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Ohhh...good idea! We haven't tried gas drops yet bc he was gassy everyday and we didnt want to give it everyday. But, we seem to hve solved his issues with probiotics and avoiding gluten. We give him one bottle everyday so that he is OK w bottles once i go back to work. We started mixing the prob powder with the bottle....i guess that is ok??

We have entered the wonderful patr of babyhood with frequent smiles. It truly makes me feel so happy!!!
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Hello?? Anyone out there? (kicks a tumbleweed)


Can't believe my baby is 11 weeks old already today!!!


I have a poop question. What color is your baby's poop? Aria's has changed from yellow and seedy to orange with a brownish tint (though def still orange) with not a ton of seeds. DH gave her 2 ounces of frozen pumped milk from at least a month ago, maybe longer (he didn't check the date) and her poop after was yellow and seedy. So I figure something about my milk has changed. Not sure it's necessarily bad, but just different. Wondering if anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering if bc I'm not emptying myself out by pumping every 3 hours and not supplementing with pumped milk anymore, maybe she isn't getting as much hind milk? 



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There's an echo in here....where is everyone, our group has more than 200 members?! It would be nice to get more support and share more stories :)


Vegan - not sure about the poop - we're still pretty yellow, mucousy, seedy here at 8 weeks. DS1 never had a normal poop, so I don't know what normal is - ha ha!

Congrat's for getting to the boob full time! You really had it tough, it must feel so good now :)


Tongue tie issues look like they are resolved over here. Still seeing the osteo and she is doing some palate work to make sure things stay where they are supposed to. Thank goodness that is over!

We got our first laugh today! We're now going to be a bunch of goofballs trying to get him to laugh every time he's awake.

I still can't believe how seriously content he is - don't get me wrong, he does cry and fuss - but it's for a reason and once I fix the reason it stops! It makes juggling 2 so much easier.


How are the mama's with more than 1 carving out time for the big kids?

I really try to just spend some quality time with DS1 when the baby naps, but some days there are just so many other things I have to do when he's asleep. I know housework can wait, but eating dinner really late doesn't really work. I just feel guilty that we don't have the same time we did before.

Along those lines, is anyone's big kids having trouble adjusting? I thought DS1 was doing well, and he's great with DS, but he's been having some massive meltdowns lately over really small things and I have a feeling it's the adjustment starting to sink in. He's 4 and I'm sure it's normal, but it would be nice to know how others are dealing with it?


I'm full of questions today - anyone exercising? I'm seriously annoyed that these last 20lbs (of the over 40) just will not leave. I'm a very healthy eater, and have just started back at the gym. I'm not as concerned about how I look per say - but I refuse to buy bigger pants and only have a couple that I keep rotating...I can't live it yoga pants forever!


Hello to everyone reading!

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Hi Mammas- I am always lurking but rarely post because I'm always a bit too overwhelmed with the 2 kiddos. My big guy just turned 3 last week, and had two colds back to back that started on thanksgiving greensad.gif so life around here has stunk lately. Thank god the baby and rest of us didn't get it. My hands are raw, cracked, and bleeding from washing them so much!

Cindy- are poops are the same. They were seedy mustard for a week or so at the beginning. Next, mucous showed up- with occasional green (and I had a major oversupply issue as well as a nasty case of mastitis with anibiotics around that time. Since greeting the oversupply under control and starting him on the biogaia probiotic drops they basically are deep orange yellowish with few seeds and occasional mucous. His doc said its fine (although I think they have no idea sometimes) and he is generally happy and healthy- and is growing like a weed...so I try not to worry. I did cut out dairy and soy at two weeks because of his gas and poops- but I really think it was the oversupply that was causing the gas and excessive spitting up. The last week I did a little touch of dairy here and there and things seem to be the same for him- he's not very gassy anymore.

Did anyone not have to cut ot dairy?? I feel like its so common now. I never changed my diet at all with my first- so this has sort of stunk. I am a very healthy eater and I have been paranoid about eating all my favorites: salad, bell peppers, broccoli, Greek yogurt, Indian food (so much has dairy in it), spicy dishes, tomatoes, dark chocolate....all of my favorites seem to be "no nos" So I'm just going to start eating what I love to eat and assume that there will be normal baby fussiness and gas time to time and I need to chill the heck out!! Sometimes my brain creates problems where there are none. smile.gif

On another note...this whole CT thing makes me want to vomit. One of the victims was my husbands musician-colleuges beautiful little 6
Year old daughter. My brain can't handle this type of tragedy. I'm so sad!!! It's insanity.
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Ladyleah - sorry it's been a little rough! My 4 year old has had a couple of back to back big ones too, and I totally know the cracked bleeding hands! Now the baby is sick :( Just a cold, I think it's actually from me...a day when I was stuffed up this week. I've had no sleep the last 2 nights helping him clear the congestion (thank goodness I found a good aspirator), but I can't complain in light of what has happened in CT. I'm so sorry about your husbands contact with this tragedy too.


This may just be my opinion about the whole CT horrific event - but is anyone else sickened by what our media has become in these situations? Yes, it's important to know what happened, but are we really honoring the victims by glorifying the sick man that did this? And interviewing a 3rd grader?! Comparing the deaths to all the other tragedies to see which has the most?! Trying to question every parent before they even have a chance to process this?! 

I've cried so hard for those families, and they deserve all the respect and compassion they need - not the quote of the day, or next headline for ratings :( I can't even imagine....

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Spring- I totally agree I will not, and have not watched the conventional media make a circus out of this tragedy. I only read about beautiful Ana and think of her family- and all the other angels and their families. That's it. The media disgusts me and makes it so much worse. greensad.gif
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ladyleah: Thanks for letting me know poops are the same for you guys! LOL. I too have cut out dairy. I'm not sure if I need to or not though. She spits up a lot and she was super gassy - squirming in bed all night farting. She is still spitting up though I think less now that i got serious about not having any, even in baked goods. And she is not as fussy after eating. I'm told they usually outgrow it by around 4 months - so that is not too far off. I am going to a cookie exchange today. I made vegan cookies but I know no one else did and I'm totally going to eat them - at least for today. I already had dairy in my breakfast this morning bc my DH is incapable of subsituting milk with anything else. He wouldn't even make the meatloaf he wanted last night bc I asked him to use almond milk or water instead of the 1/4 cup of milk! I used to be vegan for a number of yrs so it's not so hard for me. Just gets challenging when I have to cut up yummy cheese for my other daughter and I so want to eat it!


Spring: I'm so glad nursing is worked out for you too! We are still seeing a cranial sacral therapist weekly but that is mostly for other issues now, even though the nursing is why we started going. As for time with big kids. DD is almost 4 too. I don't have a lot of 1 on 1 time with her. She loves for me to get in the bathtub with her now, so that is sort of our special alone time. I've also taken her to get a pedicure with me twice and left baby with daddy. Baby naps on me so we are never truly alone. But during naps I have been sitting and reading or reading while nursing and starting to do more craft projects and cooking projects together again while baby naps. And yoga pants. I am so over living mine! But I still have 7 or 8 lbs left to lose. Enough to still feel frumpy and for my jeans not to fit (except 1 pair). I have not been exercising at all. I need to at least go for walks while my older daughter is in preschool or something. The idea of walking with both kids turns me off even though pushing my older daughter in the stroller would be better exercise. I'm going to go back to the Y in a few months - when Aria isn't so little and it's not the hieght of cold season. I figure I wll just enjoy my tiny baby for a few more months and worry about getting into shape later. It's frustrating though bc I was back to my normal size after 2 months last time. I can't seem to stop eating tons of junk either!


How long does it take for your little ones to nurse? Aria nurses for less than 10 minutes now. We nurse often but it's so fast that I worry maybe she just isn't bothering to get all the milk? DH gave her a bottle on Tuesday and I pumped and I got 3 ounces pretty quickly - less than 10 minutes. I pumped for 15 but not much more milk came out after the first big letdown. So maybe she just gets it fast? Just a couple weeks ago she was nursing for 30 minutes a shot. 


Oh and now my baby won't take a bottle! She took a bit on tuesday but fought it the whole time. DH tried again yesterday while I got my hair done and she flat out wouldn't take it. UGH. I guess I need to pump and have DH give her one more often. It had been a couple weeks. I def want her to take one so I can have free time on occassion!



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Hello everyone!! I keep checking to see if anyone has posted--- so glad to see more peeps on here.  I SOOO need this interaction and support....  Sometimes at night- while nursing of course- I brainstorm about new threads I could post.  In the end though...this chat thread seems to work the best. 


Poop-- Jack is 9 weeks and his poop is yellow/greenish and much more liquidy.  It was very thick like pudding and over time is has gotten thinner.  I eliminated gluten from my diet (DH is intolerant to gluten) and his poop changed and other things got much better.  He was straining and grunting- literally all night long.  I was not sleeping at all--- I think that is why I have had mastitis twice.  The positive side effect for me is that my allergies are gone!!  When we start closing windows and turning the heat on I start sneezing and my throat itches-- constantly.  It's miserable.  So, even though it sucks to be gluten-free sometime, it's amazing not to have allergies.  I may never eat gluten again....


Dairy-- I tried cutting dairy initially b/c I had to with my oldest son- but it didn't seem to make a difference w the issues I talked about above.  So far I have not cut it.


Leah-- I agree about relaxing about normal baby fussiness.  DH keeps me grounded most of the time-- if it weren't for him I would be a nervous wreck and I would be eating nothing but dry gluten free cereal and water...  


Gassy-- there are times in the day where my mouth could just hang wide open in awe of the gas that passes out of my tiny baby.  But...I keep reminding myself that it is normal.  He isn't upset when he is gassy- most of the time.  There are times though- when he is fussy and gassy.  I bought "Mommy's Bliss" gripe water and we just tried it today.


Fussiness--- Jack is very fussy in the evening and seems to be on the weekends.  I know why---- my older boys (6 and 10) are home on the evenings and weekends the house is much louder and I can't just do what the baby needs-- it has to be a balance between all 3 boys.  The evening fussiness is a mystery.  Usually he is really hard to put to sleep for the night.  The rest of the day it is not a problem at all.  Most of the time, he has to fuss to sleep while I hold him b/c he does not want to nurse, has always refused a pacifier, and refuses my finger to suck on.  It's so odd-- none of my other babies were like this.  But, sometimes we realize he doesn't even want to go to sleep.  This evening, for example, he fell asleep in the ergo while I cleaning the kitchen after dinner.  I made the mistake of letting him sleep for too long and then laying him down.  So he woke up-- and then started fussing.  I tried nursing him and he sucks and sucks and throws a fit and spits the milk out b/c he wants to comfort nurse.  Then he won't take my finger or a pacifier.  So I rock him or walk him while he fusses and then sometimes will go to sleep.  This evening we were rocking and I was so frustrated bc DH and I have no time together in the evening if he is fussy.  I kept talking about why he was so fussy and maybe something was wrong-- and he said-- there is nothing wrong.  If I take him into the bedroom and put him on the changing table he will be totally happy.  Well--- he was right.  He was laughing and smiling.  Then DH put him on the bed and sang to him and he was cooing and smiling and having the time of his life.  So-- evenings are a constant trial and error of whether or not he is tired or just wants to "play".  I talked to the pediatrician about it-- since I have never had this issue wiht my other boys-- and she said it was totally normal and most likely a result of being over tired.  I started paying attention to his sleep and fussiness and realized that she is completely right.  But, then I realize that I cannot live my life making sure he is 100% rested and happy all of the time.  If I did, my family would not eat, would never have clean clothes, and I could never leave the house...  LOL  The positive effect-- so far-- to him being fussy and not sleeping a lot in the evening-- is that he seems to be sleeping a lot longer at night when that happens.  He has been getting up every 2 hours all night long, but last night he slept 4 1/2 hours and then was up every 2!!  I felt amazing today.


Pediatrician-- So far I like our ped office.  The LC is amazing- she is also a ped nurse practitioner.  My pediatrician actually asked me if I wanted to do shots at his 2 month appt!  I thought that was nice that she asked!  He was born with a heart murmur, so she ASKED if I wanted to send him to a ped cardiologist.  I love that she asks about everything-- instead of tells me.  DH had a murmur until he was 19-- no problems ever- so I'm not too concerned.  (Just concerned about the bill....).   Jack has almost doubled his weight.  He was 7-12 at birth and is now 14-10!!!!   He is HUGE!  He already fits into 3-6 and some 6-9 month clothing.  He will be out of the size one Thirsties soon...!!! 


BIG NEWS---  I am pregnant!!  JUST kidding!! LOL  Seriously though-- the big news is that we have decided that I will not be going back to my job in mid-January.  I might go back for 2 weeks to so that I leave on good terms, but after that I will be staying at home.  I will eventually find something that I can do one weekend a month or something like that-- for extra money-- but no hurry right now.  There are tons of options for speech pathologists-- so hopefully I can find something nearby.  I am SO scared (of the financial impact) BUT so excited too.....  I have wanted to stay at home with my children for 10 years now.... and I finally have the chance!!!!!!!!!!!  DH got a raise-- that is why we are doing it.  He also got a promotion which means a lot more stress and a lot more hours at work....  But, we're both happy with the decision.  


Nursing-- 3-30 minutes...  Sometimes at night he wakes up and nurses for like 3 minutes and then goes back to sleep for 3 hours.  Then sometimes during the day he nurses for 15, other times he falls asleep and nurses for 30.  I let him continue nursing, thinking that he is getting hind milk.  On average- I would say 15 min....  But during the day he nurses a lot-- every 1-2 hours.


Bottles-- we give him a bottle with probiotics and about 1/2 ounce of breast milk every day. It's a major pain, but it is nice that he will take a bottle b/c today I went out for several hours to do Christmas shopping.


OK-- must go to bed.


Love hearing from everyone!!! 

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Just saying hi!  I'll respond to folks sometime when it's not the wee hours of the AM.

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Wanted to add about nursing-- he seems to be nursing a lot less often and/or drinking less.  My breasts are actually getting full and milk spontaneously squirts out when he unlatches....  This had not happened until recently b/c he nursed constantly.  He must have gone through a growth spurt and needs less??  There are multiple times throughout the day when he is frustrated while nursing-- he chokes and coughs or spits the milk out. It's like he wants to comfort nurse without the milk.  It's only every once in awhile so I know that it is not a problem.  It's just interesting-- wondered if anyone else had that issue??


Sleep-- He sleeps so much better on his belly for naps.  I feel like I am doing something REALLY bad when I lay him on his belly b/c of the "back-to-sleep" campaign for SIDS....but one of my friends always put here babies on their bellies, on a firm mattress, and said it was the only way they slept well.  I tried it b/c his startle reflex was waking him sometimes, and I thought it wouldn't be as much of an issue if he were on his belly.  Plus, he often goes to sleep while up against our chests, belly-to-belly.  We co-sleep at night and I don't let him lay on his belly b/c we have a soft mattress topper that is memory foam.  But for naps, sometimes he is in the co-sleeper and I do put him on his belly....  Anyone else?   The 1st couple of times I did it, i went to check on him constantly to make sure he wasn't dead....

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Just popping in really quickly....Silly - DS sleeps great for naps on his belly too - I've been doing it for a long time now BUT, I have one of those angel care monitors that I have under his mattress in the pack and play (detects no breathing...) I know it works for sure and I check him regularly. He sleeps on his back at night (starts in the pack and play, then in bed with me) b/c I don't like being asleep while he's like that even with the monitor. I will say the alarm has actually gone off a few times now, and the only time it goes off is when he has been sleeping on his back! I of course jumped to check and he was just sleeping really deeply and breathing very shallow....certainly gave me a shock!

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Spring-- My SIL told me to get that monitor for baby #2, so I did, and it gave me a lot of confidence b/c I was such a worry wart about SIDS.  I heard too many personal accounts...  Anyway, DH begged me not to use it this time around b/c of the false alarms...  So, I just have to check on him, even though I know we have 0 risks for SIDS.  It's hard not to worry about it-- especially when I do put him on his belly.  He is just so much happier when he sleeps well...  I also think CD's are uncomfortable to sleep on, while on his back.  The folded diaper is thick-- and it seems like it would  be like sleeping on a pillow....

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Silly: Yay for getting to stay home! That is awesome!! I feel so blessed to not be gearing up to go back to work right now!!! As for belly sleep. I've never done it. But that dang startle response totally ruins putting her down on her back. Everyone I know who put their kids on their belly to sleep has awesome sleepers. I asked my SIL for nap tips a couple weeks ago since she is on her 3rd baby and has had good sleepers. She told me she puts him down on his tummy now that he can move his head. I've thought about trying it. Though I mostly just don't put her down at all for naps. But yeah, I think I'd be totally freaked the entire time. Though I must say, I survived sleeping on my tummy as an infant. 


Under: Hi!


Aria laughed yesterday for the 1st time. I was wearing her in the moby and she looked up at me eating a cracker and laughed - and kept doing it every time I took a bite. Today she got a good chuckle over watching me drink water while she was in the moby. I guess she is making her first discoveries of people eating and drinking something other than boobies and it's ridiculous to her. LOL. 


I just ordered a Boba 3G today. Impulse buy. You can put a tiny one in without an infant insert. I want to try it out and *should* send it back bc it's probably not worth the money i spent to not have to use an infant insert for another couple months when my ergo is perfectly good - but it seems so lovely to be able to throw it on and pop baby in and out so easily. Should be here by Friday so I'll let you guys know if I love it.



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Cindy- I totally hear you about the farting and squirming! I was reading those posts a while back and wanted to chime in because I was living it too! I had to put Noah in the cosleeper because I couldn't sleep at all with him in bed. We called him the "little elephant" for a while because he would squeal, kick, and grunt all night long like a wild animal. That generally stopped now- although he does kick and fuss occasionally before passing has now.

He nurses very quickly- and very often during the day, especially in the evening. Maybe only 10 minutes. My first son took 45 minutes and took both breasts at each feed...this one only one breast. It's so different!

Silly- so happy for you about the work situation!!! That's great! I return part time in February, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I work for a hospital and have excellent cheap medical benefits- which is the only reason I work. My husband makes enough to support us, but he's self employed and the cost of medical care for us would become insane. Sigh.

So...I need some help coping...as my LO now has a cold! No fever- just congested and a little cough. It's making me insane, because my first didn't get sick until he was 8 months old! I know my 3 year old gave it to him because he just came off of having 2 back to back colds and that this is normal but it's so upsetting. I need to deal with he fact that I can't keep him in a bubble like I did my first. greensad.gif

Also, my older guy is usually coping pretty well with his baby brother so far He just turned 3 last week so I am trying to get used to this rough age (2 was basically a breeze until the end). He's a very smart and verbal kid whose giving us a run for our money already!!! Lolol I feel very guilty about not being able to attend to him quickly like I used to though. Sometimes he gets very cranky with me, especially if I'm nursing the other one (he weaned when I was 4 months pregnant, so not that long ago). It's been hard, but I'm doing the best I can. How do you Mammas handle this sort of thing? I just want to give them. Oth 100% of my attention- but it's not possible, I know!!! greensad.gif
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Oh, and as far as the belly goes...I do let him belly sleep sometimes for a nap when I'm in the room- but too paranoid at night. My guy is sleeping great compared to my first-- sometimes 4-6 hours he first chunk of time...but he is swaddled. His arms are tight, but legs are lose. I have been using one called the dreamswaddle from mums to mums since my first was born and it's awesome. He crabs when I put it on him, but instantly relaxes or falls asleep once I pick him up. I guess soon I will try sleeping without and see how t goes...but for now I don't want to change it for the obvious reasons!!! I dont swaddle for nap...he usually naps with me in bed or in the sling or in the swing or bouncy seat.
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Hi everyone!  I'm going to try to make a real post here...if I can stay awake to do it.


Cindy- I love that story about her laughing! so cute!  I love seeing their little personalities emerge more and more!


Silly- So glad you will be able to stay home after all!  Fantastic news!


Leah- I hear you about the colds...DD's on her second cold already and  it's been horrible!  It was really minor for the rest of us but she got hit hard.  I just keep reminding myself she's going to have an awesome immune system but I hate that she's sick.


AFM- Maggie Rose has her days and nights mixed up again...seems to happen each time she gets a cold (I have the same issue with colds btw, so I shouldn't be surprised).  It is putting a tremendous strain on our household though.  DH has had some issues at work because of lack of sleep and I feel like I'm sleep walking through life.  She goes good chunks of time sleeping...it's just that like today...she stayed up all night (and therefore I did too, since DH had work today) till after 7AM....and DS woke up at 7:30.  Then she slept for the better part of the morning and took a nap this afternoon...so now she's ready to be up all night again...and DH and I both HAVE to be able to function tomorrow.  I've been trying to go to bed around 9 and have DH hold her while I just get up to nurse her every couple hours till around midnight when he goes to bed.  Of course with Christmas coming I'm actually staying up till like 11 or 12 trying to get some things done while DS is asleep so that's cutting significantly into my sleep time.  The whole thing is just bad...I get panic attacks in the middle of the night thinking about how little sleep I'm getting and trying to figure out how to function the next day.  Any ideas on getting her sleep patterns turned around?  Last time it happened we took her outside for walks under the full moon and it did seem to get her days and nights turned back around...of course we need sleep now and it's not the full moon.  I'm wishing I could nap when she does but I almost never manage to get both kids to nap at the same time.


The other issue we are having is that she seems to have painful gas (screaming when she has it).  I should probably look into some gripe water or something.  I think it may be that gluten has been sneaking it's way back into my diet.  I'm 100% gluten free at home but when I'm out I'm not always and that's been happening more...as has her gas. She's also been spitting up quite a lot more.  I really need to cut it out again and see if it makes a difference.


I will say that she is a total joy though aside from not feeling well and the gas/sleep issues.  She's been cooing lots and becoming really interactive with us....though at 3 AM that's not quite as fun as it could be at other times.

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Under-- food intolerances can have a stimulant-like effect in children.  Maybe her sleep issues are due to food issues??  She seems too "old" to have her days and nights mixed up...but maybe not.  I am now gluten and dairy free....  Gluten-free b/c of major poop and gas issues (and grunting all night long)-- that problem was solved by going gluten free and then Jack started becoming increasingly fussy in the evening.  It got to the point that he would hardly sleep from 4pm-10pm which was ridiculous for his age.  So....I cut out dairy (yesterday was the 1st day) b/c of the sleep issues (although not near as bad as poor you :(  and b/c of persistent diaper irritation) and it seemed to have had an immediate positive impact-- although could be coincidence.  Last night- instead of fussing all evening....he slept all evening!!!  It was amazing.  DH and I actually had a great evening together for ONCE!! :)  We'll see how it goes tonight.  I will say... eating like this is not fun b/c I don't have time to cook and bake all day....


Leah-- I am going to have to purchase a high deductible health insurance plan.  My health insurance was great too and DH's would be way too expensive to put me on it right now...  It's risky, but OK for now.  As far as sickness in the baby goes--- it's good for the immune system to be sick sometimes!  At least that is what I have heard.  DS#2 was sick all the time his 1st year b/c DS#1 was in preschool.  It was AWFUL...but then he rarely ever got sick again.  He is never sick now.  DS#1 missed tons of school in kindergarten b/c of sickness.. DS#2 maybe missed 2 or 3 days.  It will pay off in the future!!  If it's really stressful though, maybe try an infant probiotic to boost his immune system??


Vegan-- I agree about the belly sleep being scary-- but it's amazing-- he sleeps so well!!  He can easily move his head though-- or I would never do it.  I never do it at night though- he sleeps on his side or back in bed with us. BTW-- I realized that Jack fits in the ergo without the infant insert now!  Sometimes I put the insert in for extra warmth, but I take out the little pillow thing.  It's so nice to not have to use the insert!!  And he likes it much better for some reason.


I cannot believe that it is almost Christmas for us....  I have hardly done anything we usually do...but that is life with a newborn!  We're going on a 6 hour trip to visit family after Christmas.  Nervous about the car ride...but it will be worth it in the end.  I keep thinking of the stuff we'll need to bring....bathtubs, carriers, all the cloth diapers and detergent....  :)


My older boys are out of school for break now...life is going to be much louder and more hectic until Jan 2....  :)

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Silly: How do you use the ergo w/out the insert? Can he hold his head up well enough? I have the old insert that doesn't have the pillow - but I use it for the head support.


My BOBA arrived and I am trying it out. Turns out she is too tall for the newborn hold it snaps down to. But the carrier is taller than the ergo and has a flip up head support panel so I get the same effect as using the insert with the ergo. Verdict is still out. I may just send it back. 


Oh and I got Aria weighed yesterday. 11 lbs 7 ounces. Up 4 lbs from her birth weight. :-) I wonder how long she is - she is just about too long to snap the 0-3 mos sleepers already! My older daughter usually out grew things a month after the age listed! This one is way longer than her sister was.



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Vegan-- he sits in it with his legs spread out and his head is supported by the ergo b/c his entire head doesn't come up above the back of it.  He is huge though-- we make really tall boys- all of them are 98% for height.  He was 14 lbs 10 oz at his 2 month appt!!  DH and I are both 6'0" tall...so that probably explains it.  :)

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Anyone else doing the "mothering mavens" thing??

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