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Thyroid thread

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Hi ladies - I'm so psyched to be joining you!


I noticed a couple people have mentioned hypothyroid issues. I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and have since 6mo postpartum with #1.  Before I was on meds I had a miscarriage. Then when pregnant with kid # 2 I was on meds and I monitored my levels every month and everything turned out great.


I'll probably go in for a blood test today to see if I need to up my dose.


What are others doing to keep their thyroids in check/healthy?

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I have not gone to see my endo in about 4 months. I think I am due to go in sometime this month, but we lost our insurance and Im in the process of getting a new one now. So hopefully with in the next month.  I was diagnosed with hashimotos about a year after my fourth.Over all I've been feeling pretty good though I've been on the same dose of synthroid for sometime now. Since I never dealt with hypoT during any of my other PG's what usually happens? I know I've read they have to adjust the dose (usually higher?) and you test more often.

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Hmmm.  I've had hypothyroidism since my first pregnancy.  No one has ever monitored me differently during pregnancy.  Just a yearly blood test and my doctor tests my reflexes too to help determine if my dose is working because he says the blood tests aren't all that accurate.  I've been taking Armour Thyroid for 8 years.

My doctor did have me start splitting the dose when I was feeling very tired by the end of the day.  He suggested I take 2/3 of the dose in the morning and 1/3 at 4pm.  It does seem to help.  I've been doing that for a few years now.

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Hi ladies -


so my endo tells me to get monthly blood tests during pregnancy and she preemptively increased my dose of medicine this time even though my TSH was fine. She tries to keep my TSH between 1 and 2 during pregnancy and I consulted with an OB who agreed about this. This might also be because of my history of miscarriage too but they said they see the best results when TSH is tightly regulated. Anyways, it's not terrible just means i get pricked a lot...


It seemed to work for pregnancy #2 but that was the first time I went through a pregnancy with a thyroid condition. He turned out to be a totally awesome little dude. So I guess I'll follow the same thing this time. I was just wondering if people were hearing different info from their doctors about the condition. From what I've read the most sensitive time is the first couple months because the baby is relying only on mom's thyroid but after that the baby has their own thyroid that's producing their thyroid hormone.



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I had monthly levels with my DD and will with this pregnancy because of the 3 miscarriages. I figure it is minimally invasive when weighed with the potential outcome. My midwife last time felt the 1st trimester was the greatest concern for regulating.

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I have hypothyroidism after having my first daughter. My dr. just checks my levels each trimester to make sure that I am still in the normal range.

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