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Been thinking of you guys and Aria is napping and big girl is at preschool so I finally have a few minutes!!


Pregnova: I hope the teeth went ok! OUch! Crawling already??? Wow! I am happy to have slower babies on the mobility spectrum. LOL. Easier for me. :-) You guys feeling the itch to travel again soon?


Well Aria is nearing 6 mos. She isn't sitting on her own yet so we won't be starting solids until she is. I'm doing baby led weaning this time around. No purees this time. I'm in no rush to get started with that mess - though I do look forward to seeing her face when she tastes things. She smiles at me when I give her her vitamin D drops (which I almost never remember to do). I've been doing a bit of gentle sleep training for night time. Now she can pretty much go to sleep on her own in her crib (which is side carred). She will nurse, I put her down and then she plays with her toys for a few minutes. She'll cry a little and I pick her up until she stops and then I put her down and she goes to sleep. I've only been working on it for a little over a week. Soon I'll be able to put her down and leave! I actually did do that one night and she never made a peep - just went to sleep. I have my nights back!! When I was nursing her to sleep and trying to sneak away she would always wake up and look for the nipple. She is sleeping a bit longer too bc she is't waking up looking for the nipple as much if she doesn't fall asleep with it in her mouth. She still wakes a bunch but I just nurse her and she usually takes herself off the boob again these days. So sleep isn't too bad for now. 


We went to Hawaii for a week last month with both kids. It was awesome! My husband might be switching jobs. I SOOO hope so! Right now he spends 3-4 hours/day commuting!! This one would be 4 miles from our house and would also likely only be 35 hours/week for the same money he makes now. It would be such an amazing change for our entire family!! DH leaves at like 6am now and gets home around 7 - sometimes later. It blows.


I hope everyone is well! I finally fit back into most of my bigger jeans in the past week or so, though the scale hasn't moved. So my body is still changing shape after all this time. It's encouraging! Now if onyl I could fit into my skinny jeans!


What's new with everyone? Has anyone started solids? Are your kids sitting on their own?What makes them laugh?



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Pregnova-- hope the oral surgery went well!!  You're so lucky with the sleep situation!!  


Vegan-- I hope your DH gets that job!!  Hawaii would be amazing!!  How wonderful!


Jack is 5 months.  He can sit for very short periods of time.  He loves bouncing and standing (while I hold him) too.  He's even starting to babble with consonant vowels- yes-- we got to hear "mamamama"!!  I know he didn't know what he was saying, but it was precious.  He's very oral and has to have something in his mouth all the time.  He loves "toys" and his play gym-- more than our other kids.  Mostly, though, he loves being interacted with.  He's very happy and content thank Goodness.  His older brothers are still in love with him and he is enthralled with them too.  He laughs at being tickled, silly sounds, when his brothers do silly things.  He makes us smile!!


He had 2 colds in a row for the entire part of February and the 1st part of March.  It ended with an ear infection.  :(  I guess that's what we get for having a baby with 2 older boys bringing home school germs.  So, that coupled with itching his cradle cap at night, has resulted in me being horridly sleep deprived.  I reached my breaking point this past weekend-- I just can't wake up all night anymore to deal with sickness plus nursing.  Since being sick, he is waking to nurse almost every 3 hours or more.  So, DH is going to start giving him BM in a bottle at night so I can sleep.  We'll see how this goes....  I wish I were better under sleep deprivation.  We're trying to teach him to go to sleep on his own without nursing-- it's hard though.


We started pureed fruits and veggies at 4 1/2 months. He was grabbing our food and looking so sad at dinner.  He is the best "eater" we've had yet.  He didn't have any tongue thrust and no problems at all.  He loves it- especially avocado and banana.  


If you remember- I'm staying at home for the 1st time- after working part time with my other 2 boys.  It's way harder than I thought it would be-- mostly b/c I'm so freaking tired.  I hope that if I start sleeping at night, it will improve my quality of life!

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Atia just turned 6 months...thought I'd update...see how you all are doing!


So, girly is crawling. Started right at 5.5 months and just in the past two days or so she's learned to pull up on the furniture...or anything remotely sturdy! It's impressive, but really REALLY a lot of work!!! She's falling constantly and in to EVERYTHING! But stil SOOO little that I swear she's a walking disaster of danger!


We also started baby led weaning at 5 months because she was sitting on her own and SO interested in our food. She took to it as though she'd been eating all her life, and at this point, she literally eats whatever we eat though she's a crazy girl for some steamed green beans!


EC is going very well, and we're actualy about to start doing it at night time. Just waiting for a little potty to come in the mail!


So, life over here is hectic...and I have to say, I'm a bit exhausted with all the chasing around and near falls!, but it's fun. 

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wow, she's already crawling- sounds like you have a very lively spirit over there. my son elfyn is on his way to crawling but not quite yet. he perfers me being his legs at the moment - likes to be in the Ergo and watch me as i go through chores around the house, which is not always easy with a nosey lump o' baby on my chest. 

i'm doing the baby led weaning as well and starting off with bits of fruit and avocado, which he loves, and sweet potatoes and a bit of pea and carrot soupy stuff.  going to try him on other things as soon as we get a high chair - he's not completely sitting up on his own.

does your baby girl have any teeth yet? elfyn is all gums but has been teething on and off so they may pop out soon.


was wondering if you had any good ideas for natural remedies for eczema.  it's the major source of my sleep deprivation as elfyn is up almost every half hour scratching his forehead.

i tried oilatum and aveeno but they just inflammed the area. not sure what i can use to stop the itch. i wish i could use weleda products but they all have almond oil in them which i am allergic too.


are you co-sleeping with and  baby wearing your little sweet pea?


i am co-sleeping but last night i set up the crib that someone gave us ( but didn't use it) and in my zombie state cried out to myself  I'm ready to FERBERIZE! ha ha! but of course, i didn't. i slept (rather TRIED to sleep) next to my baby, and let him nurse as often as he wants to help him get back to sleep as i know he must be so frustrated with the itch......but his mommy is becoming very exhausted.  i worry about my health because i am just not sleeping - 6 months of no sleep is beyond killer.  i know everyone else has the same moan, and perhaps it's the same whether you co-sleep or not, but i am starting to rethink things....that maybe he would sleep better too if he didn't hear my tossing and turning and getting up to use the bathroom.......

here's a photo of the little monkey. it's so easy to be attached to him as he is such a sweetling


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Babinogi-- You are living my life- or I am living yours.  The scratching of the forehead problem was our problem for a LONG time.  Jack had horrible cradle cap and then started getting eczema.  The itching was helped by a salve that I happened to have and try- it's called Wise Woman Herbals All Purpose Salve.  In the end, eliminating dairy is what cured the problem (and I already had stopped eating wheat).


We are co-sleeping too so I feel your pain.  

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Didn't have much time to write last time, so I'm back.  I wish more people posted!!!! HINT HINT.  


Jack is one of the happiest babies on the face of the planet.  That is what I hear constantly.  He smiles and laughs constantly!!  He is extremely social-- when we go to the grocery store he has started sitting in the cart some of the time (vs a carrier) and he laughs and smiles and waves his hands like crazy- at everyone-- it honestly is hard to shop b/c of all the attention!  LOL


He is sitting up- although I still put a Boppy around him b/c he reaches and still falls sometimes.  He is babbling like crazy-- mostly "da-da" OF COURSE!!  :)  He loves to play with toys and of course, is mouthing everything.


We're doing a combination of baby led weaning and mashed foods.   This boys LOVES to eat.  I think if I let him, he would wean himself right now and eat all table foods.  He is not interested in nursing at all. I have to go into a room with no noise to nurse him.  DS2 did this, but eventually started liking nursing again and nurse until 27 months, so I'm not worried.  It's just a little annoying b/c I really do have to set up a situation that is quiet with no one around or he will not nurse. Of course, though, he still wakes every 3 hours at night to nurse.  


He is currently 22 lbs 8 oz at 6 months.  He is in 12-18 and 18-24 month clothing...  It's sad b/c he can't wear baby clothes anymore :(


He has had 2 ear infections in 2 months.  Plus, he had a horrible case of cradle cap and started to get ezcema...so I eliminated dairy from my diet (already not eating gluten).  The cradle cap disappeared quickly and the ezcema is almost gone.  Hoping that it cures the ear infections too  :(







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