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Napping - I'm kind of enjoying that DS will nap fairly well in his bed beside our bed (though we co-sleep at night) It's not far from where I am, and I have one of those breathing monitors so I feel pretty safe walking away. I say enjoying b/c he usually naps best in the afternoons which gives me a really good chance to clean/prep dinner and most importantly give DS1 some undivided attention. If the weather is good he'll also nap in the moby when we walk, but he has to be asleep or almost asleep first - he doesn't like being restricted too much.

We haven't really gone enough places for me to get a good sense of whether he transfers well from the carseat (other than when we get home) He really doesn't like the carseat and is usually awake when we get to where we're going. 

He doesn't seem to need to nap on me too much when we're home, and is happy and asleep when I put him down. Also he's a big boy so I'm okay with trying to start the napping alone thing early.

He does have times where he starts to wake right after I put him down, but it's at predictable times and I know I just need to try to cuddle/nurse a couple more times before he finally rests peacefully. 

This is a big change from DS1 that's for sure!

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naps...lol...I can't even begin thinking about a normal schedule! Atia is a doll, but she is about as high needs Mama only as it gets...She's the happiest baby in the world so long as she's physically ON me in some capacity...and she REALLY prefers it if I just leave a boob hanging out for her to nuzzle...yes..not actually NURSE...but nuzzle. It's so bizarre. If I put her down off of me, I can 'sometimes' get 15 min. without her waking and fussing for me. Passing her off to dh is a no go because she's absolutely attached to me right now. Totally different than ds!


It's not that bad though...but I'm finding it harder and harder to squeeze in a shower! Our usual days go something like this, 

Atia and I wake between 6-7...we head out to the living room where she sits in the boppy for 10 min. or so happy and content to look around while I fix some breakfast. Then it's cuddle on the couch time until I decide that we need to get out of the house...seriously...CAN NOT put her down during this time period and she without fail SCREAMS when it finally comes time for me to get dressed before sticking her in the Ergo. SIgh. 


I try to stay out for a while...we do playdates...chores...laundry...parks...etc... but we are out most of the afternoon. When we come home, she wakes up for a while...and I normally end up having to put her back in the Ergo to get dinner going...and sometimes just to eat dinner...then normally out for a bit with dh...before she ends up back in the Ergo so I can help ds get ready for bed and clean up a bit. Dh does ds's bedtime now, and Atia and I are couchbound once again with lots of frantic cluster nursing until I decide to go to bed...which is when she goes BACK in the Ergo to be walked to sleep so that I can just dump her in the bed with me. 


So...whew...it's a lot...and not much Mama time, but I do get those 8 hours of sleep, and she's a total cutie, so I'm ok with it for now...

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We don't supp anything aside from infant probiotics.  Are you breastfeeding? sorry, tired, and can't recall...

I dont see why the iron?  I know that thebig push forfortified rice ceral for infants was that they (at the time) hadn't formulated iron into infant formula, but I've never heard of breastfeeding infants needing a supplement...

And I am back and forth on the vit d as a supp at all...it's been along time since I researched it.  I tend to not like to give my babies anything aside from probiotics...part of that is that we have allergies/intolerances and I don't want early exposure to things...


As far as napping...ds sleeps on me and on our bed.  it is a firm mattress and we are in a studio atm, so I am super close.  it just depends on what I am doing. 

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Dannic - what probiotics are you using? What strain is in it?

There's a Biogaia one here that everyone uses, but when I researched the strain they used it doesn't seem to be a strain that is normally present in babies guts. Though the "studies" done giving it to babies does show it reduces colic but not poop consistency/frequency - so I'm not crazy about that one.

I always though B. Infantis was the strain to look for? 

We really like the Kirkman brands and they have a Bifido mix, but it's not formulated necessarily for babies....


I hear you on babes with food intolerances. I didn't start DS1 on probiotics until later and I didn't know what I was doing then, so I want to put more thought into it this time.

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I have UDOs choice infant  and toddler probiotics.

It has baby and toddler specific bacteriums.  So lacto casei, lacto rhamnosus, lacto acidophilus, bifidobacterium infantis, bifido... bifidum and bifido breve.  I really like it. this is my second baby to use it and it really helps as long as I remember to give it to them--thier bowel movements, ect.  I forgot for about a week and ds was miserable yesterday.  I gave him some and he calmed down within the hour and pooped last night.  Good stuff, lol. 


Esp wince I am so yeast prone when pregnant, I want to ensure good strains in their gut.  I didn't with my daughters and they tend towards yeast issues...my toddler has no problems there, yay!  He also doesn't have issues with the fruits that his sis has, though he hasn't had dairy or gluten...

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Vegan-- I have the same thoughts.  I grow weary of wearing him constantly- it makes tasks complicated sometimes.  He naps mostly while being held or in the carrier.  That is fine with me, but I really want him to get used to sleeping in the AR co-sleeper- but he never stays asleep in it.  I think bc it's so big...  I have this fisher price swing-like cradle-like thing that he does sleep well in from time to time, but he will outgrow it eventually.  What could I do to make the co-sleeper more comfortable and secure feeling?  


On the other hand, the ergo is the only reason I get anything done. Yesterday I got so much done...and he slept in the ergo the entire time.  I also hope the added weight of the baby during housework helps w weight loss.


Re: the iron/vit d... I hv never given it to any of my children...but was thinking vit d was a good idea.  I, too, was concerned about iron....  Thanks for the recommendation of AOR-- I'll order some.

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silly, does he like to be swaddled?  I either wait til he is OUT or even nurse hime to sleep on the bed (though this is usually in the evening) and e-a-s-e him where I want him to be...and I swaddle him.  but not his arms as he doesn't like to have his arms retrained.

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Dannic-- I've tried writing a response to you multiple times. Twice, I have accidentally deleted it (sleep deprivation anyone...).  ALL of your suggestions are working-- you obviously are a very experienced mom!! The swaddling is great-- I swaddled him as a newborn and then sort of forgot about it.  I am not sure if I am gluten-intolerant, but since DH and his brother are intolerant, I realized that it's probably genetic and the baby probably is too.  So, I have been gluten-free for 6 days and DH and I are pretty sure there are big changes.  He used to be on the verge of colic every evening...and now he is SO much calmer and will actually go to sleep on DH's chest sometimes.  I read that it can take at least 10 days or possibly 2-3 weeks to get the food out of my milk...so it'll be awhile before we know.  Also- we ordered probiotics and they should be here soon.  So excited to try them out.


The main problems is that he grunts and sometimes strains all night long. Some noises are normal, but some sound like he is straining to pass gas or poop.  I truly cannot sleep becuase it is SO loud.  I don't know why he does it...but it is causing me not to sleep at all.  I now have mastitis for the 2nd time..I think it is due to sleep deprivation.  Even though I absolutely hate to do it, I am going to have to stop Co-sleeping until he quiets down.  It makes me nervous...

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crickets chirping....


I hope everyone is okay, and just busy!

Had to get DS's tongue tie redone w/ someone different, since it wasn't done properly the first time (even though it's a clinic known for doing tongue ties) - this time was way more awful. I feel horrible and angry that he has to go through it again and the post exercises are truly the worst thing I hope I ever have to do to DS ever again in my entire life :( So, I'm busy trying to make up for it with lots of mama time....

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so sorry spring...my 1st son had to have surgery at 4 months...and then again at age 2. it was the worst experience of my life..but he doesn't remember a thing.  One good thing about having issues like this when they are small.

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Thanks Silly - that's good to know it doesn't seem to stay with them - it's heartbreaking for sure :(

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My little cutie...


It's SOOOOO quiet here!!!! Hope we can get back to chatting now that our babes are a bit bigger! 

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Hi ladies,


SO happy to see some activity in here!!!


Pregnova: Too cute! I love that you are dressing her up in cute little outfits, even though it's way too cold to wear them. :-) i have a few outfits from my first daughter that i'm dying to see her in - but will have to take off after the pics.


Spring: I'm so sorry mama! I had to put my little one through it three times! I hate that I did. Though the first time she barely even flinched. The second time was worse and the third time, with the laser, was definitely the worst. Definitely more traumatic for me too. I know the after exercises seem horrid. But I will say - now I think she only cries bc my finger is in her mouth, not bc it hurts. She stops fussing as soon as I'm done and it right back to smiling. In fact she doesn't even cry when I do it anymore. I had to have it done 3 times - and each time went further back than the previous time, not just bc it grew back. It was never done right in the first place. But it def did start to grow back after the second time - and probably after the first. I had gotten a good improvement after the 1st time and then she stopped nursing that well - bc it grew back, I guess. So I am being SO diligent about it. Otherwise all this stuff I put her through would have been for nothing. How is nursing now that you got it redone?? Was it laser this time?


Silly: I'm sorry you have to stop co-sleeping! My DD squirms and makes goat sounds in her sleep - i always think she is waking up, so I sort of wake up - but really she is just squirming in her sleep. It's so tough since we sleep so lightly these days! Will your little one sleep without being next to you? I don't think mine would right now. She sleep amazing with me there though - and when I would get up to pump, DH would just snuggle next to her. 


AFM: I hate to even say it, for fear of jinxing things, but I think nursing is going way better right now! I am using my scale to see how much she gets from a lot of feeds and she is taking in a full feeding, just by nursing normally!!! So for the past couple days I haven't had to finish feeds with the lactaid or supplement at all. I had told myself I would stop pumping after feeds this weekend -whether she was getting it or not. So thankfully she is getting it! I haven't pumped at all today, except for 1:30 in the morning last night. I will probably pump before bed and maybe during the night again. But I am going to give this hospital grade pump back next week!!! Aria is 8 weeks old today!!! I can't believe time has flown by so fast! And I can't believe I've spend 8 freaking weeks pumping! I think that's more than enough. Anyway, I just pray and hope that Aria continues to get stronger with nursing - that things don't go backwards. It seems too good to be true!


Aria is so so smiley these days! Last night I nursed her and left her w/DH and went downstairs to pump at 1:30am. When I came back she was wide awake - I was a bit annoyed that she was awake bc I figured she'd be up for a couple hours. But she let out this big squeal when she saw me - like she was SO happy I was back. And gave me lots of big smiles. It's hard to be annoyed that she was awake when she was so happy to be up with me. :-) And she ended up falling back alseep after nursing for a little while anyway.



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awww, Cindy...that's so cute about the squeal! 


Is anyone else noticing that the Ergo is RIDICULOUSLY hot for the babies? We have weird weather here, so some days it IS actually really warm while other days it's super cold, but whatever the weather, I pretty much can't put anything warmer than a long sleeve shirt on Atia without her sweating and whining in the Ergo. I think it's the insert that makes it so warm. Anyway...since she never comes out of the Ergo when we're out, and we're out of the house for hours at a time, she dresses like it's summer! Which is fun because we can do lots of dressing up!


I'm having issues with night time diapering...Atia HATES to have wetness against her skin...which we really want to reinforce with the ECing and stuff...and we had ds out of diapers at 15 months, so we're actually hoping to get her out of diapers even earlier if possible. But, at night, it's a bit annoying. We use fuzzi bunz or BG diapers at night, but she starts wiggling the moment she feels the slightest bit of dampness. The diapers could last a lot longer if she just didn't feel the dampness because the inserts are barely wet...but instead I'm starting to have to change her every two hours or so because she won't stop wiggling until she gets a dry diaper. Any suggestions on keeping the slight damp feeling off of her so that we can go back to no night time changings? I've heard of sticking a fleece liner on top of the bit that touches her skin?

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Hi everyone!  I've been wanting to get back on here for a while, but somehow this life with a newborn has kept me quite busy!  


Cindy-so excited that she's taking full feedings at the breast and that you can stop pumping!  I know how exhausting that is.  I did it with DS when we realized I was having supply issues.


Spring-Sorry you had to have his tounge tie redone again too.  I hope this will make a big difference this time.  Poor little guy!


Silly- I hope you are getting some better sleep!  I keep moving DD between our bed and her moses basket that's on a  stand by our bed.    It's a double edged  sword for us.  On one hand she sleeps much better in the bed with us which helps with my sleep deprivation levels, but when I'm really sleep deprived, I tend to sleep so deeply that I don't feel aware enough of where she is in the bed for it to be safe so I put her back in her basket.  I understand your nervousness about moving him out of your bed.  I can move DD back and forth fairly easily.  DS never slept unless he was right against me so not co-sleeping with him in the early months meant nobody in the house slept.  I hope it's not too hard of a transition for you all. So sorry you have had mastitis.  Very miserable!  Hopefully some good sleep will help you get that cleared up and prevent it from happening again.  


Pregnova-what a sweet picture!  Darling little outfit!  The ergo is warm with the insert, but that's been good around here recently since we've had some outdoor activities in the cold, but yes I dress her more lightly if she's going to be in the ergo.


AFM- DD turned 1 month old yesterday and DS turned 4.    It was a big day at our house.  It's been a crazy month dealing with parents/family.  I came so close to kicking my parents out.......and then we all get really sick so they stayed even longer.  DS ended up in the ER with a high fever and DD and I were quarentined away from him (which didn't work too well) for a week before his fever really went away.  Finally we are all mostly well again for the moment, though sleep patterns have been disrupted and we're trying to get back to sleeping at night rather than all day.   We have to get it together before DS goes back to school this week. 


I'm loving the ergo too ..I managed to cook Thanksgiving dinner while nursing her in it and we've been nursing in stores and the like while walking around.  The other day I realized I even answered the door nursing her in it.  I do need more scoop necked tops though that I can pull down to nurse.  I wore a turtle neck yesterday and the whole process became so much harder.  


She's getting to be more alert and fun now when she's awake and we are all really enjoying her.  There's been a big difference in just the past couple of days in term of her making eye contact  and trying to get us to play with her.  700

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Silly, I am go glad some things are working!  The first bit after having a baby can be an adjustment no matter how many times you've done it.  I will say, though, that this has been such an easy transtition!  So there!  IT does get easier after 5, just like mama said, lol. 


Under, wow!  That sounds super stressful!  I hope everyone feels completely well soon!  your daughter is darling.


Vegan, YAY for no pumping!  I cannot imagine having to do that; of course, my issues have always been oversupply.  But not this time.  In fact, I haven't even had to wear a nursing pad yet!


Preg, she is a sweetie.  I need to post pics again...he's quite changed since his photo shoot.


Sgringmum, so sorry about the clipping!  Gald it's getting taken care of though! 


All you ergo mamas: is the ergo without the nb insert hot?  I live in a hot climate (75 degrees on Thanksgiving, anyone?) and I would hate to be hot all the time, which is why I haven't tried the wraps.  I have a ring sling which I use when out to keep people at bay, but I rarely use anything at home.  Isaac loves his swing lately and if no one can hold him, I do that.  I just find I am much more efficient getting tasks done if I am not trying to work around a baby on my chest. 

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Preg: Re: the Ergo with infant insert- I always have sweat pouring down my chest when I wear it inside.  But, I just assume it'll help with losing the rest of my preg weight.  I don't like wearing it in situation where I don't want to be sweaty though.  The ergo is the only way I ever get anything done.  When Jack falls asleep, I lay him down, and then if he wakes, into the Ergo he goes so I can do housework.  I have tried to avoid swings, bouncers, etc...but just ordered a swing.  HA  I hope it helps keep him happy when I have things that need to be done and I cannot wear him.

I also have the same problem with CD at night.  It got so bad that we resorted to disposables at night and it has made a big difference.  I couldn't nurse every 1.5-2 hours and changes diapers too...it was killing me and DH as well.


Vegan- so glad that nursing is going better.  You are extraordinarily dedicated....seriously.


Dannic- I think that any carrier is hot...but that is just my opinion.  I didn't use them much with DS1 and 2 for that very reason- they were spring and summer babies and I would almost die wearing them.  


Update on me...for those that don't know...I have mastitis for the 2nd time in 6 weeks and am currently concerned that I have a breast abcess.  I have never been this sick.  My fever is down to 99 now, but it was up to 103 and I had the worst aching, violent shivering, and then sweat that would drench my clothes from head to toe.  I literally couldn't lift my head off my pillow from most of Friday night through Sat night.  I started abx...and DH has had to give the baby formula 1-2 times a day b/c I apparently my supply plummeted-- makes sense b/c I couldn't eat a thing and was constantly thirsty so I am sure I was dehydrated.  He has been screaming at the breast and I wasn't getting anything while pumping.  I am devastated.  I have been in tears most of today now that I am feeling good enough to sit on the couch...and reality has hit me.

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Silly: Quick from my phone. Get some goats rue tincture! I lost my supply in my right side with dd1 and it brought it back! Amazing stuff! Sorry you are so sick. Mastitis is horrid!!! I hope the abx knocks it out. I haven't had it since taking lecithin daily and I am prone to it bc of my breast surgery. Sounds like yours isn't from clogs though. Hugs mama!
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Vegan-- thank you so much.  I will order some.  Mine isn't from clogged ducts, but maybe I should take it anyway.  

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You know, I am not a fan of most baby gear, but as a mom there are times when I need the baby to be content and not in my arms.  Because of our food issues I cook everything from scratch and I don't feel safe wearing a baby while cooking over a hot stove.  I have to take care of 4 other children and with their help, also our home.  While I do not cry it out at all or let a baby fuss for long, I do think there is a place for help--and that help can come from someone holding baby for me or from a swing, depending on what I have available.  lol. 

I agree that babies shouldn't be sitting in their carseats or swings or whatever all the time, and I don't even own a carseat that comes out of the car for that reason, lol, but I can see where having one for taking baby in and out for quick trips would be handy and I can see that practicality of using the swing when necessary.  Heck, I don't even own a crib anymore, and don't own any baby gear beyond a swing and my sling and mei tai.  However, I wasn't even planning on getting the swing out this time as I have older kiddoes.  But my older kiddoes have schoolwork to do and I can't interrupt them each time I need the baby held for a few moments.  DH got our swing out and cleaned it up and told me to try it, lol.  I have found it so helpful!  Isaac loves it!  Whe nthings get bust in the morning, he goes happily into his swing for about an hour and that gives me time to hurriedly get some work done.  He then gets to swing again in the late pm when I am making dinner.  He coos and smiles at the swing handles and falls asleep, lol. 

Wow. That was long winded.  =) 

I really was just meaning this:  Silly, don't feel bad for ordering a swing.  Just like many things in life, it's fine when used in moderation. It;s the moms who leave their babes in all day so that baby ends up needing helmets that gives it a bad rap.  I am sure you are doing an amazing job at trying to give everyone everything they need.  If the swing helps you do it better, I say: Go for it! 

I'm so sorry you have mastitis again!  Is there an LLL that could give some tips? 

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