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I need a new position

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My DS (4 mo) has been having a lot of tummy troubles (mainly acid reflux). He's currently on medication for it, but I find if I try to potty him within an hour of eating he spits up. He's been having some trouble gaining weight, so spitting up is a big problem! I'm currently holding him under his thighs over the toilet, but I think it puts too much pressure on his stomach and is causing the spit ups. Basically, I need to find a new position. Does anyone have any ideas? Pictures would be really helpful!

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Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I think at that age we started sitting DS on the bblp, since he could hold his head up and support his own trunk some- we just steadied him and made sure he was pointing in the right direction. I think this would put less pressure....
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Potty all the way now.  He's big enough.


You can hold him in a cradle position along one arm with your hand under his hip. Then just move his legs enough to keep them out of the stream.


I just had my 7 year old take a picture, we're not over the toilet because she couldn't get a good view. Normally you would be over the toilet (I straddle facing backward).



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Thanks. I'll definitely look into a bblp and that position may help us in the meantime. I'm not sure how he'd be able to pee downwards in it though, doesn't it go straight ahead?

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I use my hand as a splash guard, but you could put a bowl or anything under him.

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Here is one more - you can hold a boy with an arm under his armpits and another just above his knees with his back to you or upish,  at a bit of an angle so his head is higher than the rest, and he can pee that way with MAX aimability.  I wish I had a photo.  I did not think of this with my DS, but we had my DH's sister's family visiting for the holidays with their 3 month old, and gave them some EC tips.  Without being told, that his how the daddy did it, and it worked great. 

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That's a good idea. I'll give that a shot!

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First of all, it is actually really common for babies who tend to spit up to spit up during EC. So know that you're not alone; lots of my readers actually have that problem. If you want to try a position that might not put as much pressure on his stomach, you can try this one where you stand him up on the edge of the sink and support his whole body against yours snugly, then let him pee into the sink. I hope the photo loads okay.






This is the only one I can think of at the moment. Also, all of my readers who've had this problem say that it goes away relatively quickly once baby becomes a little bit older and mobile. Good luck! 

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I'll give that a shot too. Thanks!

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