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Hm, if I could only have three carriers forever I'd take a size 5 woven for extended wear times, a size 2 woven for medium-length wearing outside the house, and a ringsling for quick ups and downs.


I did like the Boba/Sleepy wrap for the early weeks (like the Moby but stretchier) but it doesn't last very long.  I see a lot of people find them a pain to get on/off - personally I just used to tie it on once in the morning and pop the baby in and out all day.  I've heard this is easier to do with the Sleepy because of the extra stretch but the tradeoff is it is even more time-limited than the Moby.


The RS and wovens are truly good from birth to big-kid.


I have one SSC but don't like it and never use it. 

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The Boba Air sound like a good supplemental carrier then. not a primary?


I got the Ergo winter weather cover and fleece this week....what a brilliant set up that is!! Especially for our rainy winters. 

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I liked my handmade Meitai, and a MayaWrap ring sling. I didn't get an Ergo until my daughter had really outgrown it (found one for $5 at a garage sale) but I could still put my SEVEN YEAR OLD in it, and walk around, and, for just a second, look around the campsite frantically trying to figure out where she was.


If I were making a suggestion for a new mom, I'd say get the Ergo for long carrying, and an unpadded ring sling for quick in and outs.

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We had out first really successful outing with our KKAFP.  Man, I love that pouch!!!

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