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Any Calvert useres

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Can you tell me what your experiences with Calvert are?  I have a 3rd and 5th grader.

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i have been using calvert since my ds was in kindergarten, he's now in 4th grade. i love it! in my opinion its a great curriculum, the teachers are great too. my ds is doing very well in school and i believe it's because of calvert. i've even learned a lot!


i see you're in wisconsin, google calvert school wisconsin..... we are using calvert through our state and it's all free.


i hope i helped you out a little smile.gif......

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This is our first year hs'ing so we went with Calvert Pre-K. So far DS has learned a ton and he seems to enjoy it.

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My kids are so independent it just seems I should be involved more in actual teaching.  My 3rd grader can do almost an enitre lesson by herself.  We talk about each of the readings she has to do. My 5th grader as well does her lessons by herself. I thought it was or should be a lot more teacher intensive.  I have always taught self learning I was just caught off guard a little bit.



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We love Calvert. My dd is in 2nd grade. We receive it though a cyber charter school for free. We have access to technology and math lessons as well as brain pop jr. The curriculum seems pretty well rounded to me as well as interesting. I was speaking to a teacher who was a fourth grade teacher for 30 years at a brick and mortar school and now works for the cyber charter school. He said he felt Calvert was one of the better curriculums he had seen. He felt the science was the best he had seen anywhere for elementary levels. That was his opinion anyway. You can preview the lesson manual on the Calvert website. We do supplement art and music.
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We started on Calvert long ago as part of a cyber charter school; we are more unstructured HS'ers so in the end, the only thing we used was the math.  However, years later we still use Calvert math.  I think it's fine...it seems to meet my kids' mathematical needs, although we do supplement it with the Life of Fred. 

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We just started using Calvert this year.  I have 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 6th graders.  I had done a lot of research into of different curriculums and wanted to use Calvert before now, but a number of reasons prevented this.  It is very well-rounded and considered prep-school quality.  It is light in any fine arts subjects, however.  We have been using it for two months now and it is going quite well.  I have contacted Calvert a couple of times about minor things are they are always very helpful.  Not too sure what you are interested in hearing about.  Is there a particular issue or concern you are looking to address?

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Can you tell me how you manage all of those grades?  Mine are pretty independent, but will be adding a first grader next year!

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