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Lovely to see people are still talking over here! I miss the support!


Atia is growing like a weed...she's SOO FAT! lol! She's moving into 6 month clothing and seems to be getting a grasp on rolling although she's only able to do it thus far if she's nakey. In fact, this morning, she saw me in the kitchen cooking bfast, and rolled TWICE in my direction before freaking out. I like to think she was trying to propel herself to me!


Our poop is brownish orangish, yellowish all mixed together with no seeds. I don't know where the seeds went! She does have an awfully hard time pooping. I think it's a combo of possibly having some sort of reaction to something I'm eating mixed with a hatred of pooping on herself. I'm thinking of adding some probiotics and see how that affects her because I REALLY can't imagine changing my diet! Also, it doesn't seem directly related to anything I'm eating...


She's figured out grasping things...and occasionally tries to interact with a toy or rattle. She HATES the floor though...tummy time is mostly the result of her flipping herself over when I do put her on the floor...and she lasts about 5 min. before she's hysterical with hatred for the floor. lol She does like to sit and stand though, so she's got great head control without consistent tummy time. 


We're using the Ergo without the infant insert now...I have to sit it up a lot higher on my front than I prefer to sit her comfortably, but she doesn't seem to mind. I'm also able to use my sling as a hip carry now that she holds her head well enough, so that's been nice for short trips to the park or grocery store. 


We move again to a nice big house in the same community next month, so I'm SUPER excited to be getting more room and our own washer dryer! Cloth diapering while having to use a laundromat is officially SUPER AWFUL! 


lets see...no giggles yet although she's a total flirt with her grins. She loves Christmas lights, and watching her big brother act like a crazy monkey.

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I hope everyone who celebrated had a great day yesterday! I had a lovely day. Barely left the house and stayed in PJs all day. :-) My mom has been here and will be here until tomorrow. She says I am a lot less grumpy than I was when she was here after Aria was born. LOL. 


Hmm. I can put Aria into the ergo without the insert - in fact I have been unfroggying her legs when I did use the insert anyway. But I suppose I still feel like I should be froggying them - like maybe I'm hurting her by having her legs like that? I didn't buy an ergo with my older daughter until she was 5 mos so I never thought abotu it until now. 


Preg: Nice to see you post. I was wondering where you were. Wow, so exciting you are moving to a bigger place with laundry! I have no idea how you've been managing cloth at a laundromat. It's bad enough washing it at home. Which reminds me, I need to be doing a load of diapers right now! Are you sad to leave your apartment bc it's where Atia was born? Happy upcoming bday to your big boy! I think he has the same bday as my mom, so it's easy for me to remember. 


RE:diet. I've been eating a lot of dairy the last week or so. Aria doesn't really seem bothered by it. Some days she spits up more, some days not at all but she doesn't seem to be in pain. She gets gassy in the morning before we get out of bed whether I eat dairy or not. So maybe she never really was intolerant of dairy or maybe she outgrew it, 


I am a bit wierded out by how fidgety she is for the last few hours of sleep in the morning. She moves her head and arms around constantly! I think she is really annoyed by her wet diaper. I have been putting her diaper on at 8:30 or 9 and then changing it around 2 and then not again until 7ish or later. I've been doing prefolds and a thirsties cover and not having leaks this way - but her diapers are very wet by the time they get changed. My older DD never cared about wet dipes but this one does. I need to find a good stay dry feeling solution. I tried a one sized fuzzi bunz with a hemp doubler stuffed isnide the other night - and it leaked and got all over her clothes and knit cocoon before she even fell asleep. So  I think the legs are still too big for her to wear those yet. So I sort of need an inbetween sized solution - i have solutions for bigger babies. We are still using the newborn bum genius along with a mix of sized small AIO diapers for during the day. Preg - did you ever figure out your solution? I think you were having the same issue with Atia not wanting to feel wet.



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Also, how is EC going Pregnova?

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EC is going great! We get just about every poop, and maybe 4 pees a day...we could certainly do even better with that as she seems to give pretty clear signals, but you know...lol...life intervenes!


As to night time solutions. Bah, the best I found was cutting strips of fleece and laying that on top of her fuzzi bunz diapers. It works great for keeping the wet off of her, but now I think the EC has made it so that she's aware of when she NEEDS to pee and she's waking every time she goes at night...probably hoping for the potty. Bleh, I'm just not ready for night time ECing though, so she stirs, but I just nurse her back down. 


Yeah, I had the same feeling with the Ergo, I had one last time when ds was more like 9 months, so different experience over here too. She seems alright in it, and I find it easier for taking her out lots of places, so she's never in there too long. I use my sling in a hip carry or the moby around the house. 


And yes, ds just turned 4!! I can't believe how time flies!!!!

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Can't believe my baby is 2 1/2 months old!!!!  3 months old seems so old and grown up!! LOL


Ergo-- Jack is so much happier in the ergo without the insert...but I do worry about his legs...I just hope he would fuss if it were uncomfortable.  He usually ends up with one leg sticking straight out and the other one hanging down at this point.


I am still dairy and wheat free...it's been helping me lose weight, but I am hungry a lot...  I feel like I am eating much healthier though and my indoor allergies have disappeared!


We travelled to our home state for the week after Christmas to visit with DH's family.  I was concerned about the car ride, but Jack did surprisingly well on both trips.  


BF'ing-- I'm trying to nurse only every 2 hours during the day...I have cracks that aren't healing- even though they don't hurt while nursing- I keep getting warning signs that mastitis is around the corner.  My midwife told me to rinse my nipples with epsom salt and water twice a day and take 2000mg of Vit C per day...  The epsom salt rinse is hard to remember....  Any ideas for healing cracks??


CD--- Jack is still pooping small amounts constantly throughout the day and then every couple days he'll have a blowout...  The problem is that with this constant pooping, his butt stays red and irritated unless I use Desitin overnight...  I HATE to use it b/c it's probably not OK for cloth diapers, and b/c it has parabens in it.  Does anyone know of a really thick diaper cream with zinc oxide in it that is paraben free??  We do disposables at night... it was too much to nurse him every 2 hours and change diapers constantly too... :(

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Hi all!!!

Im new to Mothering.com :)

My youngest son, was born September 27th!

So far he is doing great...i have had to start adding cereal to his formula becuase the kid just never seems satisfied (pediatrician ok'd) he is also wearing mostly 6 months clothes!!!! the 3-6 months pants are too short and onesies too tight! He's such a ham! He doesnt like to be treated like a baby at all, LOL he doesnt want to lay down he wants to sit up AND stand at all times! and he has been very strong since birth,. he has held his head up since birth!


I hope to make new friends here, if anyone else wants to chat and compare babies PM me :)

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Welcome Sash!  Your son sounds like my son-- he was 15 pounds at 2 months- now at almost 3 months I cannot even imagine what he weighs... I was just thinking the other day that I need to get out the 6-9 month clothing...  


I think everyone must be extremely busy b/c there is no activity on here...  Where is everyone??


Sleep-- Jack slept 7 hours in a row the other night!!  I could not believe my eyes when I looked at the clock.  Typically he wakes every 3-4 hours to nurse though...  co-sleeping is going great.  He sleeps best when he is right up against me- probably b/c we keep our house COLD at night.  


Nursing-- so far, no more signs of a repeat in mastitis...  It's going great!


CD: I have to find and unpack the next size of CD's.  The Thirsties size 1 are way tooo small. DH was reorganizing our closets and put them....somewhere....now we can't find them.  Our spare bedroom is a disaster area with all the tubs of Cmas decorations and other crapola that needs to be organized and put away...  It is a HUGE project that I need to do on a weekend when DH is home. 


I finally made it back to yoga last night-- except now it is post-natal yoga and prenatal combined into one class.  It was so so nice to get out of the house and see my old friends!! 


Life is getting busy-- DH is a CPA...and tax season looms....DS 1 has indoor soccer games and practice, DS2 has basketball games/practice and then indoor soccer camp for 8 weeks (we didn't realize bball and the soccer would overlap...so some practices/games are going to be missed I am sure)....  But- it will be fun b/c as my kids gets older-- I realize how fun they are to talk to  and interact with-- I didn't expect that b/c I was such a baby person--- 


gotta run-- more later!

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Hi everyone - I don't know if anyone still checks this?


I thought I'd do a quick update - things are going well here. Little one isn't so little - 15 1/2 lbs at his 3 month check up, I love all his rolls! He is still really happy and just wants to sit/be propped up to see all the action. He's rolled a couple of time from back to belly, but not consistent yet - it seems that things are going so fast! I seriously cannot believe how tickleish he is - his giggles are so cute! He's totally fascinated by the water, loves bath time!

DS1 loves his little brother still, and can't get enough of his smiles and giggles either.

Nursing and sleeping are all going well.

He's trying to be a thumb sucker and I'm gently trying to discourage it -is that horrible? Every single child/adult that I know that was a thumb sucker, sucked well past 5 (I know 5 kids aged 4-11 still sucking currently), many with dental issues (and one friend who still sucks her thumb in her sleep as an adult! - she doesn't on purpose) I don't know anyone who actually gave it up easily. 

I'm thinking of putting mittens on when he sleeps maybe?


Cloth diapers - size 1's are out here. I got a new stash of organic one size fitteds that I'm much happier with. I would do all fuzzi bunz like I did with DS1, but I've been trying to reduce our chemical exposure/impact on the earth and was starting to feel guilty that those fibres weren't really made in the most natural/nature friendly way. (I certainly have no judgement against others, it's just that we'll be moving and there will be a lot of chemicals that I just won't be able to avoid, so I'm changing what I can control)  DS2 hates being wet, so I'm doing a lot of changes, but in the end that will probably help him potty learn early anyway.


Silly - great news about the mastitis. I haven't had any problems with this baby - it's been such a relief! Did your cracks heal okay? I used calendula and coconut oil to heal mine (just cleaned off before nursing)

Yoga - sounds great to get out for a wee bit, it's so refreshing isn't it :)

I used the Weleda cream when DS1 was a babe, but according to the "cosmetic database" it wasn't the greatest choice. If you google that site and type in diaper creams, you should be able to sort through the list. Maybe just changing the way you wipe will help him be less irritated. I thought DS2 was getting rashes until I realized my cloth wipes were just a little too rough for his sensitive bum, so now I just kind of pat/wipe gently and he hasn't had a rash since.


Sash - welcome to the group! 



Pregnova- that's amazing that EC is going so well! I wish I was that organized to be more consistent. I 've caught a few poops here and there, but am not actively trying to EC


VEgan - DS2 totally started thrashing around at about 5am too - I change his diaper then too and I think it's helping? He's not hungry and not really gassy or ready to wake up...



How is everyone else - boston, oki anyone?


How is everyone managing in this cold weather? Honestly I'm glad I have the babybucket when it's -30 out, DS2 can't breath when his little face hits the cold air when I'm carrying him and he totally freaks out, I just take him out when we get somewhere warm.


Hope everyone is doing well :)

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We are doing well. I last weighed Aria at the beginning of the month and she was 12 lbs 3 oz. No idea where she is now. She has a 4 month visit next week so I'll find out then. 


Not much time to write (of course) but Aria hasn't pooped in almost 4 days. She usually goes every other day. She seems happy enough. It just makes me wonder if she is getting enough milk? Or do babies sometimes just do this? She still has wet diapers. She nurses often but I can't really get her to nurse for more than 5 minutes during the day. She nurses longer at night (I think - I often fall back asleep in the middle). I am always paranoid since we had such nursing issues. I know I have more milk than she is taking - she just doesn't nurse for very long. Perhaps it's just normal. I'm a bit scared of the poop to come though. LOL.


I have been using a flip cover with their stay dry insert and a hemp doubler behind it. I even stopped getting up to change her diaper at 2am a few days ago. So she is going 12 hours in the same diaper and doesn't seem as squirmy. I really do think the stay dry top layer feels less wet, even when she is totally soaked from wearing it for so long. 


No cold weather here. Sunny and 60s. :-) I love CA.


Gotta run. Glad to see someone post! I have been meaning to...



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Yayyyy  activity here!!!  I want to post pics, but having technical difficulties with my camera... 


Has anyone else been recruited for Mothering Mavens??  Somehow I was lucky enough to get recruited b/c I was so active in our DDC (in other words... I am on the computer too much LOL).  It's a group of gals who test and review natural products.  You can apply to be in the group.  Anyway-- the 1st thing I tested (and got to keep!) was a Boba 3G baby carrier!!  I was excited I almost cried-- no splurges for me since I stopped working-- so what a treat it was to get a carrier for free!!


Jack was 18 1/2 pounds at his 3 month pediatric cardiology appt (he has a heart murmur which was normal).  He is truly huge.  He is almost out of 6-9/6-12 month clothing...  He is so happy and so funny.  Our family is so taken with him. Our older boys (6 and 10) dote over him like 2 little girls (I love that)!!  He has rolled on our soft bed, but not on the floor.  He is starting to hold things and put them in his mouth.  


No more mastitis so far.  I have been rinsing my nipples with epsom salt (per midwives recommendation) and taking thing to boost my immune system.  He nurses every 2-3 hours during the day and every 3-4 at night...although he often nurses at 5am, 6am, and 7am (God help me).  I think he does this to sleep, not for food.  But then again, he is 90% percentile for weight...maybe he is hungry.


Vegan-- the poop frequency sounds completely normal.  Jack goes that long sometimes too.  The La Leche nursing book confirmed this-- it's b/c breastmilk is such an efficient food--- there is little waste usually!! yay breastmilk!


Spring-- that is funny about the thumb sucking.  I have tried to MAKE all my babies to suck their thumbs for better nighttime sleeping.  I have even said I didn't care if they sucked their thumbs until they were 15. Maybe I would feel differently if I lived with an older child with that issue...


It doesn't get bitterly cold here in Southeastern Virginia- we're almost in NC-- but on those days when it is really cold, I am thankful for the babybucket too.  Although, I am frustrated that Jack is almost too big for it.  I can hardly snap the buckle and it's at the longest the straps will go...


Diapering-- we use disposables at night.  I just can't take changing diapers at night when I'm nursing all night too.

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How do you apply for mothering mavens? Sounds fun! I'm on here way too much but I wasn't recruited. Boo. LOL.


Aria had her 4 mos visit this week. 13.1 lbs and 24 inches. 26% for weight and 30% for height. About normal for my babies. I think my older DD was usually 25 or 50% for height and weight and sort of bounced back and forth between the 2. Doc wasn't concerned at all about the pooping schedule. She said breastfed babies easily go a week and it's still normal as long as they are gaining and having wet dipes (which she is).  She has been going more now - I think maybe the antibiotic I was taking for a cough was effecting her. Or maybe she is going more now bc I can't seem to get her off of my boob at night for very long  so she must be nursing a ton. Though she doesn't seem to care about eating - jsut wants to be attached to mama. I'm so tired. I do no sleep well with a baby attached to me all night. The doc thought maybe she was growing. I used to be able to get her off of me for most of the night and move her to the co-sleeper until about 4 or 5 am. Oh well. I am at least enjoying the snuggles, even if I'm not sleeping well. I know this too shall pass and I will miss it.



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Silly -you have a big boy! Ithought  this little guy was big, but you must have some serious muscles carrying him around! 

I got nominated too, but can't do it b/c I'm in Canada - boo!

You're making 3 kids sound really fun, good to hear everything is going well!


Vegan - Sounds like things are going well too :) Sorry your being woken all night too. I can't sleep when DS is nursing either, but his nursing schedule is all over the place - sometimes a lot, sometimes every 3-4 hours. I'm like you, I've decided that he's my last and I'm just going to enjoy it while I can :)


I spoke to soon about consistent rolling. He's now like one of those spring loaded toys - I lie him down and rolls over to his belly instantly, then screams b/c he wants to crawl, but clearly has not coordinated it yet....funny little guy. 


This is areally nice stage and I'm really enjoying it, which is good b/c the rest of life is so busy right now!

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Vegan-- I think that this should work!!  http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1358946/mothering-mavens    Does Aria nurse a lot at night??  Have you tried moving away from her in bed?  That can work for me sometimes-- if I get as far away from him as possible in the bed.


Spring-- I hope I didn't paint a picture of perfection with 3 kids.  Trust me-- there is plenty of stress.  My husband is a CPA...and it's "tax season" here which means he works 6 days a week for MANY hours a day.  He is really stressed and we are too.  Today I got really cranky with our 2 older boys b/c Daddy was at work and we were trying to leave to buy our 6 year old new shoes and I couldn't get the car seat buckled (b/c the baby is gigantic)....and the baby was tired and crying.   So I freaked out-- and told them we would have to go later when I figured out what to do.  I went upstairs and apologized and gave them a bowl of candy as a peace offering (and a VERY special treat in our house).  In the end, I had to put a disposable on the baby to get him to fit in the car seat!!  We use the Thirsties inserts and they are really bulky.  Anywho- I put the big carseat in the living room and vowed to clean it and install it into our car today...  Yeahhhh... it's 10:02pm and I still haven't yet.  Argggghhhhhh.   And I've cried for part of the evening...  Now I'm laughing though, so it's all good!!  LOL  I'm thankful for church in the morning-- hopefully it will refresh me.


I'm so sick of going to bed early every.single.night.  I am a night owl.  I SOOO miss staying up late watching movies and snuggling with DH. But, I know that Jack will wear me out tonight with his incessant appetite...  So to bed early I go...  And, like Vegan said, I WILL miss this.


I still have about 15 lbs to lose.  I have zero desire to lose it though. I have 3 pairs of pants that fit...so I'm OK with that for now.  


I hate evenings b/c the baby is sooooo high maintenance and DH and I have NO time alone.


I MISS gluten, but still think the baby is intolerant.


OK-enough venting-- I LOVE Jack's smiles and almost laughs!!  I love all of my boys so much and my husband too.  


I hope we can keep this up-- I love talking to you ladies!!

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Hi everyone!!!
Vegan and Silly, I can relate on the sleep thing. My LO used to
sleep a luxurious stretch of 5-6 hours at the beginning of the night- but no more! He is up a lot and it's making me not a very lovely person during the day because I am so exhausted. I sleep so poorly when he's in he'd with me that cosleeping doesn't help and if I set him in the cosleeper he cries now! Ugh.
Oh, did I mention he popped a bottom tooth through the other night! greensad.gif 19 more to go....lolol
I'm glad I came on and read your posts because it helps remind me that this will pass and I will miss some of it someday. smile.gif
Right now I'm just struggling caring for the little guy and my 3 year old when I am running on 3 hours of broken sleep. greensad.gif I too am
A night owl but need to rush off to bed ASAP once I get the kids to bed because I know there won't be much sleep.
Ugh. Thanks for hearing me vent.

So, my little guy did eventually gt a diagnosis of MSPI which isn't fun for mamma but I am managing.

He loves to laugh, roll from belly to back, roll on his side, blow raspberies, lovessss to held by mamma, loves to watch his older brother. He also loves to tell u when he isn't satisfied....he can go from 0-60 in two seconds!!! smile.gif and he still hates the car seat with a passion- I have to carry him in a sling wherever I go once we arrive.

Can't wait for the weather to break here! Glad to hear that everyone is well!!!!
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Ladyleah-- Why aren't you sleeping well while co-sleeping??  I'm sure we could come up with something to help you!!!  If we can't-- I bet there is someone on Mothering who could...  How was mspi diagnosed in your baby???  I am assuming the mspi and gluten intolerances are present in my baby, but not positive.  

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My issue right now is that she wants my boob in her mouth the entire time she is sleeping. She almost never unlatches herself anymore and if she comes off or i take her off she immediately puts herself back on or squirms around and wakes up. So i am stuck there and stuck on my side. she is pooping often now bc she is nursing all night long. so i'm not sleeping well being on my side all night. though last night i did get 3-4 hour stretch of her sleeping in her bed and i slept so well! i dreamed i told my husband i hate him and all i want is some sleep - i was dreaming about aria keeping me up. then i wasnt sure if i dreamed it or really told him i hate him! bc i don't lol. 


pregnova- are you around? how are you?

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I don't post much but I enjoy reading others' posts and picking up helpful tips here. I'm always checking in on my phone and it's hard to write anything substantial on it.

I figured I would add some thoughts/questions to the discussion. I was co-sleeping with DD and all was well until about 3 months. Then, she went from four- to five-hour stretches at night to nursing every hour and only wanting to sleep on her stomach, on my stomach. We tried this for a week but it was disruptive at best for all three of us. I read a suggestion to try her swing for naps and all-night sleeping. I enjoyed sharing a bed but didn't want to do it forever, especially not with her sleeping ON me. I tried nursing her drowsy and then putting her in the swing and in three days, she was already sleeping two two-hour naps and one eight-hour stretch at night! I miss her not being in bed with me but I LOVE getting to sleep however I want and snuggling with DH. I read the swing makes it easier to transition babies to cribs also. My plan is to move her crib into our room and co-sleep until about 1 year, then move crib and DD to her room. Does anyone have any experience with this? Does it work? Is it even beneficial to reduce SIDS risk?

Is anyone brainstorming/planning for baby's first birthday yet? I'm a planner, so I've been in touch with the local butterfly pavilion to see what they offer for events.

Is anyone dealing with the flu? DD and I contracted it during a visit with DH's step-mom and siblings. It was the first time they'd seen her, so they told us they weren't sick. We got there (after a 9-hour drive) and they were all coughing and telling us they were definitely not sick. We tried to make the best of it but it turns out they had the flu. I feel like they risked my baby's wellbeing so that they could hold her and play with her. Very selfish. So now she's on tamiflu and running a constant fever. And of course I'm miserable. DH works long shifts, so it's all on me. Does anyone have any tips for making her more comfortable? She's taking vitamin c, d and probiotics via syringe. I guess I'm worried the fever is going to mess with her GI tract or something... Seems like everything is related.

I'll agree with everyone else that it seems like no matter how crappy the day is, one smile from DD makes it all worth it. This is my first baby and being a mom is the hardest and best thing!

DD rolled over for the first time last Wednesday--from tummy to back. I put her down for tummy time and came back a minute later and she was on her back. I think she was as surprised as me! It feels like she's growing up so fast.

Thank you to everyone who mentioned the LLL throughout our pregnancies!! I've gone to a few meetings and really enjoy it. I even made a friend with another FTM and DD about the same age as mine. It's been a great resource!
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Silly- Vegan and Skinny summed it up....my LO wants to sleep attached to me all night but is extremely restless. Every time he falls off the nipple he frantically tries to find it-- all. Night. Long. I Cant sleep like that- and he is restless and cranky in the morning because he doesn't sleep well like that either it seems. It's quite miserable and I can barely function during the day which isn't acceptable for him, or my 3 year old! Plus I had PPD with my first, so I really need to be careful about getting at least a little sleep each night!

It's just a bummer that he used to sleep 5/6 hours at the beginning of the night and now he's up every 2 hours. It's been a few weeks of this now. Boo. I do use the swings for naps Skinny and also find that this works great- especially when swaddled. I have never tried it at night though.

I got the MSPI dx after taking him to a Pediatric GI doc a month ago. I kept telling my pedi that his poop wasn't normal and that his reflux was getting worse- she didnt think mSPI because he was gainig weight She prescribed pepsid, but I wanted a second opinion before medicating. Sure enough, he had occult blood in his stool at the pedi GI docs office! I went of all hidden dairy and soy hardcore that day- and his reflux is virtually almost gone now. I think he still has a sensitive tummy- but I fear cutting out anything else because I need the calories for my supply. I avoid gluten as a rule, but am not strict like I am with the soy/dairy. The GI eoc advised me not to cut nuts, eggs, etc. as far as the other allergens go unless he was miserable a month after cutting dairy/soy. Also, to keep him on his biogaia probiotic. He is generally very happy now- so I'm just going to continue on and see what happens I guess!!!???

Hope u all stay safe and warm if u r in the east coast snowstorm like we are!!
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I really feel for you ladies that aren't getting any sleep.  Sleep is so important...so do what it takes!!   Do what works for you and your family...whether it be a swing or a crib or whatever.    This sounds obvious..but I know as mothers, that we can be VERY hard on ourselves.  I know that every time I lay my baby down I feel a twinge of guilt, but when I return he is so happy playing by himself...  I just feel like I should be attached to him all the time.  With that being said, I wear him a lot and interact with him a lot too.


This is my 3rd baby and the 1st time I have co-slept 100% of the time.  The 1st 2 slept in cosleepers beside the bed and then transitioned into cribs when they were too old to be in the cosleeper (when they could sit up on their own).  Co-sleeping was really hard in the beginning b/c of all of the noises the baby made all night long.  I wasn't sleeping at all-- I started sleeping wiht one arm over my ear to block out the noise.  Fast forward to 4 months of age-- I am more well rested than I ever have been with a baby.  He nurses every 3-5 hours depending on the night.    I might be lucky...or the future may hold what you ladies are going through.


Maybe the babies are teething and therefore want to nurse all night long??


Jack turns 4 months tomorrow!!  WOW!!!  I am in shock that he is this old.  He is such a smiley happy baby.  DH talks about how happy he is all the time...our 2nd baby wasn't so happy :(


When is everyone starting "food"??  I don't want to start until closer to 6 months simple b/c it's just one more thing to do...  I make almost all of the baby food, so it's more work.  I love it, but I also don't mind delaying it awhile.  DH's busy season at works ends when JAck is about 6 months, so that will work out nicely.


Jack has a little bit of "cradle cap" on the front part of his hairline.  I have been putting coconut oil on it...  I dont remember my other babies having this.  Anyone have any advice??

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Hey guys!


It's been forever! Atia is a gem...we're over the moon infatuated with her...it seems a bit ridiculous for a second child honestly, but I feel like we've bonded SO much quicker. She's a chunker, but has mastered rolling both ways for over a month now, and seems to be working on crawling already! She gets up on all fours...like REALLy on all fours and rocks back and forth, but seems too afraid of moving her arms to really get anywhere with it. She sit a bit now too...but that slumped forward baby style...nothing too awesome. lol


I wear her in the back carry on the Ergo now...much better for both of us, and she's so grabby these days that it wasn't going to work much longer for cooking in a front carry! 


I feel sorry for you all losing sleep! I don't really know what we do right, but so far it's two babies and no sleep lost! lol Wish I could pinpoint what does it and pass it along!


In other news, I just got the bad news a few days ago that all FOUR of my wisdom teeth must come out. Sigh. Because of nursing, there's a lot of things I can't do to make this the most comfortable removal, so I'm sort of dreading it beyond all dread. It's going to hurt!! Blah. But, my teeth have been hurting off and on since this past pregnancy STARTED, so I am ready to have consistent days of NO pain. I'm having them out next wednesday.


How's everyone else?

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