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I am not on this board very often, but I have a team meeting at school this month and we are brainstorming for some more ideas to help my first grader communicate more clearly. She is a very smart girl, with a severe motor articulation disorder; Apraxia of speech ( as well as coordination issues with her gross and fine motor) She is understood only 10% by unfamiliar listeners. she brings an IPad to school with the Touch Chat software, though it is not going as smoothly as I had hoped. She often complains that it takes too long to find the right word or that its just not on there.... We customize the communication software with pictures and words that we think she would use, for example, we have a family page that has pictures of all our family members and animals, pictures of her favorite foods, books, tv shows, etc....we also write down any communication breakdowns at home and try to get those words on the IPad as well. but honesty, it messes with her flow of conversation. I was hoping for some more low tech ideas that she could use. sign language is a useful tool, but it is a huge commitment... I mean she speaks a mile a minute, and would really need to learn it as a whole language. She talks a lot, and has tons to say.... At home, she is understood very well, closer to 80%. There is an ASL class coming up locally that I was thinking of doing, but I worry that it might not help at school, since none of the other kids know signs.
Anyone else out there with a child with lots to say and in need of communication tools? What worked, what didn't?
Hoping to gain some insight, or even make connections with other parents who have children with Apraxia.
Thank you mamas!