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Thinking about homebirth but concerned...

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My husband and I would like a homebirth for baby number 2 (not yet cooking). We had our son 2 years ago attempting a birth center birth but ended up needing to be transferred to the hospital for pitocin, epidural-do you see the snowball here? I had vaginal delivery but was unhappy and think I want something more my pace next time. Anyone have an assisted fist birth, then homebirth succesful? I scared of needing to be transferred from my home because the local hospital has a super high c-sec rate.


Also, I needed Zofran for hyper-em (very bad) my WHOLE pregnancy. I know a home birth midwive cant prescribe so what could I do?


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My first was born in the hospital because I didn't even know about midwives or homebirth then. I had every intervention they could come up with except a c-section, although I don't know how I lucked out on that one since I pushed for over three hours, it was a Saturday evening and my doctor was itching to get home. I left that birth feeling very spiritually and emotionally drained. I told my husband then I would never again birth in a hospital. We moved a few years later and I found out about midwives and homebirth and read everything I could get my hands on. My second daughter was born in my bathroom, caught by my hands, on a peaceful Sunday afternoon. My third was also a homebirth. My fourth passed away around 20 weeks and was born at home at 22 weeks. I am now pregnant with my fifth and planning another homebirth. Your first birth is typically the hardest. Your body has never gone through labor before, it has never pushed a baby out. By the time you get to your second your body really knows how to do things. Go for the homebirth!


As far as the Zofran, I had it with my second and third babies. Your midwife may have a back up doctor she can send you to that will write you a prescription or you can go see a family doctor, tell them your plans and that you have a midwife but you just need a prescription for Zofran.

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my first was born in a hospital, water broke, they pushed pit when ctx didn't start fast enough or 'strong enough',  led to an epidural etc. 19hours. .. 2nd was pretty much the same story but shorter (12 hours)..  3rd i decided to stay away from the hospital(!!) so i went with a homebirth, everything was fine, went into labor all on my own and start to finish it was 10 hours.. only 5 hours of hard ctx.

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Thank you for your story. This has been helpful in making me more confident that homebirth is ok and possibly I wont need all that stuff to deliver again. Congrats on pregnancy number 5 and wishing you wonderful birth blessings!

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I had two hospital births that "required" pitocin and i had an epidural with both of them. since then i've had two successful homebirths with no complications and no need whatsoever for drugs :)

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The book by ina may - guide to childbirth i think it is called is super great.  i read it during my third pregnancy to gear up for our first homebirth.  it is very empowering to read ;)

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You can have shadow care with a doctor at the same time as a homebirth midwife if you need prescriptions she can't do. Subsequent births tend to go easier and faster than first ones, and being home you may find the comfort to progress quicker or hold on as long as it takes naturally.

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I'm pregnant with my first, but I'd like to second having "shadow care with a doctor" that JamieCatheryn mentioned.  I'm seeing a Midwife and a Doctor right now and everything seems to be working out.

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some MWs are also natropaths and can write perscriptions, or your regular family doc could write it, or, my MW has a backup doctor that prescriptions go through. 

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I'm not sure if you've gotten all of your questions answered, but just a side note to needing prescription drugs during pregnancy.  We would a Certified Nurse Midwife who performed home births in our area and fell in love with her.  I developed hypothyrodism during my second pregnancy and after consulting 2 nurse midwifes, my family doctor and a endocrinologist decided I really needed to take Synthroid.  My CNM was able to pull my blood every 6 weeks, consulted with my endocrinologist and wrote the script for me.  It was really nice having her do all that for me (in the comfort of my home), which is an option if there are any CNM's who perform home births in your area.  Or like others said, use your regular Dr for a backup.  

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Hi there, 


I am pregnant with baby number three, and just wanted to share a similar story to bring you some comfort. 


My first child was born in the hospital. We needed pitocin and an epidural. Our second child was born at home with a midwife present but no assistance. I caught her myself! 


This one will for sure be a homebirth. 


First births can be hard, as can second births. We can never assume our births or pregnancys will be perfect or difficult or exactly like previous experiences. I recommend doing a homebirth if it is what you want. You cant control the outcome, but you can plan for a peaceful birth and most likely have one! 


Good luck. 



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Another chime for things going better the second time. First was induced with all the fun (but no epidural and the turned it down once I really got labouring)

Second was an easy water birth at the birth center all on my own (I even caught her). Prego with #3 and planning a HB.

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