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What time does your non-napping toddler/preschooler go to bed?

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So, naps are gone at our house...and my 2.5 year old is going to bed upstairs at 6:00pm (and I'd put money that he sleeps until at least 7am--he NEEDS 13 hours to function and suddenly started putting it all at night).  What time does your non-napper go to bed (and what time does he/she wake up?

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Aside from tonight eyesroll.gif, she's usually asleep in her bed at 6 sharp, and generally awake for the day between 6 - 6:15.  I would LOVE to push this schedule back some, but she's the type of kid with an innate wake-up time that never ever seems to change.  I have been trying for her whole life to push her bedtime back, and somehow it always backslides to 6 or even earlier (shrug).  If it helps, I give her dinner at 5, then eat with DBF after she goes to bed, and generally try to prep dinner the night before.  And my 1976 kids' nursery songs tape is the only thing that gets her from 4:30 - 5:30 without completely breaking down.  But 6 - 10 p.m. is some awesome alone time!

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Wow, my 2 1/2 daughter takes no nap, then stays up until 8:30.  The last hour is miserable, she is tired and frustrated but will not go down.  At daycare she naps every time, for 2-3 hours.  And if my mom is over, she will nap with her, but just refuses with me.  I sometimes resort to the car to get her to nap a little.  It seems too soon for her to be dropping a nap which is why I read this post!  At least your kids go to bed early so you get some time at night!

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My 2 1/2 year-old son stopped taking naps months ago. shrug.gif Very rarely he'll fall asleep in the car and take a nap for an hour, but then he has trouble going to sleep at night. We're flexible on bedtime. Anywhere between 8:30 and 9:30 is good for us, although I tend to go for 8:30. He usually sleeps about 12 hours at night.

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On the days that my 2 1/2 year old decides not to nap (grr!) he'll be asleep by 7:30/ 8pm and will sleep until 7/8 am.  So usually 11-12 hours of sleep.

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Well, it depends.


DS hasn't napped in forever, but if we are in the car he'll nap for the duration of the ride..but that doesn't affect bedtime too much.


On normal days he's down between 8-8:30pm and up between that time so just about 12 hours of sleep. 


Sometimes he wakes up super early (think 6) and than he will be in bed by 7...I just try to get him down within 12 hours of wake time! 

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We're hoping to bump his bedtime back to 6:30/7 buttttt, since he's trying to fit 13-14 hours of sleep in overnight, that means waking up too late for the rhythm of our family (I fear the time change).  We DO enjoy the evening hours tho' of adult time...

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Dd2.75 goes to bed at 6:45 on days she does not nap. If she does take a short nap (maybe 30 min before we have to pick up ds at school, only happens when she's beyond exhausted), she will be asleep by 7:15. She wakes up between 7-7:30 am. We have to be up to take ds to school.

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