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what time does your 4 year old go to bed?mes

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Just curious. I don't have an issue with when he goes to bed..I'd like him to go to bed by 9, but that doesn't happen that often. And DH gets up early..like 6..but the kids and I don't wake until 7:30 or 8..sometimes 8:30. This puts everything later! And DH is really helpful at bedtime, he gives them baths while I'm doing the dishes and gets their jammies on and brushed their teeth, and then when they are ready for bed, I put DD to bed and he puts our almost 4 year old DS to bed. Most kids if they stay up late, they will still get up early..not my son. he goes to bed late, he sleeps in! I don't mind this normally, but DH really wants an hour or so of kid free time before we go to bed at night. DH is in bed by 10 or 10:30(depending on if we DTD). I'm okay with this but that means we'll be pushing the whole day routine earlier..and I'll be waking up earlier. I have always liked the idea of of waking up early in the morning but I'm not exactly a morning person. Just wondering if pushing his bedtime back is do-able or not? What do you all think? when do your kids go to bed? I'm planning on homeschooling, so I'm not really going to have to make him get used to getting up early because of that.

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930 on most nights, but 830 when she has to get up for preschool. That is only 2x a week though. 

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My daughter turned 5 in September.  For both her and her 8 year old sister, they need about 11 hours of sleep.  So an 8 AM wake up time would mean in bed lights out done with books, etc.  by 9PM.

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My DD just turned 4 and her bedtime varies depending on whether or not she naps. She's in pre-school full-time, and she naps there sometimes. On those days, it is difficult to get her to sleep before 9:00 pm, usually she's asleep by 9:30.


She doesn't nap on weekends, and she's starting to drop the nap at school as well. On no-nap days, we can usually get her to sleep by 8:30 pm, sometimes earlier.


On weekdays, we have to wake her up by 7:00 am in order to get to school on time. That is a struggle. On weekends, she typically sleeps in until 8:00 am.

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My son is 5 but his bedtime at 4 and now are basically the same. Anywhere between 8-9pm. Though lately it's been closer to 8.

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Usually 9 or 9:30.

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8-8:30 with no nap; closer to 9-9:30 without one.

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My 5 year old and 2 year old go to bed at 6.30. The 2 year old falls asleep straight away and I wake her up at 7.15. The 5 year old is asleep between 7.00 and 7.30 and wakes up at 6.30am. When we didn't need to get up for school bed time was a bit later and they still got up quite early. Later bed time means less overall sleep. Personally I really need kid free time in the evening and I'd rather get up early than sacrifice that. 

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My boys (now 5.5 & 3) have been going to bed ~8 for the last 3.5-4 yrs - basicly since DS1 got moved into his room (which they now share). Generally we brush teeth & go potty one last time ~8pm and go upstairs to read stories - sometimes this is a bit earlier (apparently they both just decided its time for bed now at 7:30...), more often a bit later (ie ~8:30). But they are almost always in bed by 9pm one way or another. 

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all kids ages 8 5 n 3.5 yrs go to bed at 7
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The whole family retires at 8h30, including my 4yo. We get up between 6h45-7h15

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Betime for 4yo DS is 8pm. He's always up by 7am at the latest, regardless of when he goes to bed, and hasn't napped since he turned 3.

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My 4 year ols ds starts his bedtime routine between 8 and 8:30. He's normally tucked into bed by 9 and asleep by 9:30.

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I have a 5yo, a 3 (almost 4) yo and a 20mo.. They all start their bedtime routine around 630 and are in bed by 730. A lot of the time my oldest will look at books until around 8. My oldest gets up between 430 and 5, my 3yo around 5-530 and the 20mo around 530-6. The two oldest don't take naps any longer, the 20 mo takes an hour nap around noon.

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We're homeschooling too, and I've never really worried about what time the kids get to bed.  Ds1 and I are definitely night owls, and although dh complains about it, he stays up later than me often if he's doing something on his laptop. 

This summer we had early swimming lessons, and the kids went to bed at 9pm, so they could be up at 8am.  We've slipped though since we've moved into a new house, and we all stayed up many nights unpacking and just enjoying the house...so now the kids have been going to bed closer to 10 or 11.  I do wish we could be more consistent, so we'd get adult time in the evening, but sometimes the kids really are not sleepy yet, or ds2 had a late nap (he's in between dropping naps and sometimes doesn't nap or all of a sudden falls asleep at 5 and wakes up at 7, and there's no early bedtime then, LOL).   I think when we need to get up early, we do...but the kids are perfectly fine staying up if we're somewhere or if we have company over, so I'm glad to have the flexibility for their bedtime.  

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On school nights, 7:30-8 is preferable. He doesn't go to school in the mornings, but his older brother's school starts at 7:40 and they usually wake up together. On the weekends we push it a little later to 9 or 9:30.

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When DDs were 4 bedtime was 7and up at 6:30 (they got up w/ DH) since they were small. It was just our family routine.


Now that they are 7 they are in bed at 7:30 lights out at 8 for school.


DH and I treasure our nighttime-- it is a priority for us to have time to relax and spend time together at the end of the day. It also allows us to discuss a variety of topics that do not need to be shared with young ears.. Yes, we discuss these things with our kids, but first we talk to make sure we have a united front and  find out how to discuss with kids (moving, jobs, etc).

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Our 4 year olds are in bed and asleep between 6:30-7pm.  They are up for the day around 6am.  All of us (including two older children) are up and about in the mornings anywhere from 5:15 to 6:30am to get ready for work or school.  As much as I don`t always enjoy the early mornings they are necessary to get our day started off well and it gives dh and I an hour or two of time together at the end of the day (if we can convince oldest ds to have some quiet time before he goes to bed around 8:30-9pm).  Dh and I go to bed fairly early - by 10pm usually.

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Typically the 4 and 5 year old start their bedtime routine at around 5 and in bed by about 5:30.  They both get to listen to their radios for a while (lullabies or fairy tales on CD's).  They aren't always asleep immediately but know it's light's out.  They're usually asleep by 6.  They get up at around 6.


DH and I retire anytime between 9 and 10:30 and wake up at around 7.


It's working now but I'm worried about how the new baby will affect things.  Meh.  I was just getting used to sleeping again after years of deprivation!!

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Wow, there's some late bedtimes here! 4 yo (and 7 yo for that matter) both go to bed at 6.30pm and are asleep by 7pm.

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