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i'm horrible at keeping up with the chat thread but wanted to give ((hugs)) to all the uncomfortable mamas!! hopefully that means Babies will start pouring in here shortly!!!!! <3 keep up the good work mamas!!

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I am really feeling ready to have a baby, I was never sore with DS and was going for long walks right till the end.

I am starting to feel/ worry that this is never going to happen. I am still not having ANY contractions or pre labor stuff, I know I am not "due" for 2 more days but I just really dont want to go to 42 weeks and be induced and loose my homebirth again. My midwife tried to do a streatch and sweep yesterday but was not able... so I guess my body is not ready to start the process at all... at least if I was a little dilated could feel something was happening.

She wants me to do a castor oil drink next week to try and get things going, she is wanting to make sure I don't go so late again, there is no fear about a big baby again ( i delivered 10 lb DS no problem) but she wants to reduce the chance of meconium again so I can have my home birth.

There is my complaining done!!!! Its nice to be able to do it here, DH doesn't get it, he just tells me how well DS's birth went and if it was the same it would be fine.... it was great but I did not want to go to the hospital and I really really want to stay home this time, he is supportive of the home birth but would be just as happy in the hospital


On an exciting note, tonight I am going to see a screening of  "Birth Story" a documentry about Ina May and the farm... I cant wait, I am hoping it will pump me up and get my body to start prepping for labor!!!! plus I am bringing DH with me so hopefully it will make him understand what I want in a homebirth!!!!!  And I think we are meeting our midwife for sushi before the movie so it'll kinda be like a last dinner and movie date before new baby comes :)

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aww, cindy...wish I had more advice! The only other thing that comes to mind is some stuff I remember hearing in a class on homebirthing preterm babies...from around 34 weeks on. They're so sleepy and don't quite have the suckling down...that it's REALLY difficult to keep them exclusively breastfed. It sounded daunting as anything, but beyond all the things I mentioned already, it was stressed that wearing the baby without a shirt or bra...so that you and the baby are essentially skin to skin at all times and her face is literally touching your breasts at all times can help. I guess it basically sets your body to producing even more milk...and you get a lot more let down without it even being instigated by the baby...so milk will essentially just leak into babes mouth waking her up and getting her to nurses more effectively. Maybe you could try something like that when your hanging around the house?

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Vegan-- it sounds like you have a chilled out baby--  I remember reading about a baby that didn't nurse very long at all-- it turns out he was very efficient was draining the breast very quickly...  I am sure that you're keeping track of wet and poopy diapers if you are concerned about her getting enough to eat.  Going out to eat already-- you must be recovering quickly!!  Good for you!


Angel-- sorry to hear that your DH is in his busiest time.  My DH has a deadline that he is working toward on the 15th...  I hate to say it, but it would be nice if baby waiting until after or on the 15th... I hope that you are able to rest and recover without your DH there!!!


Zub-- I bet it is really hard to imagine still being pregnant.  You did a great job on bed rest though-- at least your baby will be ready!!  Are you running again?  LOL


I feel so badly for everyone that is having constant contractions/crampiness...but on the other hand...at least you know that something is happening.  I had the same situation with my 1st two babies, but with this baby I am having very little cxs and crampiness.  I am thankful on one hand, but on the other hand it's hard NOT to let my imagination run wild and imagine being overdue and then induced...  LOL   I am having tons of pressure and pain in the pubic bone- in front and under.  I hurts constantly to walk-- unless I am walking for long periods of time and then it does get better.


I find that I really have to keep myself busy or I go crazy...  And, per my sister's (she's also my doula) advice-- I keep repeating to myself (I trust my body, I trust my body.....).





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ahh, that is true about the quick, efficient nursing sillymom! I freaked out for the first two weeks of nursing b/c ds only took one breast at a time for MAYBE 5 min. and seemed totally content thereafter to sleep for another two hours or longer. I actually caused myself some nipple trauma and latch problems because I was holding his head on long after he was done...and sort of forcing the breast onto him. We finally got a LC who realized the problem, and she weighed him before a feeding, had me nurse until he did his usual trying to get away after a few min. thing, and weighed him again. It was astounding how much he'd already taken in! After that, I relaxed a LOT. 


It's been a few days now with no contractions for me. Like maybe one braxton hick a day? I'm sort of starting to wonder if anything is going on at all! I have a feeling it might be due to this cold though...

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Are you feeling any better, preg?  My kids seem to be getting over their colds, mostly.  Maybe I need to turn the ac off at night...but I get SO HOT.  Of course, it's still 94 degrees in the afternoon here, so I guess it's justified.


I have been feeling more and more like a waterbirth again, which is funny, because I loved the water in labor with my first, but got out to deliver.

Didn't want water with my 2nd.

Loved the water and had a waterbirth with my 3rd.

My 4th was an august baby and the thought of being in hot water made me shrink and shrivel, lol.

Now, I am craving a pool at least to labor in, and worried that we won't have time to fill the pool.


So everyother one, eh?


Anyone else a weirdo like me? (anyone else having five kids like me? lol)

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Ive been having off and on pre labor for over a week now, all night last night and all day today... I'm hopig something significant happens tonight! I haven't lost
Plug or any blood... Just lots of contractions and crampiness. Something must be happenin right?? Every night I am sure that I will wake up in labor, but it hasn't happened yet, obviously. I'm thinking it might hold out for the new moon? It seems so impossible to wait that
Long- even though it's less than a week away! Take it one day at a time right? Just hard having no energy with a toddler running around. I feel guilty sitting a 2 year old in front of movies all day... Ok venting over!
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Come on out and say hi, Oct babies!


I had a shower today, it was awesome, but also totally wiped me out, lol!  


Baby and I are being well taken care of and getting plenty of rest despite dh's heavy workload right now.  It's funny, the same thing happened when ds1 was born, only we were also being forced to move that time. 


Nursing is going pretty well.  My nipples are a little sore at latch-on, but I think it's just the adjustment period like I had last time.  My midwives are coming over tomorrow for a postpartum check up, and I'll get them to observe the latch and see if they have any pointers.  Ds doesn't always want to open his mouth very wide.


Pictures!  I need to get some more that don't include my bare breasts!


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Angel, he is beautiful!  I love the pic of you and he!  And your halo of curls on your other son--precious!

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Angel: So beautiful!! Ahh, I wanted a shower SOOO bad. It felt so amazing!!


So I saw another LC today. I went to a weight check/support group thing where we rented our pump from. The lady has been helping me over the phone. Very nice since we haven't actually paid her. Anyway, the good news is Aria is back to her birth weight exactly! Bad news is, she thinks she has a posterior tongue tie. Posterior is often not caught bc it's not as obvious as anterior where they can't stick their tongue out. But it keeps them from lifting it up high enough. She gave me the name of a surgeon who charges $100 and doesn't bill insurance. It's a simple 1 minute procedure to clip it. Turns out the surgeon is the same guy who took my first daughter's adenoids out. He is so highly reccomended and I trust him completely. So fingers crossed that clipping this will make all the difference! She did do some sucking and swallowing while I was there and I weighed before and after and she only transfered 2/10 of an ounce. Not the greatest feed but I would have expected more. I can usually pump 2 ounces on that side - so the milk is there, she isn't transferring it well - even when she actually tries. So we shall see. I see the surgeon friday morning.

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Awe, Angel!  He's beautiful!  I love the picture of your 3 guys!


Pregnova-that's very much how I've been feeling since Friday.  My pre-labor stuff seemed to stop over the weekend.  I think it was because I was stressed out about stuff at DS's school.  His teacher is actually being wonderful and loving and supportive but her vague messages and the phone tag we played had me super stressed out since Friday.  We got it all sorted this evening and the pre-labor stuff seemed to pick up again immediately once I was able to be more relaxed about it.  I've never been so glad to be crampy and nauseous with lower back ache in my life!  I think our bodies and babies can sometimes just sense that  we need them to hang out a while sometimes till something is resolved  for us either physically or mentally/emotionally.


Cindy-I remember DS was really a sleepy baby and we had a hard time keeping him awake and nursing enough as a newborn.  It eventually got better but it was so frustrating!  Hugs mama!

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It's official....I've hit the last of the three EDD's I was given.....and it's 3AM on a school night and I'm up, and wide awake.  My tummy's really unsettled tonight and I'm hoping that maybe it's a labor indicator but worried it's food poisoning or something like that.  


I was induced on my due date (which had been bumped up when I switched providers) last time and ds was born the following day.  I really didn't think I'd make it to my due date this time and it seems really strange to realize I'm hitting it now.


I am so not feeling like taking DS to school and DH to work in a few hours but I hate for either of them to miss unnecessarily as well when aside from the tummy upset, which seems to have calmed down now, I don't feel like anything's happening.  Also tomorrow's the big fall festival at DH's school, and we'd all really like to be there if we can.  I'm supposed to be demonstrating needlefelting in the fiber room at the festival as long as I'm not in labor or don't have a newborn and I still have items I made for our handwork group to sell there that need to be passed on to someone...BUT....the school's quite a drive from our house and I'm really wondering if we shouldn't just all hang out at home today just in case.


I should probably try to go back to bed and make that decision when my alarm goes off.


Cindy-Somehow I missed the post about the tounge-tie.  I'm glad you have found a surgeon you trust and I hope that it fixes the issue for you and Aria.  Keep us posted!

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So, any more updates ladies? It's been quiet today! I'm hoping that means we will be hearing about some new babies soon!
Nothing doing here. Officially two days past EDD. I saw my midwife today and she basically refused to sweep my membranes ( well, she would have if I insisted, but talked me out of it). They will do a NST and a check/sweep if I'm still pregnant next week. But, for now, babe just isn't ready to come out. That is ok I guess. I hits place of acceptance yesterday... At least for the time being.
My cxs petered out for the most part yesterday except I did get lots of good cramps. Oh, and funny story... DD and I took an Epsom salt bath together last night. We were playing around in the tub when suddenly this huge chunk of mucus floats by. Being a curious 2 year old, DD loudly asks, "what's that?" As I gear up to tell her, she decides it's "mommy's boogers". LOL so gross..
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Micro -haha I took a bath last night too and my 3 year old son comes in, covers his nose and says "Mom . . . cover your gina!" lol  then he insisted I play with his bath toys.


I'm 40+5 days today.  I've got a NST and an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday.  DH is convinced I won't make it to that appointment... I hope he's right!

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under, hpe you feel better soon. I had tummy upset last night too and thought maybe it was the initial cleansing, but I guess not. 


micro, hang in there.  And pink, too.  I am 41 weeks today.  I actually feel really zen about it at this point.  I was really chomping at the bit at 37-38 wks but now I am mostly good.  I do sort of steel myself each night that I may go into labor and it will hurt, lol. And then I wake up a bit disappointed that it din't happen, with a tiny bit of relief mixed in, lol.


I said in another thread that my sis is in hawaii til the 20th, my midwife is gone til the 15th and my mom is gone til tonight.  My mom will be back, but I almost thought I'd have the babe last night seeing how much of my support group was gone.


I had a rough night; my toddler was up a few times (though huibby got up with him it woke me), my tummy was up a few times, and my charlie horses in the abs came to visit which had me up walking and rocking and icing.  lol.


Chin up!  Babies have to come sometime! 


My husband is up making breakfast for the gang, my kids excepting toddler slept overnight with my dad and little sis, and all is quiet.  It's rainy, cloudy and a beautiful morning. 


I hope all the mamas with babes in arms are doing well!

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Hang in there ladies! Wow! So many already past their guess dates!


My BIL came to visit...sort of a surprise drop in thing...I was NOT pleased about it before he got here, but he's been in a great visiting mood...and helping out ENORMOUSLY with ds, so I really can't complain. And, just like the baby knows that there are other things NOT baby related going on, I've been SOOO crampy...I almost feel like something real is going on, but it's staying more a crampy premenstrual feeling rather than contractions. Still, I've never been more excited to feel this way! I think I'm finally 'better' enough that my body can get back to the task of getting this baby OUT sometime soon. lol 


Oh, AND, our dishwasher broke...conveniently with a full load of dirty dishes loaded up in it. :-( Hoping that gets fixed today, but I have a feeling it might be a few days even if our landlord works quickly. But, again...maybe it's a sign baby will come soon ;-) 

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broken appliances are def a good sign, I'd say...


My friend took my 3 older kids to the county fair parade this morning.  hubby is out for a walk with toddler...he is working from home today.  I just ate some spaghetti and am ready to go back to bed.  lol


I need to shower and clean my stovetop.


we aired up the fishy birth pool and the big air valve was missing it's cap...we think it came without it as we've never seen it, but dh jimmy rigged it and it's held well all night with no leaking.  here's hoping...I'm sort of set on water this time around.  Oh, he also used an air compressor to fill it, and wow! super fast!  I have such an improv husband, lol.

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So funny reading all of these symptoms where I thought I was the only one, lol. Hot flashes? Yes. Nauseous? Yes. I went through a jar of pickles last night when nothing else sounded good and that helped. Does getting up to pee in the middle of the night entail feeling like you're dying for anyone else? lol. It seriously feels like my pelvis is breaking but at least after going to the loo it's fine. Two days "late" here and I seem to be getting kind of crabby so maybe it will be soon. Who knows.

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OrangeMoon, we had the same guess date, right? Oct 10?


Dannic: sounds like your husband is a birth pool pro! LOL I wish I could get mine to be as handy.


Pregnova: I would have been PISSED if someone stopped by as a surprise but I am so glad it's worked out and he is being a big help! Boo for broken dishwasher though. So very Murphy's Law...


Well ladies, just had more blood-streaked mucus a little while ago. At this stage I am taking it to mean absolutely nothing, LOL. My body has been such a tease this time around.

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Oh, and Pinkbruise, I totally laughed out loud at your bath story! "Cover your gina" is hilarious!

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