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welcome charlie=)

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Congrats Zub!!! Love love his name!!!
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Great pics and beautiful family Zubeldia!

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Wishing labor vibes on all the mamas still waiting! 


I'm FINALLY getting over the worst of this soreness...I feel like baby girl bruised my pelvic bones when she came down...ugg...no tearing, but MAN it hurts to stand still for too long. Walking etc...is all just fine now, but I'm anxious to be able to stand in one place soon! 


I took both kids to the grocery store today...just a short trip, but we walked there...and afterwards I grabbed a coffee and we hung out at the park that's right next door. It isn't something I'd normally be proud about accomplishing, lol, but it felt like a MAJOR achievement! Out by myself with two kids?! I still can't believe that will be the norm!

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Well, I am exhausted.  I ought to just go to bed, lol.

I FINALLY got to take another bath (I've showered, just so you knwo, hehe) with the herbs and baby.  I think it wigged him out.  He didn't seem to like it much.  Then we had our chiro appt.  He did so well.  My babes have all cried, CRIED for adjustments, but he was so chill.  An our chiro said he wasn't squished at all.  (But he had to pull my stomach down out from under my ribs.)  Isaac has slept all.affternoon.  Woke to nurse for five minutes.  Um, I need you to eat, baby!  =)


Preg, getting out at all is a major accomplishment!  WAY to go!  I think I overdid it yesterday, and really didn't feel good today...I may be getting a cold, too.  Luckily my supps came in today. 


How're all the pregnant mamas doing?  Under, how are you? 


I started a thread baout keeping everyone well.  I'd love to know everyones plans!  (hint, hint!)

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Still here and waiting....had a tiny bit of bloody show around midnight last night and thought for sure I'd be in labor by now, but nothing. We've walked, done laps on the stairs, bounced on the birth ball, and used the breast pump.  This kiddo's just determined to stay put!


I've been crampy and nauseous all day and my pelvis is really aching which is new, but no real contractions.  IDK, something's gotta give soon.  Sick of getting my hopes up and then having yet another false alarm though.  I guess it will just happen when it happens.

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Under - I'll say what I told my friend when she was going through the same. You are in labour! Emotional, crampy, bloody show.... It just happens to be the early part - when active labour hits, it will be fast :) Baby just needs more time to prepare for active labour, which is tough on mama. I don't know if it helps to think of it that way - it helped my friend change from being discouraged to just going with it and settling in to get some rest- her active labour was fairly short and really great for her too.

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I hear you Under!


I had a touch of bloody show last evening, too then a few crampy contractions and I got pretty excited but then I laid down for bed and woke up this morning with nothing! 41w 2d today. Longest I've ever gone and it's my third. So tired of sleeping next to an empty bassinet- I'm starting to get really frustrated with baby, too even though I know they are just doing what they need to.


I've walked, bounced, homeopathed. Now I am just hibernating at home until this happens.  

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Thanks Springmum.  That does help.  I felt like I had a complete and total mental/emotional breakdown last night.  ...which felt kinda good once it was out, but also feels like the flood gates have been opened now....and I'm just a weepy mess!  Poor DH and DS!


Gratefulmama-that's exactly where I was last night...feeling frustrated with the baby and resentful.  Rationally, I know the baby's just not quite ready, but we're getting there.  It's just hard staying in that rational place right now.  Hugs to you mama!  I wouldn't wish being at this point on anyone, but, it does help to hear from others in the same place.


I just  keep reminding myself how much I have wanted and loved this baby and how hard I have fought to stay healthy and to be able to have a chance at having this baby at home.....and really...given everything that my body has done so far, really, how much longer can it be? (maybe I shouldn't ask that...lol).

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oh under! i'm so sorry you are still waiting and so frustrated! hugs!

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We had our baby Sunday...12 days past my edd.  Our sweet baby girl graced us with her presence at 3:33 Sunday morning.  Saturday I told my husband he was not allowed to go to work.  We own a local shop so a friend covered for us.  My midwife and her assistant came over and we started planning out somethings to try to naturally induce labor...I was on a double breastpump, they did accupressure, listening to affirmations,  and homeapathy. The day before I went for an acupunture treatment. It seems like a lot...but I really did not want to risk out of having a homebirth.  We pretty much tried everything except castor oil.  My midwife strongly discourages using it because baby is more likely to pass meconium.  Well...I am not sure what worked...but something did.  I started having mild contractions that afternoon.  We went to the park and let ds1 and ds2 ride their bikes while we chased them around.  It was really a wonderful last day as a family of 4.  At dinner I was so happy that the contractions were still coming even while sitting down.  DH put the boys to bed and I was laboring alone.  When the boys were asleep I let dh know we needed to call the midwife...this was about 10:30 or 11.  We filled the pool and I got in. My midwife was having a bit of a hard time hearing the baby...so I had to get out.  She asked me to stay out for a while...I love laboring/birthing in the water...I was so nervous about pushing outside of the pool.  Labor progressed normally...and baby was sounding great.  I stayed right next to the pool the whole time in hopes that I could get back in.  I eventually moved to the bathroom...I believe I was in transition.  I finally asked my midwife if I could please get back into the pool.  Baby was doing great so I got back in.  I had 3 contraction in the pool in about 3 minutes.  The first my water broke, the second baby was crowning, the third...baby was born.  Truly amazing.  She has a head full of dark hair, which was quite surprising.  She latched on immediately...we are all doing great.


Before I went into labor I was pretty sure my body had forgotten how to have a baby.  I know their are still many of you waiting on your little ones to arrive...some very past their edd.  I am thinking of you all and sending positive birthing vibes your way.  


Oh...her name is Nicolina Rosali...she weighed in at 8lbs even.  We are so in love.

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Welcome to the world Nicolina!!! Congrats Waylonsmomma!! What a relief for you!!!

Under- I feel so empathetic for you, but I have no doubt you are a strong momma and you can make it through this!!!!! You WILL have a baby soon- there is no doubt about that!

I agree with spring-- under and grateful-- you are in early labor!!!!!
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What are all you mamas with newborns and toddlers doing with your older ones? I'm so overwhelmed on my own with 2 kids, ds1 is into absolutely everything and is generally cranky and bored. I'm still figuring out ds2's cues and we don't have a routine down yet. I hate it, but I feel like all I ever do with ds1 is scold him. I just feel like hiding in my bedroom with the baby all day long.
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Angel - I'm having days like this too! I"m trying really hard to put the baby down when he finally settles into a good sleep so that I can give DS some undivided attention. If that doesn't work, I tell him to pull up a chair while I'm nursing and I read to him. I also bought some crafty activities that I can kind of do while nursing (DS is actually not into crafts at all, but the need for my attention seems to be generating a little interest) I play imaginative games that I can play while sitting and nursing, rocking the baby. I try to set him up with some lego or blocks and really try to at least watch him and comment on what he is doing so that he has some attention. 

In short I'm trying to find as many ways to give him attention that I can, also trying really hard to say "yes" to more things since I catch myself saying "just a minute" or "I can't right now" sooo much while we figure out this nursing and napping thing.


It's tough - be patient with yourself :) Do you have any friends or relatives that could even just come over to play with DS1 to give him some play time? I had someone here today, and DS was so happy just to really get into an uninterrupted activity for a little while. 

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We think labor has started.  Been having fairly regular contractions for 3 hours or so and my midwife's on her way here!

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Originally Posted by UnderTheOldOakTree View Post

We think labor has started.  Been having fairly regular contractions for 3 hours or so and my midwife's on her way here!


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Yayyy under!! I am tearing up for you....guess it's the hormones!!

Angel- my 2 older sons are 6 and 10, so things are different, but still somewhat the same. DH feels strongly that the adversity kids go through when a new baby arrives is really good for them. I agree, but know that each child needs some extra attention. I have definitely allowed more electronics and special privileges....that has helped!! Just try to relax and know that it's just a short phase. My older 2 are very close and have a great relationship-- all the adversity the oldest went through was very worth it!
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Congrats Under!!!!


I think the hormones have hit me hard. I was a weepy mess yesterday! No idea why...nothing is wrong, so I assume it's hormonal...I took a few extra placenta pills hoping that would help for today.


So, we have massive amounts of snow today...and while I knew it would snow soon, I'm totally unprepared. None of us have gloves or snowboots...ds has no snowpants or really anything besides his winter jacket to wear outside! Bah! Very unprepared Mama! But, it's just so hard to prepare for snow when up until today, the weather has been gorgeous! I'm hoping that a friend of mine can take ds and I out for a quick shopping trip later today so we can at least get him set for the snow. 


Baby girl slept all day yesterday...like literally ALL day. And so naturally, she and I were up at dawn because she'd had enough to do with sleeping. lol She's so good though...she just butts her head against me in bed and makes these loud almost honking noises with super wide awake eyes until I give up on sleep and take her out to the living room! lol I think she just likes change of scenery.


Hope everyone is doing well!

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Congratulation Under!


Pregnova- snow?!!!! Oh no....I'm not prepared either and you just reminded me that DS doesn't even have a winter jacket that fits him anymore - I need to get my butt in gear!

Your little noisy one sounds like mine at 3am today - he'd had enough of sleeping and wanted to start the day a little early. I tried to doze while he was awake beside me, but he was so noisy - ha ha!

Finally decided it was nap time as the sun came up - yawn for me! Other than being gassy and difficult to burp (literally he is VERY hard to burp) he's pretty content and I'm enjoying it :)


How is everyone else doing?

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Thread Starter 

Just a quickie here. Been reading but no time to reply lately. My sleepy baby has woken up and never wants to be put down. Is awake for a lot of the day now. Also she wails when anyone else holds her. She nurses non stop while awake. My supply had been fine and then like overnight it dropped! I have a few hypothesis. Biggest reason was probably that her tongue tie was not clipped enough and I stopped pumping as much. Today she got it clipped again! Poor baby was obviously in pain this time - further back hurts more. I'm going to stay on top of tylenol. Hopefully this finally fixes everything. She was transferring milk after the 1st clip but nursing forever and still not getting all the milk. I'm also wondering if I have thrush on my right side or something. 


My mom is here. She is helping out a lot but she also stresses me out. I hate even saying that bc I know she is trying hard. but I can def see why it was so awful having her around when my first baby was 2 days old. She freaks over everything and worries about everything. At least this time I know not to get caught up in her worries and I can tell her that everything is normal, etc. She is afraid to even hold the baby when she cries. I suppose I don't blame her since the baby won't stop crying for her. But it makes it hard for me to pump again when no one else can hold her. But yeah, I'm back to pumping after most feeds to get my supply back up until all the baby's issues are sorted out. She did gain weight this week but not as fast as we'd like. 


I hope everyone is well! I feel like I was managing pretty well last week but I feel so frazzled now. I guess bc she slept more last week. Ha! ;-)



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