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Bleeding during pregnancy?

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Hi, this is my first post here.
I am currently anywhere between 5 and 8 weeks pregnant (we're not sure), the pregnancy tests have been coming up positive for the last three weeks (I've done five) and two blood tests (both positive but hCG levels were low- indicating pregnancy in early stages)

I've experienced some light to medium spotting for the last three days (lighter than any period I've had in the last 10 years) but with no cramping or abdominal pain. I went to the Emergency Department and they did a few blood tests and an ultrasound and told me they couldn't find the baby.
They said it could be one of three things;
1. The pregnancy is very early and too small to see on ultrasound and that the bleeding is nothing to worry about.
2. I'm experiencing a missed miscarriage and my body doesn't realise that the baby has stopped growing.
3. Ectopic pregnancy- but they haven't looked anywhere else for the possible fetus or sac.

The nausea, sore breasts and pulling (not painful) sensation in the uterus that I've had for three-four weeks is still present and they said my abdomen is nice and soft, which only means that I'm not currently having a miscarriage.

I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this or if anyone bled during their pregnancy/pregnancies and went on to have healthy babies?

This is my second pregnancy- the first one ending in miscarriage at 5 weeks.

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I am sorry you have to go through this. Your abdomen being soft is not an indicator of anything really. If you had a positive pregnancy test three weeks ago you should be around 7 weeks pregnant. Did the HCG levels double?


Its hard to tell much, ultrasound machines can be bad quality and you are in the frame of time where seeing nothing is normal. You would just have to wait it out.


Did they see a sac or anything at the ultrasound?

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The doctors and my mother (who has had a miscarriage in the past) both said that if I was having a miscarriage my abdomen would be firmer. Which isn't to say I wont miscarry, just that I'm not yet.

They lost the results of the first blood test and I'm getting another on Thursday so I'll know then if the hCG is increasing or not.
They didn't see anything at all on the ultrasound (I had a transvaginal ultrasound as well because I was too nauseous to keep a litre of water down). The Gynecologist said it might be too early to see anything yet and that it's still possible that I'll go on to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. 

I have no symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy but they can't rule it out yet. 

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Nevermind. Now I have two angels.
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I'm so sorry. greensad.gif
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I am so sorry. <3
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HUGS HUGS HUGS I have two angels also.....huge hugs.

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