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Dreams (Good, Bad, Weird)

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I thought we had a thread about dreams somewhere but I can't find it. I had a humdinger of a one last night: In my dream, my 3 year old DD was in labor with the baby I am carrying right now. It was like when she's unhappy in her sleep (although she wasn't asleep) - she was sort of squirming around, and sub-vocalizing whining, while bloody show came out of her and we tried to help. My mother and I were the only people there, and we were somewhere strange - not a real place we would ever be. And on the floor, with towels to cover up a carpet, I think. As the baby started to crown for some reason we could see into its mouth, and it already had teeth! Lots of teeth, starting with the molars and moving forwards, but not all of them. Then it was born, and it was a boy. It was also bizarre. Besides the mouth full of teeth, he had a brown birthmark that looked like a splash of cafe au lait across his upper face, and he had what in the dream I said were 'duck feet'. Actually, they weren't really duck feet because they didn't have webs - just long, skinny toes with yellow and black stripes and claws on the ends, shaped like bird feet rather than human feet. As soon as he was born, my DD was back to normal and went back to sleep. And I put the baby to my breast and gazed down at him and started to fall in love. Whew! What a weird, weird dream. Share yours!
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That is a wild one. How did you feel about it? I love to try and decipher what my dreams mean. What do you think that one was about?


I haven't had many that were memorable lately. Though a couple of weeks ago I did have the first one where baby made an appearance. I don't remember the specifics now but it was a sweet dream. Early on in this pregnancy I had a lot of vivid, frightening dreams. DH regularly woke me up because I was crying in my sleep. Those mostly had to do with every kind of vehicle accident imaginable; driving off a cliff, that sort of thing. Guess I've worked though some of my fears about having another because the "OMG this is the end of the world!" dreams have subsided. Funny pregnancy dream story: when I got pregnant with my son, we weren't TTC (we were NFPing, lol). One day, before I was late or anything, I had this dream about an old, green Buick. Only it was an HPT, the way things in dreams can look like one thing but you know they are something else. I woke up and told DH I was pregnant. And I was.

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Wow MamaB - that is some dream! I keep having dreams that I somehow miss the birth... always in different ways - I the one who gives birth, but I somehow miss it. I think it goes mostly to my doctoral work, that is ALL about the experience of giving birth. I hadn't planned, when I started that work, to have another baby. Now I almost feel pressured to have some AMAZINGLY spiritual experience this time around ( I did with each of the other 3, so I anticipate I will again). It's like, if I don't, my work is bullshit... and I keep playing out that fear through my dreams. I seriously doubt that I will be able to miss the birth, though ;)

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I have no idea why DD was the one having the baby, or why my mom and I were the only attendants! But I think the baby being so strange is pretty clear to me: I have had a lot of worries that this baby won't be healthy in some way. I think that's mostly because so much has happened in our lives over the past couple of years that did not turn out the way we were expecting and planning. I recognize that I'm kind of traumatized and that my default is to expect the worst at this point. I don't actually get stuck in that frame of mind often, because I do have a strong spiritual foundation and I know that good things are every bit as likely to happen as bad things - but my reflexive expectations are often negative. So I'm afraid that the baby won't be healthy, like my other three babies have all been perfectly healthy. I think the point of the dream was affirming that even if there is something wrong with the baby I'll still be able to love and nurture it. I can relate to your dreams about the birth not being as spiritual as your previous births, Sego. I sort of feel that way, too. My previous births were all so individual and meaningful to me - how could this one be equally so? I think it will be unique and special too, I just don't know HOW, and I expect I won't until it's happened.
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Lol I generally have pretty wacky dreams wether pregnant or not!

Latest baby related dreams include-


-Being in the middle of a race track (?!?!?!) and a phsyic looking "into" my belly like an x ray and saying that the baby is a girl, has dark brown hair and will be born with her left hand on top of her head.... ?!?!?!! Oh and the baby would be born yawning?!?!?!?!


- Me giving birth in the middle of our lounge room while being suported physically by DH and my midwife. Baby comes out smoothly and is a girl again (?!?!?!?!). Midwife asks "Who is it?". I check that she is a girl and then look at DH and say one of our chosen names and he nods that yup thats who we have!


- DH dreamt recently that we had a little boy. I gave birth in bed, and handed baby to him to snuggle, then he looked up and realised that we actually had twins and he was holding one, but the other was perched on his sholder like a parrot?!?!?


- Had a dream that Midwife and Back up visited and asked when I was going to have the baby and I asnwered with all certainty that its either "26th, 27th or 28th of December and at 3:27 AM". Freakishly exact and clear! So who knows!!


Of course they are just the baby related ones. Then you have the weird arse sex dreams involving Voldemort, Snape and Batman ?!?!? Yeah..... ??

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So I dreamed last night that I had the baby. He was a little African-American baby who was "too pretty to be a boy." I got my VBAC and felt awesome, but the recovery room was recovery for EVERYONE... random patients from other parts of the hospital, etc. It was this huge common-room area. I kept trying to do some skin-to-skin with the baby, but he kept wiggling and fussing and having none of it. For some reason, DH wasn't with me and his phone doesn't have a camera, so I couldn't text him pictures of his son. I went ahead and just posted the pictures on Facebook. I took two pictures, and the first picture, the baby looked like a toddler already, and in the second picture, he looked like a preschooler, lol. I was a little bummed in the dream b/c I ordered a piece of jewelry that we were going to use for our name announcement on Facebook, and it shipped yesterday (in real life) and in the dream, it hadn't arrived yet, so I couldn't use it.
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I've had a couple of dreams now where I have the baby (a very chunky girl with lots of dark hair), and can't remember the birth, and then I can't find the baby.

I ALWAYS have dreams--now and with DDs pregnancy--that I can't find my baby. Or that I am like out and about and suddenly realize GASP! MY BABY!! and have no idea where she is and it has been like days since I last remember seeing her or feeding her. SOOOOOOOOOO stressful. WOrst dreams ever.

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I hate those dreams where I can't find the baby :/


I have had so many dreams lately of baby coming early - s/he (it's been both) is always fine, but I realize I'm about to give birth & I start freaking out because it's too early. DP has been saying all along there is no way I am going to make it to my due date, and he's pretty intuitive about a lot of things. I'm fine once we reach that magical 37 week mark, of course, but in these dreams it's usually right about now (32/33 weeks). I think I will breathe a HUGE sigh of relief when we pass this point!

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Had another weird one last night. Baby was a boy (we're expecting a girl) and he was giant, like an 8-mo old, and bald. I kept forgetting to feed him but he was still gaining 2.5 pounds a day and leaking pee everywhere. I guess it probably has to do with my feelings and fears about BFing. It was one of those ones where everything seemed so real you wake up and kind of have to look around and make sure it didn't happen in real life.
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