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Oh where oh where has Aunt Flo gone?

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Hey everybody!

I don't post often, but I try to keep up as much as possible. (I'd love to post more, but by the time I've finished reading what I want to, ds is up from his nap!!! )

So, here's my situation: I am still nursing my 21 mo ds . I resumed my period at about his 13mo bday. My cycle has gotten shorter each month - last month, it was 25 days. Now I know that I'm ovulating at day 14 (because of the viscous discharge) so it's clear that the luteal phase of my cycle has been too short - thus not enough progestrone. We had to deal with this when trying to get pregnant with ds - took some vitex and my cycle normalized and we got pregnant. This time, I wanted to see if I could get my cycle back on track nutritionally - so, I cut out sugar, wheat, dairy (except yogurt) and the like (sort of similar to the candida diet). I've still been eating plenty of food, and I am eating meat - so I know that I'm not anemic. My diet has been incredibly healthy - lots of fresh vegis, lean meats, some whole grains and fresh fruit.

The problem - I'm at day 32 and no Aunty Flo!!! I've taken a pregnancy test and it's come out negative - so, what gives? Any ideas? This past month my ds has been nursing more, but not that much more. My nipples are a little sore. I don't get it!!!:

Any words of wisdom from you women out there would be greatly appreciated. And, just so you know, I am considering going to an acupuncturist to straighten this out - but thought I'd check here first.

Thanks ya'll,

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i don't know where your aunt flo is but i haven't seen a flow since the after birth of my daughter. that was over 22 1/2 months ago. i know breastfeeding can keep a period away but i thought after about 12 months of no flo... it would be back. yes, i still breastfeed my 22 1/2 month old dd, but i'm curious if anyone has any oncite on what's going on here. i will honestly have to say that i miss my flo... i'm kinda scared that something is wrong with me. i went ot the doctor and was told that everything is okay. okay, sorry that had nothing to do with your post but i just needed someone to listen to me. thanks.

love & Light,
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I use Red Raspberry Leaf Capsules. (or tea) This will help to strenghten your reproductive system and to balance hormones. It helps to reduce pms, and regulates periods.
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I too didn't get my AF for almost three years. Actually, I got it two days after my DD quit nursing! And then AF was kinda irregular until my milk completely dried up in June 2001. Dec. the condom broke and voila!, now am 26 weeks pg, a welcome surprise...does make you wonder about the link between bf and no ovulation

maybe your pg and the test is just too early? Either way, good luck and hoping you the best!
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Just wanted to let all of you wonderfully helpful moms know that Aunt Flo arrived (albeit a little on the late side) on the day that we were going out of town - wouldn't you know . I'm a little relieved that I'm not pregnant (yet) - I still have a lot of prep work to do before getting pregnant again - more folic acid, get in better shape, acupuncture and getting my digestive system more functioning! Thanks for all of your input!


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