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Outdoor dog containment

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I have a coonhound, 55 lbs, tall and strong for her size, big prey drive so she'll take off after critters. 3 years old, rescue dog, she was about to be put down after 5 months in a shelter when we got her, she's such a sweety with people but needs to be kept out of trouble very strictly. She is kept indoors and outdoors at our old house (mostly out in daytime in dry weather, in for night and storms, usually in her crate when in because she likes it and can be destructive or loud otherwise) lots of time around us we are home almost all the time. There we have a privacy fence around the backyard and patio so it works nicely. On leash she pulls pretty badly if there's anything of interest, she loves walks but it's literally a pain. We're moving to a great place, *huge* yard, but no fence. She won't hold still for even a moment in freedom off leash, is gone in a flash. I'd love to let her have the run of a big portion of the yard but there's no way we can put up that much secure fencing. Invisible fence isn't an option she would surely ignore it if she saw or smelled something interesting. My idea right now is to buy a kennel for when she's alone outside (panel wire fenced 10x10 thing with gate on it, bury cement blocks at the edge to prevent digging), and maybe a strong 20' tie out for when we are out with her. I've heard bad things about tie outs, how sad it is, how unsafe, how unsecure, but am thinking under supervision in open grass, with no obstacles, it can work and give her more freedom than she would otherwise have. Anyone have input on the kennel, tie out, or any other options?

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I used to have a shepherd x retriever who was not nice when tethered. She was ok if a human was holding the leash but as soon as she was tied out she turned VERY territorial. I would not have left her like that unsupervised. Especially since she was so friendly otherwise, sometimes people that had met her loose tried to approach her not realizing that she'd be a totally different dog.


However, you seem to only want to use this option when you are there to supervise, so you should be able to prevent issues.


You can also use a zip line. (A carabiner on a clothes line works just fine) so she has freedom but only has a short leash and decreases the risk of tangling it.


The other option for you could also to leave a long drag line on her. She can still run away, but it is easier to catch her by stepping on the line.

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My parents had a dog that would jump their fence no matter what they did. They finally had to tether him just to keep him home and safe. He broke the line many, many times. Is there a chance you could fence a small yard, you know bigger than a kennel, but smaller than what you really want to have in the long run. My parents have a husky that was a dog I pulled from a shelter (I used to rescue many years ago) I would love to bring her to our farm, but she is exactly as you described. She bolts if she gets the chance. Without a fence she would be gone in a heart beat, but she would go stir crazy on a tether as well as a kennel. She needs a good size yard to be happy. Good luck!

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a kennel is a good idea when you cannot supervise. When you can, you can get tie outs that run on a pully which are pretty nifty. You can also get long lines in any length, I use 50 foot ones for my dogs.

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