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ICEA info please:)

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So, I've finally narrowed my search down to ICEA!  But im just wondering what your experiences with the program and thereafter work search has been?  Also, how do you get 6 women to let you in on their labor and/or birth?



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whoops!  just re-read, 2 labors and/or births as opposed to 6.  i must've gotten my programs mixed up.  but still, how would i get any stranger to agree to this?  i dont live around my family or i'd be making my cousins get pregnant now! haha, also, any info good or bad on the program would be SOOOO helpful;)

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I am with ICEA and highly recommend the program. It is easy to get the two births. I made an announcement at a childbirth class and offered my support at no charge. You could also post on Craigslist or ask La Leche League members or other mom groups.
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thank you! how have you liked the program otherwise? hows the workload with other daily tasks like working and kids?

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