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Asking for a sick leave note

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Has anyone ever asked their midwife for a sick leave note?


I live in Canada, and our Employment Insurance will pay us benefits for up to 15 weeks of sick leave prior to maternity leave. I am exhausted, I work in a fast-paced and stressful office and am constantly running into meetings, meeting with students, etc. I suffer from painful PSD, urinary incontinence and a rebellious sciatic nerve.

I rush home from work to 2 toddlers, dinner needing cooking, etc. DH is amazing, he works long, long days and still does way more than 1/2 the housework, but I still feel so unbelievably exhausted and sore, I end up spending the evening on the couch with intense braxton hicks. This is my 3rd pregnancy, and I was OK working up to the end the last 2 times, but this time I just don't feel I can do it anymore.


However, I am so timid to ask for a sick leave note from my midwife. I assume it is normally the midwife who suggests leaving work, not the woman asking for it. Is that the case? Do mothers ever ask to be let off work / for a sick leave note?

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I don't have an answer to your question, but I just wanted to commiserate.  I work a very physical job as well where I'm always on my feet and I'm so sore and exhausted.  I'm in pain pretty much all day from my back and my ribs, and I'm just feeling so pushed to the limits.  I am counting down the days until my maternity leave can start!  I am taking off four weeks before my due date.  I know I will need some rest time for my body to recover before the baby comes.

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Hi. I'm in Canada too and I think the answer to your question is yes you can ask your midwife for a sick leave note. It's doesn't mean it will be approved by Service Canada but you can take the note and apply and see what happens. You might not get approved for a full 15 weeks payment but if you take the note to a service canada office and apply there they can help you answer those questions. You can also call service Canada (tuesday-thursday so it's not so busy) and just ask them. They are pretty good about clearing up questions like that for you. If you can't get the note from your midwife, which shouldn't be a problem since they are primary care providers, you can get one from your GP. 


Good Luck!

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THe last time I took a mat leave (in 2009), Service Canada did not approve midwife's notes, only doctors.  But like I said, this was 3 years ago, so things may have changed (I sure hope so!  What a ridiculous rule, considering that midwifery care is covered by OHIP in Ontario!!!), so you might want to look into that.


Good luck, I also completely get you!  Taking time off for yourself to rest and gather your energy before birth is important!

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Oh, and about the last part...I know tons of women who have flat out asked their caregivers for a note for time off.  After all, you know better the circumstances and expectations of your job.  You are the only one who can truly gage whether you are capable of keeping up or need some time off.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I had an appointment last Thursday, I barely had to ask my midwife; as I was explaining all my pain and struggles she suggested/agreed I leave work and slow down some now. Phew!!

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Yeah!! Happy resting!
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Regarding the sciatic nerve. I had it one pregnancy and it was horrible. For the next ones I went to an osteopath, and several of my friends have done the same, and it worked miracles.

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glad to hear it worked out

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