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So I made it through DS's school's fall festival today and had a really good time.  I'm so glad that our whole family was able to go and enjoy it.  DH usually doesn't get to do much at the school so it was really good for him too.  Anyways, that was the last thing (outside of midwife appointments and regular school days) on the calendar for the month of October!...and now we just wait!  I had lots of BH contractions last night.  They were one on top of another but not particularly strong or painful...but I was convinced when I went to bed that I would go into labor at some point during the night.  It didn't happen though.


I've had a few here and there today and I've been generally crampy but no real sign this baby's coming yet.  My mom and my friends from DS's school all say tomorrow's my day, but we'll see....not totally convinced of that myself!


Cindy-glad the TT clip went well and that she's nursing better!

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Pink- glad they went anyway!! smile.gif
Danica- that makes sense about your sister I didn't realize they were visiting!

Angel- yay for your pp bleeding to be that light already!! That's always Nice to know it's on it's way to being done!

Cindy- sounds like the tongue clip is doing wonders!! Sooooo glad you were able to do that and things seem to be going well!

Under- the fall festival sounds really fun!! Glad you all got to go! totally admire you for being up to it at all!!

To the ladies who are having tons of pain while sleeping and getting up to pee and stuff.. I'm right there with you! I can't wait until after the birth when it's sooooo easy to roll over or bend over our stand up our even walk! I Hope some of you ladies are getting close to birth. I feel like it is just never going to happen.. I could easily be pregnant 3+ more Weeks.. blah
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We had a baby this morning! A baby girl, 8lb even...19" long...about 7 hours of active labor. A perfect UC! She's yet to fuss...nurses like a baracuda, and is just the cutest thing ever...we're so in love!

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omg pregnova!! so excited for you! congratulations!!!!!

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Preg! So happy for you, mama! Can't wait to hear about the birth. Welcome, baby!

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Congrats to all the new mommas and babies!!!!

I am hoping I am on my way to having a baby SOON! I have not had any pre labor feelings besides the odd crampyness until today. 


Yesterday I had accupuncture and told him I want this baby out! So he did some strong stuff and I went back today for more :)


I woke up today and felt like bad premenstrul cramps and an upset tummy, it was soooo uncomfortable, I had a few things planned but decided to just stay close to home (besides accupuncture and grocery shopping), I just felt like crying for some reason. I had a long nap and woke up with back pain but better besides that, so hopefully that means things are starting!!!!!

DH is gone out to a going away party for some good friends who are moving, I wish I could have gone but really didn't feel up to it.


I wish I was as patient as some of you ladies who are choosing not to do too much to induce labor. I don't feel patient I think because DS was so late and I was induced at 42 weeks (which I could have said no to, probably would this time) which stopped me from having a home birth and he ended up having meconium which would have made us have to go to the hospital anyways...I REALLY want to have this baby at home and don't want to increase my chance of the meconium again.

I have a ultrasound and NST wed and my midwife wants me to take some castor oil after that if everything is good.... hopefully I will have a baby in my arms long before that!


I saw "birth story" this week, about Ina May and The Farm. It was great, I am very excited for labor and birth now (even though some of the birth videos made me go "OMG... I HAVE TO DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!")

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Congratulations Pregnova, can't wait to hear all about it!

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Congrats Pregnova!! There's a new baby here too... Harper Josephine was born at 1:45p on Saturday the 13th, weighing 6 pounds 5 ounces, and measuring 21 inches long. We had an interesting birth... Had to transfer to the hospital early due to a detected fetal arrhythmia. Lots of good news though...first, we still birthed naturally in a very respectful, progressive environment (they didn't even check me when I was admitted!) And most importantly, Harper is fine/ the arrhythmia appears transient and benign. Labor was FAST... I went from 4 cm to baby out in 45 minutes!!! Never care to do it that fast again, but considering the length of my first labor, it was nice to see the other side of the fence smile.gif Pics coming soon!!
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Congratulations Micromama and welcome little Harper!  Sorry to hear about your transfer, but I'm glad that you were able to have a good birth experience and that she's healthy!

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congratulations micro!!!!!! sorry to hear about the transfer, but it sounds like you still got a great birth and so glad baby cakes is doing well!!!! what a rush 45 minutes? i can't even imagine!! enjoy your little peanut!!!

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Wow! I can't even imagine baby out that fast! What a ride! So glad to hear everything is ok!


We're doing very well...still trying to pick a name...but not too in a rush ;-) Baby girl is a fabulous nurser...like her brother, she nurses fast and efficient, but she has the latch thing downpat, and I believe my milk has already started coming in! Crazy. She's been sleepy today, but was up most of the night just checking things out...she's SO mellow after our experience with ds, and likes to just stare at things.


I got my placenta back in pill form from my doula today...along with some placenta prints! Can't wait to try the pills for these afterpains! Ouch!


Hope all the mamas who are still waiting get their turn SOON! And hope all the ones with babies are enjoying this babymoon!

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Preg: Yeah, the afterbirth pains were worse this time! I just took advil. Though my midwife reccomended cramp bark. Turned out the cramp bark I bought had other things in it not reccomended for nursing so I didn't take it. Glad your babe is mellow and nursing great!


Micro: Congrats!! Sorry about the transfer but glad all went well in the end. I am amazed by the speedy labors on here!! I can't imagine 45 minutes to go from 4 to out - but at least it went fast. So even the most intense pain can be managed for a short while. My last hour was super intense and it def left a bad taste in my mouth. LOL.


AFM: Still dealing with some nursing frustrations. I think baby's tongue hurts bc she sort of whimpers when she wants to nurse and hasn't been sucking great again. But the LC did warn me that after a period of good nursing, her tongue could become sore and fatigued bc the movement is new to her - like when you do an aerobics class and do awesome in class but then those muscles are so sore after. After a big run around to find out the correct dose for a newborn, I finally gave her some tylenol. She has a good nursing session after the tylenol. I also finally broke down and rented a medela scale so I can weigh before and after feeds and track her weight correctly. I had bought a baby scale while still pregnant but it only goes to the half ounce and doesn't give the same reading twice so it's pretty worthless. Anyway, other than that, things are good over here. We spent the entire day out of the house yesterday getting pumpkins and going to a harvest festival and then out to eat. It's so funny how different it is with your 2nd. She cries, I just latch her on and keep walking around and going about my business. I wasn't able to nurse and walk around for ages with my first! 



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pregnova- glad to hear you are doing so well!! i didn;t know placenta was supposed to help the after pains?? good to know! i'm pretty nervous about the after pains this time.. they were really intense last time and i know it gets more intense every baby!


Cindy- i'm sorry nursing is being so challenging for you! that makes sense about her tongue being sore.. is she still gaining weight?? 

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Baby boy is here!  Stats in welcome babies thread!

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congratulations Dannic!!!

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Who else is still waiting for their babes?  I never imagined I'd still be pregnant at this point  though I'm only 40+3.  It makes me wonder how long I would have gone with DS if I hadn't been induced.  


That said, I feel like I am going out of my mind!!!!  I'm physically so uncomfortable at this point.  The baby feels really low and heavy and I'm in constant cervical pain.  Also I feel like the baby's running out of room in there so every time it moves it's like's digging into organs and it hurts.  The worst though is that I feel like my skin is crawling....like I have the heebeegeebees all the time and just can't get any relief from it.  Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Resting or sleeping doesn't seem to help like it usually would and I can't stand anything or anyone touching me....I hate clothes even right now.  I also don't really like anyone talking to me right now....yeah....I'm lots of fun for DH and DS right about now!  It's awful and is just making me grumpy....and I don't feel like labor's anywhere near to really starting.  Anyone have any suggestions for relief?  I'm getting desperate!


Okay...enough of my complaining....this baby's going to come before too long.....just trying not to loose my mind in the process....really I just was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this or has heard of this in the last weeks of pregnancy.  DH and I are just hoping it means I'm going into labor really soon!



Oh and DS has a cold again and I think I'm getting it but so far not to badly....at this point though, I'd welcome labor even if it were a bad cold....

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Under- Idk about the skin crawling, but I def. was losing it on ds and dh in the days right before labor...and I DEF. just wanted my quiet space...very weepy too, but mostly only in private for the weirdest things! And...i sort of had resigned myself to going over my guess date when conveniently she decided she had other plans!


Cindy- You are so busy! I feel amazing, but sore as heck! How long did it take before you felt up to walking a good bit without too much soreness? 


So, I have yet to put clothes or a diaper on this baby. lol We burned her cord off, so it's left longer than usual which makes diapers really awkward, so I've just been keeping her on a prefold wrapped up in a blanket...or skin to skin at night. I have TWO girly dresses...one that I made in hopes we had a girl...and one that I just couldn't resist earlier in the pregnancy from a consignment shop, and I can't WAIT to dress her up, but somehow nothing has actually made it ON her! lol


Still no name although we actually have ONE that we're in agreement on...just not ready to commit to it yet since ds says he hates it :-( Still hoping something jumps out at us in the next few days!

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Preg: Keep in mind, I'm 2 weeks ahead of you! I had bad after birth pains for the first 3-4 days. I didn't tear but had a couple skid marks. I planned ahead and bought a donut cushion that I sat on on any chair other than the bed or couch (like the dinner table) for almost a week. I barely left the house the first week. I went to get coffee and drop DD at preschool after about a week. Then we went out to dinner when she was 11 days old. I still have a teeny bit of soreness, but it's been much much better for the past 5 days or so. Also, my midwife said my uterus is super clamped down and I am ahead of the game there - she thinks bc I took the pitocin and 3 doses of methergen for hemmorage after birth - it made my uterus clamp down harder in the beginning. Don't worry - you'll get there. You are still SO close to having just given birh. I was mostly just in bed at this point and felt on the verge of tears in the evenings if I spent too much time just donwstairs in my own house!


Under: Oh I feel for you! The creepy crawlies reminds me of restless legs! I took restful legs by highlands - it's homeopathic. I know you have it all over - but maybe it would help? I hope so! I hope baby comes soon!


Forum: Yes, baby is gaining weight! :-)


Gotta run...

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Under, me too!!!!!!! I'll be 41 weeks on Thurs, which after all this preterm labor is just driving me bonkers. I'm actually being induced on Wed because of high fluid levels and potential lupus-related complications.  Hang in there, mama!


But Micro and Dannic - congratulations, mama! So happy for you all.

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Under and Zub...you'll get there!  Hang in there.  I am glad I could be so zen but things did seem a bit stressful at the last; I was scheduled for a nst on mon, and my main midwife's sil was killed on sat., and my sil's father died sat night.  So I was grateful that I did actually go into labor Sunday.  It was a day of comings and goings on earth for us.


Preg, as for me, I am feeling really good, but when I get up I get worn out and fatigued in minutes.  I think it was the complete lack of sleep sun nite and too many long visits monday, so only a 2 hr nap.


My bleeding is slowing down and my afterbirth pains are coming further apart.  My uterus clamps down fast, too. 


Hopefully a name will come soon! 

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