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I love my Maya Wrap ring sling for little babies.  I find it especially useful for quick trips into the store, PO, etc..   For older babies with head control, I prefer my Ergo, as the weight is distributed across my hips better, and doesn't pull on my shoulder when they wiggle.  I esp. like my Ergo for back carries; my 2 yr. old will still (occasionally, she really likes to run or ride her bike) ride on my back in the Ergo.  I have a mei tai, but that doesn't get as much love, as I can't seem to get as comfortable in it.

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1. Ergo for newborn and up

2. Ring sling for newborn to about 6 months

3. Moby(I only got to use it once my baby was bigger but I'm sure it's great for newborns, just a lot of work)

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I do have a lot as well and yes, I have different favourites for different ages and situations which is really why I would struggle to just pick one!  I have a lot of people come to me for advice on a sling and I really struggle to help them pick out ONE because in their mind, one is all they need - like one pushchair or something! lmao....




I find for newborns I either reach for a ring sling or a stretchy wrap.  I then don't really like ring slings until they are toddlers and walkinga and wanting up and down and up and down - rings slings are handy then as they are light weight, easy to pack away and easy to slip a toddler in and out of with little faff!  I really like silk ring slings.  Linen is great for the summer when its hot!

Stretchies are great for newborns but are limiting because once they get to a certain weight, they don't offer enough support and so around 6ish months (mind - I have big babies! lol) I prefer a nice woven wrap!  My Didymos indios are my favourite - love love love them!  I do use wovens sometimes for newborn espeically if I am putting them on my back.  I didn't do that much with my first son but it was a must when I had my second as sometimes they need to be in a 'safer' area when you are handling other things and theres not much more a safe place than high up on my back! hehe

Between 1 and 2 years of age I either reach for a woven wrap or a soft structured carrier.  I got on with an Ergo for my first but it didn't seem to suit my second son (they have very different builds!).  So for him I got one made for me from a wrap and I LOVED it!  So much I pretty much reached for that most of the time and it was the last sling I used! 


I have pretty much tried every type of sling and owned them as well.  Every type of material from wool to linen and cotton and silk and a mix of the lot and so far the only ones I have not gotten on with as much as I had hoped have been my pods!  Which is a shame really.  I probably won't learn my lesson and still get another podegi if I ever have another baby though! haha


So if I had to choose a top 3 my list would be:


1).  A silk ring sling

2).  An indio Didymos (woven wrap)

3).  A SSC made from a wrap (straps of your choice but I prefer buckle waist and wrap shoulder straps!)

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In no particular order...

1. Moby for newborns. We used ours from when she was a couple of days old.

2. Beco Gemini. If I could only have one carrier this may well be my choice. Haven't tried it with a newborn yet but by far my favourite from about 6 months to 2+ years.

3. A woven of some sort but I'm still trying to find the right one. I love the support and flexibility but it's hard to find one light enough for our hot climate.

I strongly disliked the ergo and anything one-shouldered.
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I am a plus size mamma (size 18) and I found the Boba 3G to be wonderful!  No need to get the belt extender (like with the Ergo) because the Boba is longer.  I also have big boobs Sheepish.gif and the research I did before I bought, all pointed to the Boba as being the best - and yes it is!  The chest strap on the new Boba slides, so you can adjust it.  I love the sleepytime hood, and the foot straps (I haven't used those yet!).


I love the idea of the Boba Air, and the price is good - I am going to look into getting one when the next baby comes, because for summer I can see it being wayyyy cooler than the original.



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Okay, then, got some questions for ya! PMing ;-)

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I was given a woven wrap, but i haven't used it yet.  I am not sure how I feel about it being not stretchy. Seems like it would be harder??

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Originally Posted by AdinaL View Post

I was given a woven wrap, but i haven't used it yet.  I am not sure how I feel about it being not stretchy. Seems like it would be harder??

They are a little bit harder, they need a bit more adjusting to get a good fit but, if you're used to a stretchy wrap, I doubt you'll have much trouble with the woven.

I don't tie mine before I put the baby in. I just wrap it around me and leave the tails hanging. Then I can adjust it easily. Obviously you need to be mindful of the babe's security while you do this.
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In the beginning I loved my Boba wrap more than my Moby. It had just enough stretch to were I could tie it on tight, and felt baby was secure but not squished. After he got heavier I started using the Ergo and love it also. I use it mostly while out doing errands, but find it not as easy to use around the house like the wraps were when he was smaller. I bought a Hava sling, but decided to return it after not being able to put it on correctly and because I have scoliosis and it doesn't take much to throw my back out of whack. I figured it wouldn't be good to use one that puts the weight only on one side. 


I plan to get something else soon that I can use around the house again, but I also think the older he gets using the Ergo with him on my back will make it more suitable for using in the house. 

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Just ordered a Boba Air after seeing it mentioned on here; I'm so excited!! :D

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Originally Posted by rebbecky View Post

Just ordered a Boba Air after seeing it mentioned on here; I'm so excited!! :D



Tell me what it is like once you get it :):)  I am super interested in buying one, but just bought a Boba 3 G about 4 months ago ... so I will have to wait to buy the Boba Air!

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I love my Ergo for long walks (on the front) and light housework, like hanging clothes to dry (on the back).


I love our ring sling for waiting in lines, farmer's markets, etc. and for soothing an angry small baby.


The other carrier I had was the Moby wrap and I HATED it because it took too long to get on/off and I had to put baby down to do it, and because DD has always been a squirmer and could flip herself halfway out of it from day one.  It felt really unsafe to me, though DD did like it when she was small.  Therefore, as carrier #3:


I love my Yepp mini bike seat (it goes on the front of my bike) because it lets DD go biking with me and she's nestled between my arms so she can snuggle up to me and we can talk.  Now that she's a toddler we go on long rides to the library and we have a blast pointing out to each other all the interesting stuff on the way!

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It should be here Wed; I will let you know what I think. wink1.gif
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Originally Posted by Choose2Reuse View Post

I love my Yepp mini bike seat (it goes on the front of my bike) because it lets DD go biking with me and she's nestled between my arms so she can snuggle up to me and we can talk.  Now that she's a toddler we go on long rides to the library and we have a blast pointing out to each other all the interesting stuff on the way!

I looked at the bike seat online; looks fun! How young was DD when you started using it? I see it said 9 months, but that seems so little...
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I'm 5'10, large chested and was at a size 18 after my DD was born. The only carrier we ever used was the Beco Butterfly. It came with a newborn insert and while we didn't use it when she was brand new, she wasn't too old when we started using it. I never felt she wasn't getting the proper neck support. We used that for quite a long time and she eventually rode in it on our backs facing forward. I didn't have to use an extender but I nearly had the waist strap as big as it would get. I still have it and hope to use it with our #2 due in April. If I have to get a new one, I will definitely consider sticking with Beco.


I have a moby and never felt comfortable enough with it to use so it's more in the way than anything. I never tried anything else.

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The Moby is a pain to get on and off, but it was so worth it!  Someone referred to it it as the art of Mama-gami (Mama origami) :)  I got really good at putting it on fast the more I did it, sometimes when I took longer trips (use the bus system and my little one was colicky) I would put it on before hand under my coat (luckily I had my little guy in November!).  That way it was easily accessible.  It was a pain but I would definitely use it again.  

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Right now my favorite is my Pognae carrier.  I LOVE it.  My little guy gets hot pretty easily so the zip down cooling vent thing is awesome for us.  


My #2 would have to be my SBP ring sling.


#3 is my mei tai that I made...although it has been replaced since getting the Pognae and getting rid of my Ergo.

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My first stayed in a Moby for a long time and only tolerated the MT.

My second didn't care for the Moby even at the start (for a few weeks it was alright but she quickly was over it) but we used a Babyhawk and then Toddlerhawk MT with her pretty much constantly for her first two years.  We almost exclusively back-carried even from when she was a tiny thing.


I did have a ring sling gifted to me but I don't recall ever using it.


This time around I have two Mobies, a Babyhawk, a Toddlerhawk, the ring sling, and an Ergo I picked up secondhand.  It's so perty that I think I will have to use it, but honestly my first love will always be the MT.  And the Moby for the first weeks.

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The Boba Air came in early! I tried it out around the house and so far, so good. I compared it to the Ergo, because it is most similar and the only other one I have like that. It was definitely less bulky and I could see using it for short jaunts, but not extended use. The only feature I like better in the Ergo is that the waist buckle snaps on the side...on the Boba Air it meets in the middle of your back and does not have the "safety" elastic holder like the buckle on the Ergo. My DS is 7 months old, but only around 17 lbs and little on the short side, however he fits just fine and seemed to hit it in the same places as the Ergo. The Ergo has "chew" pads which I like because he uses them all the time, but the Boba Air does not. He did start to chew immediately after putting it on, but I'm thinking because of the light weight material that a spot clean and a quick air dry will do just fine to handle the drool. 


So, I guess so far after one brief use (he was ready for a nap after 15-20mins in) I would recommend it! ;)

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I have always loved wraps the best, I just think they're so much fun and beautiful. My favourite wrap (I have way too many!) is probably my Ellaroo. It's my first woven and therefore very broken in and soft. The Moby wrap was amazing for the newborn stage, and I also enjoy our Maya ring sling for quick errands and also household chores. Hubby's fave is the Ergo because its easy and super comfy.
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