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Originally Posted by Adaline'sMama View Post

We aren't considering "Wendy" as a first name, although it will likely be the name we call her. I dont like it as a first name because I dont think it goes well with Calliope and Adaline.  I wonder how it will be if two girls are called by their first names, and she is called by her middle name. Does anyone have experience with calling only one child by their middle name? 


Also, I totally wouldnt have a problem calling her Eleanor if that seems to suit her better or if she wants to be called that. 


But, we do like "nora", "ella" , and "ellie" as nicknames for Eleanor. DH has yet to mention that "Eleanor Wendy" reminds him of "Eleanor Rigsby" and Im hoping he wont notice that it is similar because he vetoes everything that reminds him of anything! 


I love Nora as the nickname of Eleanor with the other names!

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Yep, I had a vetoer too!

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Originally Posted by Peggy O'Mara View Post

Yep, I had a vetoer too!

It's so hard to pick names with a DH like that, isnt it? It's crazy! He wont come up with names, just vetoes them. He did come up with Wendy, which is why Im trying to incorporate it. 

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My 2 cents, and I tend to be rather blunt:


I know some people think Wendy is a nickname and not a name in its own right, but I've never been in that camp and I don't think that MOST people hear "Wendy" and think it's supposed to be short for something and can't stand by itself. It's like Nathan, which could be short for Nathaniel but could also be a name in and of itself. 


I don't put all that much stock in sibling names "matching". They are all individual people with individual identities. My main concern would be having names that seem to have wildly different feels, so later someone doesn't ask "Mom, how come you named my brothers Dylan and Mike and I'm Persephone?" I don't think Adaline, Calliope/Callie, and Wendy are so far off as to lead to much of that. (I have an ex-boyfriend with an off-the-wall first name and I always thought it was weird that his older brother got a totally normal name. I mentioned that to my sister, Honor, and she said "Oh, yeah, I wouldn't know anything at all about that." I always thought my name was a little odd, as it was more common in our mothers' generation, but Honor is a lot MORE odd. I'm not seeing anyone in your set later thinking "Why do I have the weird name and my sisters have normal names?")


I'm not in this camp personally, but I know some people whose parents gave them a middle name intending from the start to call them by that name find it frustrating and wish their parents had put the names the other way around. But maybe some don't care. That may be worth collecting opinions on before deciding one way or the other. 

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My middle name is Odell, so I've been called Dell since elementary school. My first name is extremely common so friends started calling me Dell.

I love it as it's rich with family history (I am a fifth generation Odell; my daughter is a sixth).

It does get very confusing, though, to go by a middle name when you are trying to do business. This includes hospitals, work, banks, etc. I definitely wish my parents had just made my first name Odell smile.gif
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I had an ex-boyfriend who went by his middle name (Dan) instead of his first name (Brian). We always knew when the telemarketers were calling because they'd always ask for Brian X.

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Me, again smile.gif

Was Linden on your list? I only ask because I just visited with a Linden who is called Lindy. Such a sweetie pea and I love her name. It feels like a modern version of Wendy to me.
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I don't think these have been mentioned:
Lillith (although your husband may not be comfortable w/the story behind this name)
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Forgot to add:
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How about Marjorie?

I'm personally not a fan of giving a child a middle name you intend to call them by, I think it just results in a lot of confusion. Sometimes it happens naturally, but when done on purpose I always wonder why that name wasn't the first name. And I'm not one who cares if names go together, I just don't want them too close, though I can see if you had one that was very different from the rest, it might seem odd. I guess that probably isn't helpful! We are going to wait until we know the genders to pick names for our twins and I think it is going to be hard to pick names!
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Originally Posted by Adaline'sMama View Post

Oooh, I love Cordeila, but DH is completely against any names that were in Buffy :(





This made me laugh a lot ! Dang, so you can't use Glory?!

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Just wanted to add that I have a friend(male) who has 2 brothers. His name is unusual and his brothers in the then top ten. He doesn't like his name and wondered why him...

I think Adaline and Calliope are adorable, unusual(to me) and would make me think. Sorry, not Wendy. I see Wendy got a lot of likes. I just don't feel it but that's what makes the world go round:)

I gave up a middle of Aurora which went perfectly with my daughters 1st name because my husband wanted a middle name Jessica???? I regret it. He has never since mentioned that he got his name!!

All the best!

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This has been a fun thread to read through. I love so many of these  suggestions.  :) One I haven't seen here is Lysandra. It is a Greek name, so kind of goes with Calliope, but is still different. 


I think that regardless, once you get used to the names, you'll love them because they are your babies names. :)


I have an Annalise pronounced Ahnalees which would also work. Good luck with your choice. 

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I just wanted to update this :) Thanks for all of your suggestions and opinions. We are happy to announce the birth of Calliope Jane and Eleanor Wendy. Thank you all!

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Congratulations! The names are beautiful - as I'm sure are the girls joy.gif
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Originally Posted by sweetestday View Post

My faves are Susannah (Susie), Evelyn (Evie) , Talitha (Tilly), Caroline (Carrie or Cara), Laurel (After a dear friend that was actually a guy, who died when I was a teen.) 

Wow Talitha is my middle name which I go by (Tilly) and I just love it. It's unique, feminine and easy to spell.

My first name is Phoebe. There is your Greek goodness and it goes with Calliope somewhat. Just wanted to chime in. wink1.gif
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Originally Posted by Adaline'sMama View Post

I just wanted to update this smile.gif Thanks for all of your suggestions and opinions. We are happy to announce the birth of Calliope Jane and Eleanor Wendy. Thank you all!

Oh dear I'm a bit late. Loving this thread tho. Congrats mama-- Eleanor and Calliope are both lovely!
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I always think of this thread when I think of my twins' names and I thought I'd come and post a pic for you guys.





It's Wendy on the left, Callie on the right- 14 weeks. 

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They're adorable!! Congrats smile.gif
I just read through the thread, and wanted to add that my parents always called me by my middle name, but my brothers by their first names. I've never found it odd or confusing- I like that I go by my middle name.

Great choices, btw smile.gif
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