a week. So I can keep pumping for a week - but beyond that I don't think I can keep it up bc I'll be home alone w/the 2 girls. We'll see.


Labor vibes to all you mamas who want them!!! I think we'll have lots of stories to read soon. :-)

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Cindy- are you keeping her unswaddled for nursing? And even a wet washcloth to put on her feet if she starts drifting off. With ds...I even noticed in the beginning that he nursed better without a diaper on...like between diaper changes... silly sleepy baby!!


Bah! I can't wait for it to be like a storm of babies on here! lol

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I know...the babies are just...trickling in...we need a downpour!  I'll go first!  lol

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Vegan-- I hope this isn't unwanted advice...I agree with keeping her cool for nursing- I often had to change Ds's diaper and leave him in nothing but his diaper so he would stay awake.  It's nice to hear that labor is worth it  (HAHA). 


Pregnova--hoping and hoping you are better quickly.  But, if labor does come, at least you'll get all the discomfort over all at once...  One positive way to look at it I guess.  :)


Boston-- I am sure that you've had a baby and can't wait to hear from you!


Dannic-- I can imagine your frustration....but, it sounds like you are in early labor...I bet you'll have a baby soon!!  :)


Micro-- I have had spurts of extreme hunger...but then later will have no appetite at all.


Under-- I had a dream this past weekend that I was having bloody show....


So...I am finally joining the club of being DONE being pregnant.  I don't know what happened down there in the past couple days, but the pressure and pain in my pubic bone has gotten intense and I cannot stand moving anymore. I walked around a ton this past weekend and maybe I overdid it??  I walk and move around a lot at work and I am getting very annoyed with my job.  Plus, I am hot and nauseous constantly.  LOL  That was a fun little vent.


I have gotten over my previous fear associated with labor that I talked about a couple days ago.  Strangely enough, I am happy for the extreme discomfort I am having right now b/c I am SO ready to not be pregnant anymore that it makes me excited about labor.


I have finally started having more cxs, so at least something is happening...

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Silly, it's so nice to see someone else complain for once, lol.  (since usually it's me, blush.)


vegan, hang in there on the nursing...hope she picks it up quickly!


didn't we see a post for boston?  am I thinking wrong?  I'll have to go check baby announcements.


oki--I hope everything is going well! 

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HI all, it's been a tricky week. Still pregnant - and I'm trying to wrap my head around that after 10 weeks of pre-labor. Aw, well, so glad he stayed put a lot longer. Due date is Thursday and I'm constantly cramping and contracting but nothing that indicates that anything is imminent. I did have loose stools all day today, though, so I'm hoping it's the start of something more promising.


But.. I had a scan today and I have crazy amounts of amniotic fluid. I ended up in L and D on Sat because I could hardly feel the baby. I knew it was the extra fluid (it was abnormal last week too). It's very uncomfortable. Baby is also measuring very big when a month ago he didn't. I'm remining myself that scan estimates are really off and that even with the extra fluid I'm measuring 3 weeks smaller. Surely he can't be huge.


Anyway, I now have to have twice weekly scans and NSTs. I'm actually fine with the additional monitoring mostly because while I can feel movement the fluid pockets make it really hard to be reassured.


Back tomorrow for some persies. I wonder who is going to be next!

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Hey mamas, I hope we see some more babies soon, for your sakes!  I am enjoying my squishy little bundle, but I could have waited a little longer for him!


We still have no name.  Yesterday and today were a couple of the busiest days for dh's business.  He didn't even come to bed last night, he just had a couple of naps in his office and then kept right on working.  He should be in the clear tomorrow, and then we can get serious with the name picking.  Dh is relieved we got the labor bit over with, so he can work.  I just thought he'd get through his busy stuff and then we'd have the baby.  My sister's baby has yet to make an appearance, so my mom is still here helping out with ds1.  If she has to take off suddenly to see my sister,  my MIL can come over and help out, as long as her overdue client isn't in labor! 


All the newborn stuff seems to be going so fast!  Baby is 2 days old and already having regular breastmilk poop.  And his cord stump is barely hanging on.  We've been putting goldenseal powder on it to help dry it out, it's working fast!  And my milk came in last night.  I can barely stuff my boobs into my sleep bra from last time, it's ridiculous.  I'm feeling pretty good, but I'm trying to really take it easy.  I've wondered if the pelvic varicosities I had after ds1 was born were aggravated by me ignoring the pain and being on my feet anyway, and I really don't want to be dealing with pain for so long this time. 

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i dont mind nursing advice - i would LOVE for one of you to tell me some magic answer! Unfortunately, we do strip her down every feed, often use the wet wash cloth, rub her feet, pump her arms, etc. none of it keeps her awake on the boob when she wants to sleep! right now she is sleep nursing and doing a great job sucking and swallowing though so yay!


we just went out to dinner. i love people's reactions to such a new baby. lol. i was terrified to take my first to a restaurant. and of course my sleepy baby was awake the entire time. nursed, pooped and just hung out. i really do think she is a chill baby.


angel: oh my your poor dh!! 


my dh goes back to work tomorrow. my mil arrives in an hour for a week. i feel bad for dh though bc he has been up helping a lot since he has done some finger feeding and bc i am pumping so that i get some sleep and am not up for 2 hrs at a time. i need to step it up though.

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angel, wow, that is a touch sched--new babe and your dh work!  Hopefully, things can ease up soon.


zub, hang in there!  We can do it!  lol


I am tired of the hormonal shifts/hot flashy stuff.  and insomnia.  it's hitting around midnight every night.  Tonight I am not fighting it, hence here.  I think it's becuase I am going to bed earlier.  but I am wanting to make sure I get some rest before labor starts as I am a night birther. 

I am officially without my midwife; the two midwives that assist her are on call for me now.  Kinda lame, but I am surprisingly calm about it. 

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Hi ladies!


Add me to the list of hot flashy/nauseous/contracting regularly group.... Since yesterday they've been about 12-15 min's apart, but they aren't getting any more intense yet - I mean I do have to stop and take a breath or two, but they're not getting worse yet.

Last night I was actually doing pretty good sleeping until this little bean got the hiccups at 1am (which never happens at night) and he did not like it! He was kicking and rolling like crazy (he usually sleeps all night or just does an occasional kick or two) So then I was wide awake, so then he decided to take it out on my cervix - punching and rolling on it like crazy! I couldn't even lie down b/c he was kicking so hard - I swear he wanted out!! He was really hurting me the little monkey! 


So I'm still contracting, but it's not going anywhere for the time being - we'll see what happens!


Fingers crossed that everyone left has some wonderful births and are feeling well :)


Also thinking of all those with new little bundles, I hope breastfeeding and all the newborn wonderfulness is going well:)

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