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postpartum adult norishment!

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We spent so much time trying to figure out how to feed our babies, I love the suggestion that we share ideas about how to feed ourselves! I'm sure this is easier for the second-or-more time moms, maybe they have some tips for us? I can't imagine also having to feed a toddler or more kids!


I eat boiled eggs for lunch every day. DH (who is awesome) peels and cuts them for me in the morning when he's making his lunch, then puts Penzey's shallot salt and pepper on them. So I can just grab that from the fridge whenever. I am okay with eating eggs every day, I love them. Also I have a ton of almonds and a huge bag of pecans I'm trying to use up, not my favorite anymore but oh well. Last night I had "trail mix"...chocolate chips and almonds. ha.


But I am also sick of granola bars. I've been eating cups of granola instead, also for the oats for milk supply. I think it might be time to try to make some energy balls or whatever. I've seen some on pinterest.


We've been eating LOTS of crockpot meals. To be honest, DH does the cooking. I do meal planning, research and troubleshooting, and now budgeting. We are pretty much done with takeout and eating out since I'm on unpaid maternity leave. We used to eat a LOT of takeout and eat out a fair amount. 


We are trying to have proteins prepared to throw into stuff. We made a bunch of plain shredded chicken and have used it in soups, salads, or simmer sauces.


Love to hear how your postpartum snacks and meals are going. I'm still dairy-free but I have no idea if it's helping, but now it's not that big of a deal so I am just going with it while we're still in colic-land.


Tonight DH will be making a kale-turkey chili recipe I found on pinterest. Wish us luck! I'm SO hungry though, I am sure I will love it. ;)

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Main meals in very large batches so we can eat off them for many meals easily - all can be dairy free

  • Eggs - scrambled and toast
  • Cans of tuna fish or tuna fish sandwich mix with boiled egg, mustard, pickle, spinach, and avocado rolled in a tortilla
  • Grilled chicken with avocado
  • Annie's frozen meals (they are dairy free)
  • PB and honey or jelly on whole wheat
  • Burritos - tortillas, chicken or tofu, black beans, sweet potato chunks, avocado, veggies grilled, salsa
  • Stir fry - brown rice, homemade sauce, lots of veggies, tofu or chicken for protein



  • granola straight out of the package (used to do homemade, no time for that right now)
  • larabars
  • nuts
  • spoonfuls of PB
  • dried fruit
  • banana
  • apple
  • can of black beans and pita chips
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I like the shredded chicken idea. I was just thinking about cooking up a bunch of chicken breasts during the weekend to eat off of for the week. How long can you keep chicken in the fridge? I also like the idea of hard boiling some eggs. I used to always keep hard boiled eggs around, don't know why I stopped. 


Breakfast -

Oatmeal - steel cut with dried fruit and nuts, milled flax and brewer's yeast

Egg sandwich - bagel with fried egg and peanut butter or cheese and deli meat


Lunch -

Smoothie - protein powder, frozen berries, spinach, bee pollen, flax, brewers yeast

Green juice - kale or spinach, carrots, apples, celery, lemon, and any other veg that needs to be used up quickly


Dinner -

Lentil Soup

Mac n' cheese (I tweaked a recipe to make a super high protein mac n cheese)

I also eat pizza way too often

Lasagna - we usually throw in spinach, ground turkey, eggplant, zucchini, and carrot. We also use cottage cheese rather than ricotta.


Snacks -

Dried fruits and nuts

Granola bars

Luna Bars




Mac N Cheese

2.5 cups (7oz) Elbow macaroni

1 tsp olive oil


1 Egg

2 C Cottage Cheese

1 C Plain Greek Yogurt

1/2 C Shredded Cheddar

1/2 tsp salt

4 cloves garlic, minced

1/4 tsp pepper


Prepare macaroni (first two ingredients)

Beat egg in medium bowl and mix in cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, cheddar, salt, garlic and pepper.


PAM a 2.5 quart casserole dish and bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.


I generally double the pepper and cheddar cheese. The original recipe calls for sour cream instead of Greek Yogurt, which is going to cut the fat and calories, and increase the overall protein count for the meal. 


The nutritional information before these changes is 384 calories, 22 g fat, 648 mg sodium 25 g carbs, 1 g fiber, and 21 g protein

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I also wanted to share this blog I just found, it has some good ideas on it.


100 Days of Real Food

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Hummus with pre-cut veggies and/or crackers/chips is a great snack and dairy/gluten free!

Cheese, summer sausage, apples or pears with crackers: it's also super toddler friendly.

Ants on a log

Dried fruit

Beef jerky


Cottage cheese with fruit

Tuna with crackers

Bean burritos (just microwave with a tortilla)


One trick is to make some snacks or meals the night before (if you have time) and just grab stuff from the fridge.

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When I am back on dairy, I am totally trying that mac n cheese recipe!


Here's my contribution, this really does make PERFECT hardboiled eggs that are easy to peel:



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Hoping to get some ideas here... I'm trying to avoid dairy, chocolate, carbs (except veggies), and "bad" fat.


So far, I'm pretty much eating nuts for snacks and eggs for breakfast. I've been eating a fair amount of salad, but I don't enjoy it especially much. We are traveling this week, which has been pretty crappy. Pizza for dinner last night violated pretty much all of my no-no's. And it wasn't even that good of pizza (though dh really liked it). So that was especially sucky.


Is anyone else having trouble staying hydrated? I feel like I drink whenever I'm thirsty and then some besides, but my urine stays dark. (Sorry if that's TMI!) I think the baby is sucking all the moisture out of me. My lips are constantly dry. :(

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Monkey, we've shared so much throughout our pregnancies, dark urine seems like a nonstarter.


I'm having trouble staying hydrated, but it is because I get stuck under the baby or caught up in trying to clean, cook, take care of animals all by myself.  I'll mean to fill my water, and then get distracted by a bunch of other things, or I will filll my water, and then leave it somewhere when I got distracted by doing other things.

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VV I have started stock piling water full bottles by my bed.  Monkey, my lips are also always so dry.  I went one day without balm and they started to crack and bleed.  It makes no sense to me.  

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VV - I have this same problem too, for the same reasons.  Drinking water is a chore.  Often after I've realized how long I've gone without, I'll try chugging down a glass in haste while holding the baby and spilling all over myself.  I usually try to keep an extra full canteen on my nightstand or coffee table so that I can refill my glass w/o having to leave the room.


Oh and my lips.... I think I've gone through half a small jar of vaseline this week!

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My lips and hands are super dry!
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